How to Make Chicken Dog Chews (Easy Steps & Complete Guide)

Making chicken dog chews is very easy because all you need to do is bake the chicken pieces at a low temperature until they are dehydrated. Before placing the chicken pieces in the oven, you should cut them into thin strips or small chunks to easily give to your dog as a treat.

Chicken dog chews are very similar to jerky. Making homemade dogs chews is a lot more affordable than buying the packaged version, and eliminates those strange ingredients you haven’t heard of before. If you want to learn how to make chicken dog chew, keep reading to learn more.

How do you make chicken dog chews at home?

The first thing you will need to do to make chicken dog chews is cut the chicken very thin. To make it easier, place thawed chicken in the freezer for one hour before slicing. 

Set your oven to a very low temperature, and line the chicken pieces out on a baking pan. Place the pan in your oven and allow them to cook until fully dehydrated, for approximately 2 hours.

What ingredients do you need for homemade chicken dog chews?

There is only one ingredient that you will need to make chicken dog chews at home, and that is chicken. You can use any cut of chicken as long as the skin and bone have been removed. Chicken breasts are the easiest to work with.

One of the reasons homemade chicken dogs chews are becoming more popular among dog owners is that they know exactly what goes in them and they don’t need to put in any additives.

Are chicken chews safe to feed to dogs?

There have been some bad reports about feeding chicken chews to dogs, but these have all been linked back to brands that haven’t been following protocol or are not made in the US. This is not an issue that people will have to worry about when they make homemade chicken dog chews.

Edible chews that you make with chicken are safe to feed your dog.

Can chicken dog chews be made in a dehydrator?

If you own a dehydrator, you can also make chicken dog chews in it. Always lay the chicken pieces out evenly and let them dehydrate for approximately 6 hours. However, bigger pieces may need more time.

The chicken dog chews will be done when they are firm. Try to take them out of the dehydrator before the chicken becomes crispy.

What do you need to do to prepare chicken dog chews?

The great thing about chicken dog chews is that you don’t need to do anything special to prepare them. Adding spices or oils could give your dog a stomach ache or lead to vomiting. 

You will only need to cut the chicken meat into even thin pieces to prepare it for making chicken dog chews. There is no need to add anything else because dogs love the chicken meat flavor as is.

Why are chicken dog chews good for dogs?

Chicken dog chews are a great choice of treat for dogs because the dehydrating process locks in all the great nutrients. One of the reasons why chicken is a top choice of meat for dogs is that it is a lean protein, so they will get a good amount of energy without any extra fat.

The lean meat also helps the dog build up muscle mass, which is important for staying healthy. Another reason why chicken is good for dogs is that it is a great source of amino acids.

Can dogs eat chicken dog chews daily?

Chicken dog chews are safe to feed your dog daily as long as you only give them the recommended portion. Like any food, the dog could become sick if they eat too much at once.

One of the reasons why it’s okay to give dogs chicken chews daily is because chicken is one of the easiest meats for them to digest. It can be found in most packaged dog foods and treats.

Why shouldn’t you give your dog chicken chew treats?

If your dog is allergic to chicken, they should not eat chicken dog chews. As long as your dog doesn’t have an adverse reaction to eating chicken it is okay to feed them chicken dog chews.

However, if your dog is prone to choking easily, these may not be the best choice of treats. Chicken dog chews require a lot of chewing, which can present a challenge for dogs that often choke on things. 

How should you store chicken dog chews? 

Chicken dog chews need to be kept chilled, so they should always be kept in the refrigerator. Always make sure they are stored in an airtight container or sealed food bag.

If there are extra chicken chews, they can be vacuumed packed, and stored in the freezer so they don’t go bad. This should be done when making large batches.

How long do chicken dog chews keep for?

Since chicken dog chews are dehydrated, they keep longer than the meat would if it were cooked another way. Chicken dog chews will stay good in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

If you made more than 2 weeks’ worth, you will need to store some of the chicken dog chews in the freezer. Chicken dogs chews can stay good for up to 6 months when kept frozen.

Could you store chicken dog chews in a pantry?

Dehydrated meat doesn’t pose as many threats so it is possible to keep them in the pantry, but only for a short time. When storing chicken dog chews out of the refrigerator, they will not stay good for longer than 7 days.

Always make sure these treats are stored in an air-tight container and kept somewhere cool and dry. If it is humid where you are storing them, move the chicken dog chews to the refrigerator or a room with air conditioning. While it is safe to keep the chicken dog chews in the cupboard, keeping them in the fridge is preferred.