My Dog Ate Oreos

I never thought it would happen to me, but my dog ate a whole package of oreos. My first instinct was to panic and assume the worst. I called up the vet’s office for some information on how long this could take to digest and if there are any side effects like vomiting that might be an indicator for something more serious.

The nurse told me that she didn’t think it would be a problem as long as he doesn’t have any other foods or anything else with chocolate in them at all before his next meal. She also said that most dogs don’t vomit so hopefully mine is one of those lucky ones!

Check For These Signs

Keep your eyes peeled for any odd behaviors that could be caused by stomach pains. Give your dog some extra water and see if they have any trouble drinking it.

If your dog seems extremely thirsty, then make sure to give them as much as they want to drink. While Oreo cookies usually won’t cause an immediate life-threatening condition, they can make dog’s stomachs extremely upset.

Smaller dogs may develop a severe case of diarrhea after they’ve ingested a number of Oreo cookies. In these kinds of situations, it’s important to give them enough water to make up for what they’ve lost.

Pinch your dog’s skin very gently and pull it back a bit. The skin should snap right into place, but if it doesn’t your dog is starting to get dehydrated and need extra water.

Potential Problems

A medium-sized dog who ingests one or two cookies probably won’t experience any ill effects and may pass them normally. However, Oreos are rich in fats so you’ll want to keep an eye out of these issues:

  • Lethargy: Dogs who consumed Oreos may start to purge them out and will get very tired as a result
  • Vomiting: Any dog who eats a lot of Oreos will probably try to puke them up later
  • Stomach discomfort: In extreme cases, dogs might get such sore stomachs that they don’t want to be touched
  • Extreme thirst: In order to dilute the contents of their stomach, dogs will drink a lot of water
  • Projectile diarrhea: Smaller dogs may actually experience matter uncontrollably coming out their back ends
  • Diabetic responses: High fructose corn syrup and refined sugar are added to the filling of Oreo cookies, and both of these can have a negative impact on your dog’s pancreas
  • Hypoglycemia: Certain types of cookies might contain xylitol, which can cause dogs to shake as a result of blood sugar changes

Eating grass isn’t necessarily a sign of an upset stomach, but some dogs do it after they’ve had Oreo cookies. According to PetCheck Urgent Care representatives, it really isn’t clear if dogs eat grass because they want to throw up or if it’s just because of an unrelated instinct.

What to Do?

As with any incident where your dog might eat something unhealthy, make sure they have access to plenty of water and give them reassurance that they’ll be okay. Oreo cookies and the many other chocolate sandwich products on the market usually won’t kill a dog, though they’re unsafe for canine consumption.

Contact a vet if your dog ate a large number of them or if they have a known allergy. Otherwise, you’ll want to observe your dog and see if they’re able to pass everything naturally.

Vanilla Oreos, as well as the numerous other vanilla cookies out there, might be slightly more tolerable to dogs because they have no cocoa in them. You’ll still want to keep a close eye on your pooch, though, because these often have an artificial intimation of vanilla in them that doesn’t sit too well with most animals.

Under no circumstances should you start giving your dog these cookies, even if they seem to be well tolerated. Since they have so much fat and sugar in them, they can actually lead to canine obesity and even a form of heart disease.

Do I Need to See the Vet or Go to the Emergency Animal Hospital?

See if you can find the wrapper of the cookies that your dog ate before taking any other action. Some of the cookies that people call Oreos aren’t actually Oreo-branded products and may not contain real cocoa.

While this reduces the risk that your dog could get chocolate poisoning from eating them, these may have strange industrial chocolate substitutes that have an unpredictable impact on dogs. You’ll want this information if you plan on calling a vet.

You usually won’t need to take your dog to an emergency animal hospital, unless they’re already showing symptoms or seem to be quivering from stimulant exposure. This can happen as a result of chocolate poisoning, which is why it’s important to call a vet if you suspect that your dog has eaten a large number of cookies in a short period of time.

Safe Alternatives to Eat

So many doggie cookies are on the market that you shouldn’t even ever have to think about giving your dog human ones. Look for any type of treat that’s made specifically for dogs and you’ll be sure to find something that’s much safer than an Oreo cookie.

An increasingly large number of pet owners are looking for natural products to give to their dogs, and the market has responded by introducing organic dog treats. Some dogs really like to have treats that are the same shape as those eaten by their pet parents, so you might want to find something like this that’s circular like an Oreo.

As long as peanut butter doesn’t contain xylitol or any other processed ingredient, you could also give a small amount to your dog occasionally. Some owners give their dogs medicine inside of a cookie, but peanut butter is a much safer choice for doing so.

Can Dogs Eat Oreos?

In spite of the fact that some dogs can tolerate Oreo cookies well, you shouldn’t ever give one to a dog. These are essentially the canine form of junk food and provide no nutrition that they need, thus you’re giving them empty calories.

Be particularly careful if you have chocolate or cocoa-flavored Oreos in the house. These can cause stimulant-related issues in dogs just anything with chocolate in it can.

Certain types of sandwich cookies might contain artificial preservatives or sweeteners that are really hard for dogs to digest. These might make it hard for your dog to do their business, or alternatively they could cause some serious diarrhea.