Are Male Yorkies More Affectionate? (Solved & Explained!)

Female Yorkies are not sweeter or more affectionate than male Yorkies, contrary to popular perception. Male Yorkies are equally as friendly, and attentive as their female counterparts and they both crave attention, making them an excellent choice for someone who wants to spoil a dog. When you consider all the characteristics, it’s easy to conclude that Yorkies are attention-seekers.

What is a male Yorkies behavior?

Yorkshire Terriers are extremely affectionate dogs; they desire to be loved and petted regardless of who is doing so.

That means they’re more approachable to strangers than female Yorkies, but they can be jealous, especially if another dog is receiving what they believe should be their love and affection. A Yorkie who knows what to anticipate from their family feels more at ease in their surroundings.

Do male Yorkies have a dominant personality?

Males are eager to establish their power in the home and try to assert dominance over the other dogs in the house, as well as over you.

This is the first trait you should master by intentionally engaging in exercises that will allow you to lead and him to follow. Male Yorkies have a reputation for being more aggressive than female Yorkies.

Are male Yorkies good around children?

Yorkshire Terriers are tough, and if they feel threatened, they will attack. Because of their small size, toddlers have a hard time distinguishing between toys and Yorkies and may become defensive if children become loud, uncontrolled, or seek to misbehave around these pets. Yorkies and kids can actually bond and form a fantastic, naughty team with perseverance and instruction.

Are male Yorkies dominant over territory with other dogs?

The introduction of a new male Yorkie, or any breed of dog, into the same house will encourage the other Yorkie to act out in an attempt to demonstrate his dominance. If you need to bring another dog into the house, consider bringing in a female, as that is the greatest option because male Yorkies get along swimmingly with female Yorkies of any breed.

Are male Yorkies good with cats?

Yorkshire Terriers, both male and female, get along so well with cats that it’s charming to see. Friendship, on the other hand, doesn’t happen immediately, and sometimes it doesn’t work out.

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Prior to bringing a Yorkie into your home, it is always preferable to have a cat already in the household. However, if the Yorkie is first, you will have to be ready for any obstacles.

Is a male Yorkie better for a family?

Male and female Yorkies share strengths, weaknesses, and characteristics in common. Another thing to keep in mind is that each dog is unique; because personalities and temperaments differ, many dog owners have conflicting testimony regarding their dogs.

 Male Yorkie dogs are more inclined to create a bond with a single individual that they are most around, whilst females are more open to forming a bond with a group.

Are male Yorkies good guard dogs?

People confuse watchdogs with guard dogs. Yorkies are great watch dogs because they are acutely aware of their environment and will alert you to any problems. They have a natural willingness to alert you to anything that doesn’t suit them.

However, a Yorkie should not be placed to physically protect their owners because they are not deemed as a threat by an attacker.

Will a male Yorkie need to be neutered?

Male dogs who have not been neutered tend to exhibit aggressive behaviors, which are unpleasant around the house. They also might try to be more aggressive and dominant around the house and mark their territory more if they’re not neutered.

A neutered Yorkie is frequently kind and friendly, and will not pursue sexual needs, so you won’t have to worry as much.

Is it hard to train a male Yorkie?

Female yorkies are more headstrong and territorial than male yorkies, and male yorkies are frequently rewarded for their loyalty, therefore training a male is usually easier than educating a female yorkie.

 A male Yorkie, although, is easily distracted during training because he wants to play! It also depends on the dog, but we know it will be more difficult and take longer if you’re not entirely dedicated.

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Are there any health risks with male Yorkies?

Any dog breed is susceptible to specific health problems. Sadly, Yorkshire terriers are prone to dental problems and will need to see a dog dentist several times over their lives to address tartar and other difficulties.

 Yorkies are also more prone to some genetic problems than other canines, but are still expected to live 10-14 long years!

Are Yorkies active dogs?

These little fellas are a whirlwind of activity and love playing! They need time to run and wander every day, whether it’s a healthy romp in the yard or a walk around the block. 

However, you can walk them at a leisurely pace so that their little legs do not tire out. Your Yorkie will stay in top condition with short walks per day and games of toss in the living room.

Do Yorkies like to cuddle?

Yorkies, as dominant as they are, enjoy nothing more than being in the company of someone who cares about them, and they adore being in their owner’s lap!

Despite their reputation for having a big personality in a small package, these dogs are snugglers and just want your attention. Because Yorkie fur is smooth and silky, cuddling a Yorkie is equally pleasurable for the owners as well and the Yorkie.

Separation Anxiety in Yorkies is a thing to be aware of.

Separation anxiety is a possibility for your Yorkie because they don’t like being apart from their owners for long periods of time, especially if something at home has changed and your absence is new or extended.  Separation anxiety might manifest itself in ways such as:

  • Pacing
  • Whining
  • Shaking
  • extreme barking.

 Adequate light, toys, limiting your time out, and a safe “den” area can help relieve some of these issues.