Are Malchis Easy to Train? (Solved & Explained!)

Malchies are very intelligent dogs and are very enthusiastic about training. Malchies are a mix between Maltese Terriers and Chihuahuas that are both intelligent breeds. They have the capacity to learn quickly and remember well.

Like any breed, start training your Malchi as a puppy and work to strengthen the relationship between you and your Malchi. However, training puppies can be a little more challenging than younger or older adults so have patience.

Malchies can easily take to advanced obedience training as well as basic obedience training. You have to be very patient and also consistent when training your Malchi, and your Malchi will take care of the rest.

What is a Malchi?

Malchies are a relatively new breed that has emerged as a result of crossbreeding Maltese Terriers and Chihuahuas.

Their cute, small and fluffy appearance has increased their popularity and Malchies are now a breed that are in high demand. These dogs are very affectionate and cute, and they are family-friendly.

Malchies are a complete family dog, they establish close bonds with family members and are very patient and gentle with children.

The Malchi dog is classed as a toy dog because of its small size and cute appearance. Today, you can see Malchies in the lap of many celebrities such as Britney Spears and Madonna.

Are Malchies Hard To Potty Train?

Malchies are not as difficult to train as you might think, but it can be a bit challenging at first.

Especially since your Malchi will be a puppy, they will not be able to hold his pee or poop for very long and accidents are likely to happen, but this is normal in the early months.

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However, thanks to their intelligence, Malchies will learn training in a short time.

First, you need to determine where your Malchi should toilet. set out a place for them with plenty of pee pads if they are too young to go outdoors.

If you wish for them to toilet outside and they are old enough, gradually move the pee pads towards the back door and when your Malchi approaches, open the door for them and encourage them outside.

Where Should I Train My Malchi Poop?

Where your Malchi should poop is entirely up to you. Some Malchi owners want their dogs to do it in a predetermined place in the house, such as a litter tray, while others prefer their dogs to poop outside in the backyard.

Of course, for hygiene reasons, many Malchi owners do not want their dogs to poop inside the house. this will be inevitable at first as they are puppies, but after 12 weeks you can begin outdoor potty training.

Dogs generally prefer to poop or pee in natural environments due to their nature, so this should not but much of an issue. You can train your Malchi to use the backyard or your can schedule walks around their toileting needs.

Are Malchies Smart Dogs?

They’re definitely smart. Malchies offer you a wonderful experience with its easy trainability and harmony within the home.

The learning ability of Malchie is much higher than other small breed dogs and they can easily take almost any training given.

Are Malachis Lap Dogs?

Yes, Malchies are considered lap dogs. Because of their small size, Malchies are easy to carry around and have on your lap throughout the day. They are super social and love being close to you.

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Today, Machalies have become such a designer breed that many celebrities have been spotted with their Malchi in their lap at galas and parties.

But just because Malchies are lap dogs doesn’t mean you’ll have to carry them on your lap all the time. However you decide to live your life, your Malchi will happily adapt and some Malchies are more independent than others.

It is also important to consider that Malchies are a very energetic and active dog. They have opportunities to burn off their energy during the day, otherwise, they might get bored and depressed.

How Do I Potty Train My Malchi?

Potty training starts from the time the pup leaves their mother. Although this potty training will not be vigorous at first, you can begin to encourage your malchi to toilet in a particular spot.

The sooner the training starts, the faster success is achieved, formal training can begin at 12 weeks of age.

  1. Find a place where your Malchi should toilet and stick to that spot as not to confuse them.
  2. If you want your Malchi to poop somewhere inside the house, then you should place wide pee pads in a quiet and easily accessible part of the house. Replace the pads with a litter tray once trained.
  3. You should place additional pads at first. In this way, your baby Malchi can get used to the space and slowly narrow it down over time.
  4. For outdoor training, place the peed pads by the back door to get your Malchi to associate the back door with the toilet. Once they reach 12 weeks of age you can open the back door and encourage them outside.

You should be as patient and consistent as possible during this process. The slightest negative behavior by you can backfire on your Malchi. Make sure to reward them well every time they toilet in the correct place.

Why Can’t Some Malchies Learn Potty Training?

There can be many reasons why some Malchies can’t learn potty training. Consistency is very important as well as your attitude and the method.

For example, if your Malchi is constantly changing homes and is not in a fixed location, it can cause confusion for them.

Also, if you’re taking your Malchi out to poop and you don’t do this regularly, it can also cause him some confusion. they also cannot hold their pee or poop for very long and toileting in the house may be a last resort.

Some Malchies may have difficulty in potty training in adulthood if they are not potty trained in the early stages. That’s why you should potty train your Malchi from puppyhood.

Is My Malchie’s Incontinence a Sign of a Health Problem?

Since puppies have not yet fully completed their muscle development, they may not be able to hold their pee, which is quite natural.

But if you’re having this problem with an adult Malchi, there could be many reasons. In addition, incontinence is often encountered in elderly Malchies.

In such cases, you should put pee pads in the house and do not get angry with them. If you have an adult or elderly Malchi you should consult your veterinarian.