The Top 5 No Pull Harnesses for Dachschunds

Does your Dachshund keep threatening to pull you everywhere when you’re walking him outside? To keep control of your dog, you may need a no-pull harness like one of those listed below.

The Top 5 No-Pull Harness for Dachshunds

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Top Pick

The ChokeFree Velpro Mesh Pet Shoulder Harness Collar takes the top pick because of its great features. The velcro it uses is heavy-duty but also easy to use. It removes the need for straps which can sometimes make putting on a harness incredibly confusing. With the ChokeFree harness, your dog can easily step into the harness and have it wrapped snugly around their body. It also comes in multiple sizes, so no matter if your Dachshund is a standard version or a miniature, they’re sure to find a harness that fits them.


– Machine Washable

– Various Colors

– No Choking

– Multiple Sizes

– Easy to Use


– Can Stretch Over Time

Runner Up

The Puppia Soft Dog Harness is our runner up. It offers a lot of the same features like the Top Pick, but it does have a few more straps that are needed to keep the harness on your dog. That being said, the Puppia Soft Dog Harness is light-weight, comfortable, and made of a mesh material that allows your dog to walk without difficulty. It also comes in various sizes, so it can fit both your miniature and your standard Dachshund.


– Multiple Colors

– Comfortable

– Multiple Sizes


– Needs To Be Hand-Washed

Best for Back Support

The Pretzkin harness for Dachshunds makes the list because it’s a harness specifically made for Dachshunds and other small dogs. The shape of the harness is designed for the slightly unique shape that the Dachshund possesses. They’re also made in such a way that allows pressure from the leash to be evenly distributed throughout the body. It also contains a strap along the back to further help back support.


– Made With Dachshunds In Mind

– Provides Joint Support

– Machine Washable

– Made From Durable Nylon


– Contains Multiple Straps

Best for Dogs That Won’t Stop Pulling

If you have a Dachshund that frequently pulls on their leash, then you might want to consider the harness from Ruffwear. This harness actually has two different leash attachment rings. They’re also made of strong aluminum. The first ring is at the chest, so you can control your dog easier. The other ring is located at the shoulders for those days when you can enjoy a relaxed walk with your dog. It also has pockets, so you can easily slip your dog’s nametags and licensing info inside of it.


– Easily Adjustable

– Reflective Trim

– Two Leash Points

– Multiple Sizes


– Elastic Straps May Provide Too Much Give

Best for Escape Artist Dogs

If your Dachshund happens to escape from their collar or harness often, then you might want to consider getting the Julius-K9 IDC Powerharness. This harness is made from a trusted UK company that has made a name for itself by making durable harnesses for larger breeds. Now, they’ve finally released a line for smaller breeds, too. The Powerharness is easy to put on as you only need to slip the harness over the head, and then connect the straps along the side. It also has a reflective strip that runs along the underbelly of the dog for better sight of the dog at night. It also possesses a handle on top, so you can easily lift your dog if needed. Because the harness is durable, your escape artist dog will have a difficult time breaking free from this harness.


– Easy To Use

– Multiple Colors

– High-Quality Materials

– Scratch-Resistant Outer Layer


– No Leash Attachment at the Chest


Is a collar or harness better for a Dachshund?

In terms of both comfort and security, the harness is a better solution than a collar for your Dachshunds. Collars can potentially choke the dog when they’re pulling against it. Some dogs can even slip their heads out of the collar and escape. Harnesses provide a more comfortable fit when your dog is pulling on its leash. Most harnesses are made in such a way that it allows the pressure from the leash to be distributed throughout the body. That means there’s less strain on your dog’s joints. There’s also less risk of choking.

How do you measure a Dachshund for a harness?

The initial measurement that you should take is around the chest. This is the widest point from the ribcage to the opposite ribcage. The measurement itself is usually only a few inches. You might be able to compare it to the width of a few fingers. A tape measure or a fabric tape measure is the easiest tool for this procedure. You simply wrap it around their body just behind their front longs. The measurement should go all the way around.

It’s not a bad idea to add in an inch or two just for the dog’s comfort. This is especially true if the harness doesn’t advertise that it uses a stretchable material for the straps. You don’t want the harness to suffocate your dog.

Finally, you might also benefit from measuring your Dachshund’s neck. Not all harnesses require this number, but it could prove beneficial to have. You simply take your tape measure and wrap it around your dog’s neck where the collar would rest. Take a precise measurement as the neck size could be important.

Typically, when shopping for a harness for a Dachshund, you’ll want a harness that is either small or extra small. Miniature Dachshunds are almost always in need of extra small harnesses.

What is a no-pull harness?

Historically, no-pull harnesses, or a pet harness, was used for working dogs. Since then, the harness has evolved into a secure way to keep your dog leashed without escaping or being choked like a collar might do.

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