Laminate Flooring for Dogs FAQ: 18 Things to Know

Do you have a dog who sheds? Laminate flooring is the perfect solution for your furry friend. It’s easy to clean and won’t get scratched by their claws! Read this blog post to learn more about laminate flooring for dogs.

Is Laminate Flooring Good for Dogs?

It’s perfectly fine for dogs. Your pet may take a little bit of time to adjust to it. Let them learn to negotiate it at their own pace. Eventually, they will find a cool and cozy corner to lie down on.

What Kind of Flooring Is Best for Dogs?

Most experts feel that vinyl flooring is best for homes with dogs. This is because vinyl is very resistant to scratches as well as dog pee. It’s also very easy and cost-effective to cover all of the floors in your home.

Is Laminate or Vinyl Better for Dogs?

While laminate has plenty of pros to recommend it, most experts seem to feel that vinyl is the better long-term option. This is because it’s just a bit more waterproof as well as stain and scratch-resistant, than other brands of flooring.

Will Dogs Ruin Laminate Flooring?

Dogs can only ruin laminate flooring if you don’t take the time to monitor it. They can scratch the surface and leave pee behind that can start to smell. You should take action as soon as you see either.

Can Dog Pee Ruin Laminate Flooring?

Dog pee can start to stink after a short time if left on laminate flooring. If you leave it too long, it can turn into a nasty, very stinky stain. But you can very easily get rid of it if you notice it in time.

How Do You Get Dog Urine Out of Laminate Flooring?

Use a combo of baking soda and vinegar. Wipe the area with a cotton cloth, then sprinkle the baking soda over it to absorb the pee. Pour a tiny bit of vinegar to mask the smell.

Do Dogs Paws Scratch Laminate Floors?

They can if you don’t keep them clipped. Larger dogs do more damage than small ones.

Is All Laminate Flooring Scratch Resistant?

Yes, but it can still be scratched if you don’t pay attention to what your dog is doing. Keep their nails clipped just to be safe.

How Do You Get Scratches Out of Dog Laminate Floors?

The steps that you can take to get dog scratches out of laminate floors can be listed in the following manner:

  • 1. Clean the area thoroughly to get rid of excess dirt
  • 2. Go to the store to get the exact repair kit for your floor. You may need to order it off the web
  • 3. Use the felt tip marker that comes with the kit to draw a line over the area where the scratches are
  • 4. Let the marker dry before you walk over the floor again
  • 5. Use the putty that comes with the kit to fill in the affected area that you have marked
  • 6. Do the same with all other scratches that may notice on your floor

Is Pergo Laminate or Vinyl?

The Pergo corporation has been known to produce both laminate and vinyl floors. Examples of both can be found at their official website or a wide variety of other locations on the web.

Is Pergo Flooring Good for Dogs?

It may take some getting used to but, once they do, dogs love it.

Is Pergo Flooring Worth the Money?

Pergo is very long-lasting, very cost-effective, and very highly rated by experts.

What Is the Best Waterproof Laminate Flooring for Pets?

Most industry experts choose Pergo as their choice for the top waterproof laminate flooring for pets.

Are Hard Laminate Floors Bad for Dogs?

They can be a bit on the slippery side for older dogs. Give your dog some time to get used to the surface. Keep their kennel nearby so they can rest if necessary.

How Can I Protect My Laminate Flooring from My Dog?

The best thing to do is keep their nails clipped and let them out of the house when they need to pee. Use a doggy door to let them do their business. Walk them here and there so they don’t have excess energy to claw up the floor with.

What Is the Best Mop for Laminate Floors?

Most experts rate the new Turgo Microfiber Mop as the best mop for laminate floors. This is because it’s extremely handy, cost-effective, and friendly to the environment.

The Turgo Microfiber Mop is known for its extendable handle. It has also drawn rave reviews for its uniquely absorbent fiber head. It can soak up the toughest stains with absolute ease.

What Are the Disadvantages of Laminate Flooring?

The main disadvantage associated with laminate flooring is that it can be a bit slippery for some dogs, especially older ones. It’s also a bit easier to scratch up than vinyl flooring. Some varieties of laminate may not last as long or have as much resale value as vinyl flooring.

Which Brand of Laminate Flooring for Dogs Is Best?

The very best brands of laminate flooring for different situations can be summarized in the following manner:

Best Overall

Pergo is the brand most experts feel combines the virtues of affordability with long last quality.

Best for Budget

Armstrong is the brand that consistently offers top-quality laminate flooring for a price that homeowners can easily afford.

Best for Kitchens

AquaGuard Laminate gives you great waterproof protection against spills and stains in your kitchen area.

Best for Living Rooms

Dream Home is the perfect affordable laminate flooring system for all areas of your home but especially your living room.

Best for Bedrooms

Tarkett is a brand that prides itself on providing cost-effective laminate flooring to all areas of the home. It’s especially useful in the bedroom.