Mobile Dog Grooming FAQ (13 Questions Answered)

Mobile groomers are a great alternative to those who need to groom their dogs but do not have the time or means to travel to a groomers. Mobile groomers are especially great for large and hard to transport dogs.

In this article we will cover some of the most common questions asked about mobile groomers so that you can make all the best decisions for your pooch!

How Much Do Mobile Groomers Cost?

Mobile grooming rates range from $30 – $100. The exact cost of the mobile grooming will depend on the size of your dog breed, the type of coat your dog has and also the condition your dog’s coat is in.

How Much Does It Cost To Wash A Mobile Dog?

Standard grooming rates range from $30 – $80, depending on your dog breed. If you are just after a wash and no cut then the price will be on the lower end of the scale as a plain wash takes a lot less time than a full grooming package.

Mobile groomers also charge a convenience fee to account for the travel they do and this is about $10 – $20 depending on the length of travel required.

Why Is Mobile Grooming So Expensive?

Mobile grooming is more expensive than regular saloon grooming as mobile groomers charge a convenience fee on top of their standard grooming rates. This fee covers the costs of the groomers travel to your home but also overhead costs for equipment required for travelling such as van costs.

Mobile grooming takes longer and requires more planning and work output from groomers and this is reflected in the price. For you as an owner, a mobile groomer is more convenient than taking your dog to a groomer so this is what you pay for with the inflated price.

How Do Mobile Dog Groomers Keep Dogs Calm?

Mobile groomers use a wide range of techniques to keep a dog calm while grooming. These include restraint techniques, specialized equipment and even aromatherapy. 

Dog groomers are trained professional so have a lot of trade tricks to keep your dog calm while it is being groomed. Groomers will restraint dogs with tethers than disallow too much movement so the dog has no choice but to stay still and does not stress itself out resisting.

Groomers also use specialized equipment such as head covers to reduce vision or earmuffs to quieten stressful noises of grooming.

Some groomers will go as far as using aromatherapy like soothing music and relaxing smells to calm a dog.

How Much Should You Tip A Mobile Pet Groomer?

Most people will tip a groomer between 15 – 25% of the total bill. Groomers are performing a service for you and should be tipped according to your satisfaction with the service, just as it works for any other service. The higher the tip the more you can communicate your appreciation.

How Often Should I Get My Dog Groomed?

Most owners will take their dog to get groomed every 4 – 6 weeks. This time frame is when the coat is starting to need attention again but any longer will result in a larger grooming bill if your dog hygiene gets out of hand.

You should be brushing your dogs every few days at home and bathing every month or so between professional groomings.

Should Dogs Be Bathed In Warm Or Cold Water?

It is best to bathe your dog in lukewarm water. Warm water is best to interact with cleaning products to produce the best result in cleaning. Using water that is too hot can cause discomfort and potential injury to your dog and cold water can be unsettling for your dog. Coldwater can be used as a technique to cool your dog on hot summer days.

What’s Included In Mobile Dog Grooming?

Mobile dog groomers can do everything that a saloon based groomer can do. The full packages will include brushing, bathing, drying and a cut/trim/clip of fur. Premium packages can include deodorizing and conditioning. It depends on what you require for your dog, this is discussed with the groomer before the service is performed.

How Much Does It Cost To Start Your Own Mobile Dog Grooming Business?

Starting your own business as a mobile dog groomer can cost anywhere between $10,000 to $100,000 depending greatly on what items you already have and what you still need to purchase. This large range also reflects the quality of equipment you purchase, with the best items costing more.

How Much Does It Cost To Mobile Groom A Large Dog?

Hiring mobile grooming to groom your large dog will result in a higher range of grooming costs and may cost you upward of $100. Larger breeds have more work to do when grooming, will take longer and use more products that all are expenses to the mobile grooming business.

Why Is Mobile Cat Grooming So Expensive?

Mobile cat grooming is more expensive than dog grooming because cats are a lot harder to groom. Groomers need to be higher skilled to safely groom a cat.

Cats are harder to safely retraint and can special equipment is needed. Cats are also more fickle and their emotions can quickly change with no warning. Cats can pose a safety risk to the groomers so more care must be taken.

Cats also have much thinner skin than dogs and can easily be injured in grooming, thus groomer need to take special care.

The price of cat grooming is reflected by these factors that make cat grooming so difficult.

Is It Better To Mobile Groom A Dog Wet Or Dry?

It is always best to groom a day when they are dry and clean. Grooming when wet can make mats worse and difficult to remove.

Can A Dog Be Traumatized After Mobile Grooming?

Dogs can be traumatized from grooming if they have a bad experience from a poor quality groomer. Esure you go to highly reviewed groomers who will treat your dog with respect and help them have good experience.