How Much Does a Maltese Chihuahua (Malchi) Mix Cost? (Solved!)

The cost of buying a Maltese Chihuahua mix puppy is usually between $500 and $1000, depending on the breeder and your location. These crossbreed dogs are becoming more and more popular but they are still a relatively new breed, so they are not available everywhere and they tend to come with quite a high price tag.

These adorable little mixed dogs are very loving and develop strong relationships with their owners so they make excellent companion dogs, particularly for the elderly. They are also a designer breed, which is one of the reasons they are a little more expensive, and can suffer from health problems that may result in medical costs throughout their lifetime.

This article will go into detail about what you should know if you are thinking about purchasing a Malchi of your own, key information about the breed, and what you can expect when you are raising one of these wonderful little dogs.

Why are Malchis so Expensive?

Most designer dogs are expensive to buy because they need to be bred specially and are highly sought after, and the Malchi is no exception. Another factor that influences the price of these dogs is their availability- because they are not as common as many other dogs on the market, new puppies are in high demand.

What Do I Need to Know Before I Buy a Malchi?

You need to make sure that you are getting your puppy from a reputable, high-quality breeder so that you know they will be healthy and well cared for. Puppy mills or backyard breeders are less trustworthy and you can end up with a dog with a medical history you don’t know, or with unidentified physical and behavioural problems.

How Much Does It Cost to Raise a Malchi?

After you have purchased your little dog, you also need to consider the ongoing expenses that come with raising them. You can expect to spend around $500 on getting all of the gear, vaccinations and toys for your pup, between $550 and $750 per year on medical expenses, and $20-$30 a month on food as well.

What is the Expected Lifetime Cost of Owning a Malchi?

Owning any small dog comes with regular expenditures and you can expect to spend at least $6000 over the course of your dog’s life, but that could also become as much as $30,000. There are a lot of unexpected costs that can arise from dog ownership that you need to be prepared for when you are looking to buy.

How Much Does Doggy Daycare Cost?

If you are unable to look after your dog during the day, then you may need to look into daycare for your pup, which costs on average between $12 and $38 per day. If you want to take your dog to specialist training classes, you can expect to spend $30-$80 per class or $200-$600 for weekly obedience schools.

How Long Do Malchis Live?

Malchis have quite a long lifespan compared to other breeds, and your dog will hopefully be with you for between 12 and 15 years. This is just an estimation and female dogs tend to live a little bit longer than male dogs – some Malchis have even been known to live for as long as 17 years.

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What Health Conditions Do Malchis Get?

Maltese Chihuahua mixes are prone to suffering from problems with their eyes, their ears, and their teeth, so these areas need to be carefully looked after. They can also develop heart problems and are at risk for other serious conditions like hemophilia, patellar luxation, and retinal dysplasia, so regular vet visits are very important.

What is the History of the Malchi?

The Malchi is a hybrid dog that combines the genetics of both the Chihuahua, from Mexico, and the Maltese, an ancient breed from Malta. They are a relatively recent crossbreed and were only really introduced in 2000, so a lot of the information about these dogs comes from their two parent breeds.

How Much Exercise Do Malchis Need?

Malchis are not particularly energetic dogs and only really need to be taken out for short, brisk walks, as they can tire easily. They should have around 30 minutes of good exercise per day, which can include indoor play, but they need a good amount of mental stimulation as well as some physical exertion.

Are Maltese Chihuahua Mixes Intelligent Dogs?

Both Chihuahuas and Maltese dogs are known to be intelligent, so it is no surprise that Malchis are very smart. They can be stubborn but are very trainable if you are consistent and patient with them, so getting in a few short training sessions every day while they are a puppy should be a priority for any owner.

What Sort of Coat Do Malchis Have?

Malchis can either inherit the short hair of their Chihuahua parentage or longer, silkier fur from their Maltese side, so there is quite a variety in their coat types. They usually come in white, black, cream, or brown colouring and their coats are generally soft to the touch and relatively easy to maintain.

Do Malchis Need a Lot of Grooming?

Malchis are usually moderate shedders and if they inherit their fur from their Maltese side then they are not hypoallergenic. Those with long, thick hair will need grooming several times a week and regular visits to a professional whereas short-haired Malchis will only need about one brush weekly, but all Malchis should have their teeth brushed daily.

Are Maltese Chihuahua Mixes Good Family Dogs?

While Malchis are very loving pets, they can also be stubborn and even aggressive when they are provoked. They are also quite vulnerable to accidental injury due to their small size, which means that they are generally not well suited to families with young children.

Do Malchis Get Along with Other Pets?

Despite their small size, Malchis are quite feisty and like to be the centre of attention, so they don’t always get along well with other pets in the house. They are also easily injured through rough play so larger pets are a risk, though they can be quite happy living alongside relaxed cats.