How Much Money Can I Make Selling Dog Treats? (Solved!)

According to Mint Notion, some dog treat sellers are able to earn more than $1000 each week. There are many different ways in which you can sell dog treats to make a profit. If you find a way to use each option available to you, you have a better chance of increasing your profits.

Making dog treats is rewarding because you know what ingredients you are feeding your dog. It becomes even more rewarding when you realize people are willing to pay money for those treats you are making. On this page, we’re going to discuss how much money you could make selling dog treats and everything else you wanted to know. 

How Much Can You Earn Selling Homemade Dog Treats?

Every dog treat seller is bound to have a different experience selling dog treats. How much money you make will depend on how many customers you have and how you are selling them. 

Sellers who have looked into finding more ways to get their product out there, such as farmer’s markets and craft fairs, have had more success with profits. There is potential to earn over $1,000 weekly selling homemade dog treats.

Is There a Demand for Homemade Dog Treats?

If you live in an area where there are a lot of dog owners you may see a demand for dog treats, especially when you meet the right customers. The demand for dog treats will all depend on where you live, as some areas have a high demand and others have very few customers.

One of the reasons independent dog treat suppliers are seeing a growth in business is because more pet owners are taking interest in what ingredients are in their dog’s food. For this reason, they are more likely to purchase treats from a business that makes homemade treats.

How Much Should I Charge For Homemade Dog Treats?

According to The Family Pickers, most homemade dog treats sell for an average price range of $15 to $20. However, you should make your own prices according to what you spend to make them and how much you want to earn.

To figure out an appropriate price range, always consider what you spent on ingredients, packaging, and other fees associated with making the treats. Most sellers will add a 30 percent profit margin to this amount when figuring out how much to charge for the treats. 

Is Making Dog Treats a Profitable Business?

If you approach your business strategy the right way, you could find making dog treats to be a profitable business. In order to do this, you should use all accessible resources to sell your dog treats and gain more customers. 

This means using online and in-person resources to get your treats noticed and sold. Once you have a steady and growing customer base, the profits can be very enticing. 

Can You Sell Dog Treats Online?

You can legally sell dog treats online, but there are rules you need to follow. To begin with, you will need to have a business license or permit to sell dog treats in the state you live in.

On top of that, you will also need to have a license to sell dog treats in each state that you sell to online. This may prevent you from selling to every state in the US.

What is the Most Affordable Way To Package Dog Treats For Sale?

One of the most affordable, practical, and attractive ways to package your dog treats for sale is to use paper bags. You will be able to neatly package all items to hand out to customers.

When you use a paper bag, it’s also easier to write down your business details or place a sticker on them. This way, if your customers’ dogs are happy with the treats, they will know how to contact you to order more. 

Are You Allowed To Sell Dog Treats on Etsy?

It is possible to sell dog treats on Etsy, but you will need to have a licensed kitchen. Many states prohibit users from selling dog treats online that have not been made in a licensed kitchen.

Etsy is a great site to use for selling homemade dog treats because the customer base is specifically looking for handmade items. 

Is Social Media a Good Place to Sell Dog Treats?

The great thing about social media is you can use the right searches to find pages and groups that your potential customer base is already following. This is an excellent place to get the word out about what you are selling and let dog owners know why they should consider your treats.

Specifically, look for groups on Facebook for dog lovers that are in your area or where you sell to. You should also create social media pages for your business to keep your customers in the loop about what the company is doing.

Does It Cost A Lot To Start a Dog Treat Business?

The start-up costs for a dog treat business are relatively low and you may even be able to begin right from your own home. One of the good things about dog treats is that sellers are able to connect with the majority of their customer base online, so there is no need to rent an expensive space for selling.

The price of a business license will vary depending on what state you are in. Some states will allow you to have one for free, while other states could charge a fee, which could be as high as $5,000.

Do You Have To Register Your Business To Sell Dog Treats?

In order to legally sell dog treats, you will need to register your business. This is a very important step when getting your business started. 

You should also make note of which state you would like to sell to online, and seek out the steps to register your business in those states as well. This will allow you to market your product to more customers.