Is It Better To Have One Yorkie Or Two? (Solved!)

Yorkies are companion dogs and do not like being alone. If you are away a lot you may want to consider getting a second Yorkie or a second pet to keep your dog company.

Yorkies tend to get on better with other animals but are best with other dogs, especially their own breed.

Do Yorkies Get Lonely?

Yes, Yorkies can get lonely if let alone too much. They prefer the company of others, and the company of their owner is second to none.

They like living either with one person who has the time to dote on them or in a large family that has plenty of people or other animals to play with.

They get on well with most other pets, including cats. However, they prefer the company of other dogs over most other animal types as they have the same play and communication habits.

Can You Leave a Yorkie Alone?

Yorkies can be left alone for a few hours a day, providing they are well trained and have access to food and water. No dog should be left alone for longer than 8 hours as they will need to be let out to the toilet and will need company.

Yorkies are easy to train and can be trusted in the home while you go out to work, but it is best to get someone to check in on them after 4-5 hours if possible.

Either a friend, neighbor, or dog sitter is ideal. Yorkies like lots of playtime and they will miss you while you are gone. If you are out a lot then it is advisable not to get a Yorkie as they can be destructive if they are left unsupervised for too long or get bored.

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When Is The Best Time to Introduce a New Dog to My Yorkie?

Introducing a second pet into the home should not be a problem if you have a Yorkie. If you adopt another pet in its infancy, it is better. 

Your Yorkie will probably adapt better as it won’t feel that its position in the family has been threatened, however, they are also adaptable to adult dogs so long as the new dog is not aggressive or overly territorial.

Getting another dog while your Yorkie is still a pup is probably best overall. Your Yorkie will get used to the new pet as they grow and the new dog will be an equal member of the pack.

How Do I Introduce my Yorkie to Another Yorkie?

Introducing another Yorkie to your Yorkie is quite simple. All you need to do is be mindful that your Yorkie may be suspicious at first.

So long as you make efforts to keep your Yorkie calm and make it clear that the new Yorkie is a friend the first meeting should go smoothly but be prepared for some adjustment struggles if the new Yorkie is coming to live with you.

How to introduce a New Yorkie to Your Current Yorkie:

  1. Let the first meeting take place in a neutral zone. Bring your Yorkie to the park to meet the new Yorkie for the first time. 
  2. Let them approach each other directly from the front. Do not let the new Yorkie approach from behind or vice versa, this could startle either Yorkie.
  3. Let them play and interact just as you would if you had met another dog on a walk.
  4. Walk together. Let them sniff and get used to each other’s smell and make firm friends. If they did not get along during the initial meeting, the walk is a great opportunity for them to make amends.
  5. Once the walk and playtime are over and both dogs have expended their energy, head home. Your Yorkie will feel like they are inviting a new friend over for a visit.
  6. Let your current Yorkie enter the home first. This is important so that they do not feel that their territory is being invaded, which could trigger their defensive instincts.
  7. Let playtime commence! Let both dogs play and explore together. If the new Yorkie is just visiting, repeat these steps a few times until both dogs really know each other.
  8. If your new Yorkie has found themselves a forever home with you, let them freely interact but do not leave them alone together for the next 2 weeks. 

Additional Note: Make sure to keep your current Yorkies routine as normal as possible and do not neglect them for the new dog. So long as both dogs are getting equal amounts of attention, the new family member should adapt just fine.

Do Yorkies Like Sleeping with Other Dogs?

Yorkies do like sleeping with other dogs, but only other dogs that they know well.  If you have a new dog in the home it is best to let them sleep separately at first.

However, once they become good friends, your Yorkie will probably prefer to sleep with the other dog if possible. This is normal pack behavior.

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Will There Be Problems With My Yorkie If I Get Another Dog?

Even if your dog is super social at the park, having another dog come and live with you is a different matter entirely.

Yorkies are generally accepting of new pets but if your Yorkie is established in the home, you may encounter the following issues:

  • Dominance behaviors (biting, chasing, growling)
  • Depression
  • Attention Seeking (barking, whining)
  • Destructive behavior 
  • Increased or decreased appetite

If your Yorkie is displaying any new behaviors such as the above since you got your new pet, speak to a canine behavioral therapist. Most of these issues can be resolved with a little training.

Do Yorkies Get Along with Cats?

Yorkies get along with cats just fine on the most part, but if you have a hyperactive Yorkie that is used to running amuck around the house, the cat may have a problem with your Yorkie.

Terriers like to chase, and if this instinct is left unchecked then they will see a cat as an ideal object for chasing. 

Cats move quickly and unpredictably, which is triggering for this instinct. Your Yorkie will not hurt the cat, but the cat will probably not see it that way.

If you wish to introduce a cat to your Yorkie then do so when your Yorkie is still a pup, or elderly. Adult cats can handle puppies and will probably take the dominant role, whereas elderly Yorkies tend to not have the energy levels for chasing.