Maltipoo Vs Yorkie Poo (Solved & Explained!)

Poodles are ranked as the second most intelligent dog breed in the world and they are loving, friendly and hypoallergenic so it is no wonder that they are such a popular choice when it comes to mixed breeding. Both the Maltipoo and the Yorkie Poo share many common characteristics from their poodle heritage, but they are very different breeds.

Because of their genetic differences, the Maltipoo and the Yorkie Poo don’t just have superficial variances as their personalities and characters are also distinctive. Every dog is a unique individual but there are also a lot of traits that are specific to their breeding which you should be aware of when you are considering adding one to the family.

This article will go into detail about these two mixed breeds, the history behind their breeding, their appearance and characteristics, and what else you should know about the Maltipoo and the Yorkie Poo.

What is a Maltipoo?

A Maltipoo is a mixed breed and is a cross between a Maltese and a Poodle, also referred to as a “malt-a-poo”. They were originally bred to be highly trainable, low-shedding and hypoallergenic and have been increasingly popular dogs ever since – they are still slightly more in demand today than their Yorkie Poo cousins.

What is a Yorkie Poo?

A Yorkie Poo is a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle, also known as a “yorkiepoo”. They were first bred to create a small companion dog that was hypoallergenic and relatively free of health problems although, like the Maltipoo, they are still viewed as a hybrid and have not yet become officially recognised as a standardised breed.

Where Does the Poodle Come From?

Both France and Germany make claims to be the birthplace of the Standard Poodle and they were originally bred as intelligent and highly trainable hunting dogs, particularly to be used to retrieve birds from the water. They soon became common choices for mixed breeding, particularly after the popularity of Poodles as companion dogs really took off in the 1920s.

Where Does the Maltese Come From?

The Maltese is a breed that has been around for thousands of years, with most historians believing that they were first developed on the island of Malta, off Italy’s south coast. They are part of a group of toy dogs known as “bichon” and were often used to help keep trading ships free from rats many years ago.

Where Does the Yorkshire Terrier Come From?

Previously called the Broken Haired Scotch Terrier, the Yorkshire Terrier was officially given its name in England in 1874. Known to be intelligent and long-lived, the Yorkie was first bred for hunting, particularly for clearing out rats in the mines of Yorkshire, but the breed became a popular companion dog in the Victorian Era due to its unique appearance.

What Do Yorkie Poos and Maltipoos Look Like?

As with all dogs, the specific physical characteristics of their parents will determine their overall appearance, although both mixed breeds can look quite alike. They have short noses, dark eyes, and floppy ears and can have any number of different coat colours and variations, though they will usually have medium-length hair which is low-shedding and hypoallergenic.

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What Different Coat Colours do Yorkie Poos and Maltipoos have?

There are a great variety of different coloured coats that both breeds can have, although Maltipoos are more likely to be all one colour. Yorkie Poos can have black, grey, silver, tan, white or gold in their coats and Maltipoo usually have fawn, brown, cream, black, grey, or white colouring, which is believed to come from their Maltese parent.

Are the Coats of Yorkie Poos and Maltipoos Different?

Both breeds have a similar length to their coats, they don’t shed, and are hypoallergenic (meaning there is little chance of an allergic reaction) but there are different styles to them as well. Both can be soft, silky, and curly hair, but Maltipoos can also have scruffy coats and Yorkie Poos coats can be straight or wavy too.

Are Yorkie Poos and Maltipoos the Same Size?

The average size of both of these dogs is very similar, though there can be significant variations depending on their parents. Maltipoos will generally grow to between 7 and 14 inches and usually weigh between 4 and 20 pounds whereas Yorkie Poos are normally between 5 and 15 inches tall and between 3 and 14 pounds in weight.

What are the Personalities of Yorkie Poos and Malti Poos Like?

Maltipoos are often more energetic and bouncy than Yorkie Poos and they are more likely to be friendly with other pets in your house. Yorkie Poos are very loving, developing strong connections with their owners, and they are slightly more gentle and patient than Maltipoos – making them good companions for more vulnerable people, particularly the elderly.

Which Breed is Easier to Train, Maltipoos or Yorkie Poos?

Due to their poodle ancestry, both dogs are intelligent and respond well to training, though Maltipoos usually take a little longer to understand commands and are less adaptable. Yorkie Poos are very trainable but they can also be quite independent and stubborn if they are not given training from a young age, so it is important to start early.

Do Yorkie Poos or Maltipoos Need More Exercise?

Being such lively dogs, Maltipoos will need a bit more in the way of regular exercise than Yorkie Poos, but they both need to be kept active. Yorkie Poos are often happy with one walk a day, whereas Maltipoos tend to enjoy spending a bit more of their time outdoors – playing, walking, and doing exercises.

Are Yorkie Poos or Maltipoos More Healthy Dogs?

One of the main benefits of mixed breeding is the reduction in serious genetic health problems, but both breeds can have their issues. Yorkie Poos are more likely to have problems with their eyes and ears, like corneal dystrophy and gum disease, and Maltipoos can suffer from White Shaker Syndrome, epilepsy, and problems with their thyroid.

Which Breed Requires More Maintenance, Yorkie Poos or Maltipoos.

In general, Maltipoos have a more high-maintenance coat that requires quite a bit of brushing and more frequent visits to the dog groomers. Yorkie Poos will still need to be groomed and want their hair trimming around the eyes and ears, but they don’t require quite as much pampering.