Morkie Vs Yorkie Poo (Solved & Explained!)

When you’re looking for an adorable, fluffy companion, there are few choices better than the Morkie and the Yorkie Poo, both of which have become increasingly popular mixed breeds in recent years. They are both classified as Toy Dogs and are both a mixture of a Yorkshire Terrier and one other breed, but they are very different.

The Morkie is a Yorkshire Terrier Maltese mix while the Yorkie Poo is a mix between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Toy Poodle, and this difference in their heritage results in two very distinct breeds. Not everything about these two dogs is different, though, as characteristics of the classic Yorkshire Terrier are evident in both.

This article will go into detail about the similarities and differences between these wonderful mixed breeds, what you need to know about each one and other information that will likely get you falling in love with one or both of these adorable little dogs.

Which is Bigger, a Yorkie Poo or a Morkie?

The Morkie is a tiny little dog and only grow to around 6-8 inches tall, weighing between 4 and 8 pounds on average even as an adult. Yorkie Poos are a little bit bigger, but not by much, as they generally only grow to about 7-15 inches tall, weighing between 5 and 15 pounds when they reach adulthood.

Does a Yorkie Poo or a Morkie Have a Longer Lifespan?

Both mixed breeds gain a healthy life expectancy from their Yorkshire Terrier ancestry, although Yorkie Poos will often live a little bit longer. Morkies have an average lifespan of around 10 to 13 years, which is a good number for a tiny dog, but Yorkie Poos are expected to live for between 12 and 15 years on average.

Are Yorkie Poos and Morkies Hypoallergenic?

The Yorkie Poo and the Morkie are both very popular among those who suffer from dog allergies as they are both considered to be hypoallergenic. This is because they are low shedders and they have hair instead of fur which means that there is very little chance of a reaction, though no breed is completely risk-free.

Do Yorkie Poos or Morkies Require More Grooming?

While both dogs will benefit from a bit of brushing and trimming, neither are considered high maintenance when it comes to grooming. In general, you can expect to do a little bit more grooming for a Yorkie Poo than for a Morkie, particularly for the hair around their eyes as this can irritate them and cause eye injuries.

What Do You Feed a Morkie or a Yorkie Poo?

As tiny dogs, you can expect that your little mixed breed won’t require a huge amount of food, but Morkies have a reputation for packing on the pounds. Both breeds should be fed high-quality dry dog food but where Morkies need weight-watching, Yorkie Poos can be quite picky eaters and may require some coaxing to eat properly.

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Which Needs More Exercise, Yorkie Poos or Morkies?

Though they may be very tiny, both of these mixed breeds can be quite energetic and will need at least one walk every day. They won’t need to go on long journeys but both Morkies and Yorkie Poos are known to get quite destructive indoors if they don’t get out of the house to burn off their excess energy.

Are Yorkie Poos or Morkies More Intelligent Dogs?

Poodles are ranked as the second most intelligent dogs in the world, so it is no surprise that Yorkie Poos can turn out to be pretty clever. While Morkies are also receptive to training and learning new tricks, you can expect to get a little more out of a Yorkie Poo when it comes to understanding commands.

Are Morkies or Yorkie Poos Easier to Train?

Yorkie Poos are generally known to be easier dogs to train because they are eager to please their owners and are usually less stubborn than Morkies. Both dogs can respond really well to training, however, and with a lot of consistency and positive praise from you, it won’t be long before they will start doing the right thing.

Do Yorkie Poos or Morkies Show More Affection?

One of the most endearing traits of both of these mixed breeds is their ability to develop strong, loving connections with their owners. They are both known to make fantastic companion dogs and they are even used as therapy animals because they are very affectionate, they love a good cuddle, and are easy to pick up and carry around!

Are Yorkie Poos and Morkies Anxious Dogs?

As a result of the strong connections that they form, both of these mixed breeds can suffer from separation anxiety, and it is not recommended that they are left alone for too long. While this differs depending on the individual, Yorkie Poos tend to be more likely to have a bit of independence in their nature.

Which Barks More, Yorkie Poos or Morkies?

One thing you might already know about these breeds is that they are famous for enjoying the sound of their own voices. While they can become better with training, you can expect to hear quite a bit of barking from both Yorkie Poos and Morkies, particularly when they hear people coming to the door.

Do Yorkie Poos or Morkies Suffer from More Health Problems?

Unlike a lot of designer breeds, Morkies and Yorkie Poos are actually relatively healthy dogs, though there are issues to watch out for with both. You should keep a close eye on the dental hygiene of both breeds and there are several potential health problems that you should investigate with a vet before you commit to either dog.

How Much Do You Pay for Yorkie Poos and Morkies?

They are both designer breeds so you can expect to be spending quite a bit of money for either a Yorkie Poo or a Morkie, and you definitely want to avoid the puppy mills that offer cheaper options. Yorkie Poos tend to sell for between $400 and $1000 and Morkies go for anywhere from $850 to $3700.