How to Make an Electric Fence for Dogs

Looking to install an electric fence for your dog? Read our instructions below that show you step by step how to do this (video included).

Step By Step Electric Fence DIY Guide for Dogs

Building your own electric fence to keep your dog in your yard is easy. You just need a few supplies, a few tools, and a few hours of time.

Required items

  • electric fence charge controller
  • some 20 up to 9 gauge wire (made for electric fences – check instructions on your charge controller)
  • 3 galvanized steel grounding rods
  • electric fence insulators to connect the wire to your type of fence (they make different insulators for wood fences, metal fences, etc.)
  • plier, wire cutters, drill

Steps to Install

  1. Choose an electric fence charge controller. In the example video below they use a Blizter EAC10A-BL which is suited for 10 acre yards.
  2. Install the controller on a wall near an outlet.
  3. Install the insulators along the top of your fence every 10 – 20 feet.
  4. Run the wire through the insulators.
  5. Connect one end of the wire to the positive terminal on the charge controller.
  6. The other end of the wire will lead to a dead end at the end of the other side of the fence.
  7. Hammer the 3 galvanized steel grounding rods into the ground near the charge controller. Put them in a location where your dog or people will not come near them. Space them 5-10 feet apart.
  8. Connect a wire in series along the 3 ground rods then connect it to the negative terminal of the charge controller.
  9. Plug in the charge controller.
  10. Use a multi-meter to test the voltage. It should match the expected voltage given in the charge controller’s instructions.

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How Do You Train Your Dog to Use an Electric Fence?

A properly installed electric fence should require little training. The key is to install it in a way that your dog cannot get their head or paws caught between the electrified wire and the fence. See video above for an example.

Also check our complete tutorial on training your dog to use both electric and wireless or underground fence systems.

How Much are Electric Fences for Dogs?

Electric fences cost between $100 and $2,000. $2000 are for the high end models. Installation costs can vary between $2-$5 per linear foot. The DIY system shown above costs roughly $150 in parts plus a few hours of your time.