How to Make a Pumpkin Costume for a Dog (Easy Steps & Complete Guide)

If you want to make a jack-o-lantern costume for your dog, there are plenty of ways to do that. Your dog can look great this Halloween with a pumpkin-themed costume made from fabric or even butcher’s paper. Using patterns on websites like Mimi and Tara, you can create unique costumes. Do not use a real pumpkin, or you risk hurting your dog from the pumpkin’s weight. 

This article discusses how to make a pumpkin costume for your dog. It also suggests a few other pumpkin-themed costumes to get your pup looking spooky, silly, and sassy for the perfect Hallow’s eve.

How Do You Make A Pumpkin Costume For Dogs?

You can make a pumpkin costume for dogs by using fabric or other materials from your local craft store. Mimi and Tara, a dog clothes and patterns website, provide templates to interested costume makers to make cutting patterns easier. Use their provided pattern to cut out patterns and create a design for your dog. You should not use a real pumpkin as a costume unless it is a miniature pumpkin.

What Do You Use To Make A Pumpkin Costume For Dogs? 

There are many things that you can make pumpkin costumes out of for your dog, like fabric, butcher’s paper, paper mache, cardboard, and many more. Generally, the most common way to make pumpkin costumes for dogs is to use fabric. Fabric is a versatile option that comes in many forms.

You can choose hundreds of patterns, color variations, and you can make your dog’s pumpkin costume look as real or as fake as you want to.

What Is The Best Way To Make A Pumpkin Costume?

The best pumpkin costumes for dogs are made from fabric and constructed of a main coat and a matching hood. These are usually considered the most elaborate Halloween costumes but not all dogs like them. There are also costumes made from single coats, bandanas, full-body suits, bows, ties, hats, and dresses.

How Do You Make A Pumpkin Costume For Dogs From Fabric?

To make a pumpkin costume for dogs from fabric, you first need to find a fabric with a pattern you like. Or, you can start by finding a design that you like and then look for a pattern that fits that design. Either way, you will cut your pieces of desired fabric into individual patterns before sewing them together.

If you follow an online guide, it should fit together at the end flawlessly like the final product.

How Do You Make A Pumpkin Costume For Dogs From Paper?

You can make a pumpkin costume for your dog from a paper by cutting out a design from a large piece of butcher paper. Measure the pieces before cutting and then glue or tape the pieces together. Since you are making the costume from paper, it will be flimsier than a cloth costume. Be careful throughout the night not to hit it on things.

Is Paper Mache Safe For Making Pumpkin Costumes For Dogs?

Paper mache can be a good way to construct your dog’s pumpkin costumes. Dog owners must do it with flour paper mache rather than glue for it to be safe for dogs. It is a great way to create a bulbous pumpkin costume because of all the unique shapes that you may create.

How Do You Paper Mache A Pumpkin Costumes For Dogs?

You can paper mache a pumpkin costume for dogs by blowing up a large balloon, beach ball, or another item that is the size of your dog and then covering it in paper mache. To make it dog-safe, use flour paper mache. You paper mache the balloon and then pop it afterward. The remaining shell will become your dog’s costume, which you will paint orange and decorate accordingly.

How Do You Use Fur As A Costume For Dogs?

If your dog has a wicked fur coat, take them to your groomer and ask them about a special holiday trim. Trim a jack-o-lantern into their fur and let them have the spirit throughout the whole Halloween season. The groomer can use a dog-friendly dye to dye their hair, or they can cut their fur.

Give them a request, and they can let their imagination run wild.

Are Pumpkins Too Heavy For Dogs To Wear?

Large or regular-sized pumpkins are too heavy for a small or medium-sized dog to carry around on their shoulders. If you want to give your dog an interesting look, do not try putting a real pumpkin on their shoulders. Instead, get a fake pumpkin or use fabric, paper mache, or another unique artistic medium.

Can You Put A Pumpkin Over A Dog’s Head? 

You should not put a pumpkin over a dog’s head, or you risk hurting them. It is inhumane to put a pumpkin on a dog’s head and can cause irritation to their eyes if you put it over their head unclean. Placing a pumpkin over a dog’s head can also cause them to panic if they cannot see clearly. 

How Can You Make A Pumpkin As A Dog Costume?

You can make a pumpkin a dog costume by having your dog wear a miniature pumpkin on the top of its head. Completely carve the miniature pumpkin and place it on the top of your dog’s head.

A miniature pumpkin is not as heavy as a large pumpkin, and, therefore, it will not cause neck pain as a regular pumpkin would.

Why Is Putting Pumpkins On Dogs Dangerous?

Putting pumpkins on dogs’ heads is dangerous for several reasons, like how badly it can hurt your dog. The weight of a pumpkin is substantial on a dog’s shoulders. Furthermore, when you put a pumpkin on your dog’s head, it can cause them to panic. When a dog cannot see clearly, it may easily injure itself.

If a dog begins to panic, it may run in a problematic direction and hurt itself, for instance, in the direction of a wall or the direction of a busy street.