Modular Dog Crates (Setup the BEST Stacked Kennels)

The best kennel setup for dogs includes modular dog crates. These are perfect for when you need to set up stacked cages to accommodate more than one pup at a time. This is the most economical way of obtaining the most space possible in your home or professional dog kennel. The top 3 brands that I recommend are Homey, ProSelect, and PetEdge!

What Is A Modular Cage?

A modular cage is a specific cage that is designed to fit into other cages. They’re almost like legos. Each one has a specific groove or attachment that can be connected to one another. This allows pet owners to fit their cages snugly together.

It can be useful for those who own multiple dogs. The cages can keep the dogs together but still separated for their own safety. Modular cages can often stack on top of one another, too. That makes it great for vet offices, pet sellers, and other retailers that need to safely secure their pets in an organized way.

Modular cages can be used to create a pathway for your dog, too. If you want to train them how to use the bathroom, then you may have a cage that’s designated for their sleeping and another cage that’s designated for their bathroom use. It’s extremely helpful for training your dog to use the litter box.

What Is A Cage Bank?

A cage bank is similar to a modular dog crate. Except the bank consists of several crates that are connected adjacent to one another as well as stacked on one another. Most vets and pet suppliers will use cage banks to store their patients or animals for sale.

They’re made of stainless steel or durable plastic to ensure they’re able to be locked together securely. Banks can often be manipulated into different configurations to give the animals the most space possible while still saving on overall space in the room.

A homeowner may enjoy using a cage bank if they have several different dogs or types of pets. Cats may do well on the top row while dogs are on the bottom row, for example.

How Can You Tell if Your Crate is Stackable?

It’s easy to think that any crate can be stackable. They can’t. You can tell your crate is stackable if it has attachment points. These often come in the shape of pins, latches, or some other sort of locking mechanism. They’re designed to lock onto another create and hold them securely in place.

You should never just stack one crate on top of the other if it wasn’t meant to be stacked. It’s easy to think that you can do this with metal wire crates. However, metal wire crates aren’t strong enough to hold a dog and another crate on top of it.

The weight of the dog alone can crush the metal wires and seriously injure the dog below it.

Metal wire crates are also unstable. It can be easy for a strong dog to get excited in their cage, move around a lot, and then accidentally tip the crate over onto the floor. This can also result in a serious injury.

Crates that are designed to be attached to one another have specific plastic floors, too. These are easy to clean and trap anything from falling through them. If you just use a metal wire cage without the proper bottom, then the dog on the bottom may be subjected to having water drip on them or even urine and feces.

Most modular crates or stackable crates can be stacked side-by-side or in a tower conformation. The attachment points will give you an idea of how you can safely attach one crate to another.

Top Pick

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The Homey Pet Store offers a considerably large set of crates that can be stacked adjacent to one another and towered. You’ll be able to receive 3 units with this particular order. They’re 42.5” long, 28” wide, and 26” in height. That makes it ideal for most medium and large dogs. Smaller dogs will have ample room.

This set also comes with dog bowls, a divider, two trays, one floor grid, and four casters. The dividers can be easily removed to give dogs plenty of room to move around. The casters make moving the large tower around far easier.

43" Stackable Heavy Duty Cage w/ Feeding Doors and Divider or Additional Tray (3xDG-43-T)
  • Order Includes: 3 units of DG-43-T in size: L 42.5" x W 28" x H 26"
  • Side Bar spacing: 1.15"; Floor Grid Bar Space: 0.38"; 3 Levels total height: 79"
  • Each Unit comes with 2x Feeding bowls, 1x Divider, 2x Trays, 1x Floor Grid, 4x Casters
  • Can be used individually or stack up to 3 levels


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to clean


  • Wires can be easy to bend
  • May not fit all large dogs or overweight dogs

Runner Up If Top Pick Not Available

The ProSelect Modular Kennel Cage is another great option for those who just want one or two. You’re able to buy as many cages as you need. You’re able to choose from two different sizes, medium and large. Between the two sizes, you’re sure to be able to fit any dog in them comfortably.

This particular cage is beneficial because of its solid walls and ceiling. This can give your dog plenty of privacy. If you have a lot of dogs in your house, then this option may be great to help keep dogs calm. Dogs that are able to see one another may get up to mischief.

It’s also made of durable materials like zinc and 20-gauge steel. No matter how much your dog bites or scratches, this cage will hold him.

You can also completely remove the doors in order to get inside and clean the cage thoroughly.

ProSelect Medium Modular Kennel Cage, Graphite
  • Designed to offer endless customization and configuration options, ProSelect Modular Kennel Cages can be used alone or as part of a cage bank
  • Perfect for use in rescues, clinics, veterinarian offices, grooming shops, animal hospitals, and households
  • Made of solid, zinc-plated, 20-gauge steel, each cages features a powder-coated hammertone finish for unmatched durability
  • Doors are removable for easy cleaning
  • Each includes a slide-out plastic floor tray, a removable floor grate, a secure latching door, and a FREE 3" x 5" kennel card holder


  • Easy to keep the cage sterile
  • Material is stable but still light enough to carry around
  • Appearance looks professional and sleek


  • May be easy to chip
  • May be too weak for stacking

More Shapes and Sizes

If these two cages don’t quite meet your standards, then you’ll want to consider the modular cages from PetEdge. There are several different sizes and styles available. You can find single cages that you can buy several quantities of. You can also invest in an actual cage bank.

They also come in different colors. If you’re not a fan of black cages, then you may prefer white or grey.

You’ll find plenty of different sizes there, too. They have cages designed for small, medium, and large dogs.

The materials used are high-quality, durable, and built to last. You can house several dogs in them over the years. Some of the cages also utilize a feeding door to ensure dogs can’t escape while you’re feeding them.


  • Several different sizes
  • Made of durable materials
  • Customizable to get exactly what you need


  • May not like the particular color
  • May not come in the size that you need