How Much Does a Mobile Dog Groomer Cost? (Solved!)

A session with a mobile dog groomer is actually quite affordable, if you would like the convenience of having your groomer come to you. Mobile grooming sessions can vary in price, depending on the business and the size of your dog, but $30 to $90 is the average price range for this type of service.

For instance, a large dog getting a full-service grooming might run about $70 on average, while smaller dogs can get the same service for $40. Nail trims are usually around $15 if buffing is included, but otherwise they only cost $10.

It’s a great deal if you don’t feel like leaving the house or simply love the idea of having the groomers come to you!

For the remainder of this article, we’ll talk about mobile grooming prices, what to look for in mobile groomers, and more. Let’s take a look at the most popular questions on this subject which are trending this week!

Why does mobile grooming cost more?

Mobile grooming costs more both for the convenience, as well as for the added costs of use. A mobile groomer needs to gas up in the morning, fill water tanks needed for bathing, and spend time going to your specific location.

Some feel it is also a more personable service, as they are coming to you, but mostly it’s just a factor of convenience and the overhead involved in running a mobile salon for pet grooming.

What is included with the average mobile grooming?

Mobile grooming is the same as salon grooming, but it may take a little longer, depending on how the van or grooming trailer is outfitted. A dog is brushed down, bathed, dried, and anal gland expression may be included in the service.

Trimming of the hair and nails is the final bit and then the grooming session is done! While there may be additional services offered, this is the general standard.

Does mobile grooming take longer than salon grooming?

It can. For instance, a mobile groomer may need to use hand dryers if they don’t have a high velocity dryer installed, and they will likely have less water pressure to work with or it might take additionl time heating the water.

Generally the difference in time is not huge, but it can certainly take a little bit longer with a mobile setup unless the van has high-end equipment to hasten the process.

Is mobile grooming worth it?

Mobile grooming is quite a nice option if you have limited time or mobility and some people see it a bit more personal a service. Once they know the groomers, then it’s almost like having a friend visit that cleans your dog for you and leaves them smelling fresh and looking nice.

The price variance is not that huge, either, so many feel that mobile grooming is a superior option.

Are mobile groomers better than salon groomers?

Mobile groomers are often able to groom more dogs in a day, but they are not necessarily better than salon groomers.

In a salon, they will generally have better equipment, so that grooming sessions can go a little more efficiently aside from the time that is required to get your dog, load them into the car, and take them to the salon. It’s really much like selecting a stylist – it’s about the individual groomer, their equipment, and skill.

That said, if you have a tight schedule or it’s hard to leave the house, then mobile grooming is certainly the more attractive option.

What should I look for with a mobile groomer?

You want your groomer to be both friendly and personable and you should also look for any certificates indicating formal training and especially certificates for safety standards, such as from the American Kennel club.

This helps to show that your groomer has been well trained in both grooming and safety with animals and this should be your primary focus when evaluating doing business with a mobile groomer.

Beyond this, cleanliness is another big thing to look for and some groomers even have pheromone diffusers or lavender scents that help to calm a dog and make the experience more pleasant for them.

Should a mobile groomer be medicating my dog to calm them down?

No, only a licensed veterinarian should be medicating your dog and most groomers will not accept an obviously medicated animal. It is unsafe and if a groomer offers to give your dog any medication, even over the counter types like Benadryl, then this should be considered a red flag.

While it might work as expected, this person is not a vet, and if your dog has some unnoticed condition then medication could exasperate this. So, it is best to simply avoid doing business with groomers that want to medicate your dog. This should only be done by vets – period.

How should mobile groomers calm an anxious dog?

Mobile dog groomers have ways to calm an anxious dog, rather than simply tethering them in place.

Some of the best groomers will have pheromone diffusers, which can help your dog to feel more comfortable by the scent, and others may employ essential oil candles such as lavender to help produce a calming effect without resorting to dangerous medication.

If you have a new groomer and they do this, then don’t panic – it just means that you’ve got one of the good ones!

If my mobile groomer refills their water at my house, should I get a discount?

That’s between you and the groomer, but mobile groomers will very rarely need to ask for this and almost certainly offer you a discount or some free treats as a thank you. Mobile grooming vans will typically be equipped with at least 2 huge capacity tanks for water, which they fill up fresh every morning.

This will generally be sufficient for keeping them in fresh water the whole day.

What kind of equipment do the best mobile groomers have?

Examples of high-end equipment that a mobile grooming van might include are high velocity dryers, rather than hand dryers, bath-platforms for raising and lowering from a tub, automatic grooming tables that can be adjusted at the touch of a button… just to name a few.

Other upgrades you might not even notice, such as specialized receptacle bins, diesel generators to prevent the need for running the engine for electricity, or drainage systems in the floor that you might take for granted.

If you see one of more of these, then your groomer has definitely made some useful upgrades to their mobile grooming van.