King Charles Yorkie Mix (Yorkalier/CavaYorkie) – Must Know Facts!

A King Charlies Yorkie mix is a mixed breed of dog that is the offspring of a King Charles Cavellier or Spaniel and a Yorkshire Terrier.

This mix is a special breed indeed. It has inherited its Yorkie parents’ hunt and chase instinct and the talent of King Charles which means it will love learning new tricks and be quick to learn them too!

What Do King Charles Yorkie Mixes Look Like?

A King Charles Yorkie mix is a very cute and loveable dog. They are known under a variety of names such as a Yorkalier, or a CavaYorkie.

King Charlies Yorkies have very cute button faces, and ears that are slightly shorter than their King Charles parent. They have a triangular face, round noses, and are a small breed of dog that has short legs and a long body.

Their coat and color tend to favor King Charles, but that depends on how much Yorkie they have inherited and the color of their Yorkie Mom or Dad. 

They have long silky fur, that requires daily brushing to keep it in tip-top shape. Because of their fur length, they are not suited to hot climates. So, it is best to keep your King Charles Yorkie as cool as possible and keep them inside or in the shade on hot summer days.

They average between 7 – 8 inches in height and can be anywhere between 6 and 18 pounds in weight! As in most dog breeds, the females tend to be smaller than the males.

Are King Charlies Yorkies Intellgient?

Absolutely! They are one of the most intelligent mixed breeds around.

In general, terriers and dogs closely related to terriers are super smart and quick to learn. They tend to favor tricks that are ‘useful’ to them and their owners, such as sit, stay, up, down, basically everything that would be helpful in a hunt.

Whereas King Charles was bred as a companion and pageant dog. In the past, they were highly sought after by the rich who wanted the company of a loving pup but also spent time teaching them all sorts of tricks for parlor room entertainment and to compete in competitions.

As a result, the King Charles Yorkie inherits all these super-smart genes, and they are a very social dog that is great at reading human emotions and fitting into family life.

How Active is a King Charlies Yorkie?

Although King Charles Yorkies are playful dogs, they don’t require excessive exercise to stay healthy.

Your King Charlies Yorkie will be happy with short frequent walks. Around 20 minutes or so three times a day.

King Charlie Yorkies get most of their exercise playing games! Keep your King Charles Yorkie active and healthy by having a variety of toys and interactive games around the house.

They love good old-fashioned games like tug-of-war and fetch, but they will be happiest if you mix it up a little by introducing puzzle games where they have to find and sniff out their treats (this appeals to their hunter terrier side). 

They will also love it if you take them to the park frequently to meet and play with other dogs (catering to their super social side).

Each King Charlies Yorkie is different of course, but if you establish regular playtimes, introduce variation in toys and games, and stick to a routine, you will have one happy and healthy King Charlies Yorkie indeed.

What Is The Life Expectancy of a King Charles Yorkie?

King Charles Yorkies are expected to live between 12 – 14 years. As with any dog breed, a good diet and a healthy lifestyle will keep them happier and living longer.

As for genetic illness and disease, there is no definitive list for King Charles Yorkie. Instead, they are likely to inherit health issues from either side of her gene pool, and also the added benefit of mixed breeds is that the genes are diluted somewhat so some risks are lower than others.

The best way to assess the likelihood of your King Charles Yorkie contracting or inheriting an illness is to look at the health history of their parents. Reputable breeders will have this information and will have no problem sharing your puppy’s parental health record with you.

What are Some Interesting facts about King Charles Yorkies?

Well, the first thing that most King Charles Yorkie owners are unaware of is that the breed descends from several likely ancestral breeds, not just 2!

Modern-day Yorkshire terriers are descended from three breeds that are now extinct, the Old English Terrier, the Clydesdale Terrier, and the Waterside Terrier. Each Yorkshire terrier born today has some variation of these three breeds in their family history, and so does a King Charlies Yorkie!

The ‘Charles’ in King Charlies Spaniel and Cavalier line is named after King Charles II of England. He absolutely loved the breed, reportedly not going anywhere without at least three of his beloved pups in toe. He was even accused of neglecting his kingdom because he preferred to spend time with these dogs. 

So beware of King Charles Yorkies, they have inherited the cuteness and social skills of a King Charles Spaniel or Cavalier, giving them the ability to charm almost anyone!

Do King Charlies Yorkies Get Along in Large Households?

King Charles Yorkies are great for large households or even smaller houses with few people. This is firstly due to their size, they are a good fit for almost any home environment, but also their sociable and loveable nature.

Although they do have the terrier line in their genetics, so they will be interested in hunt and chase games, but the King Charles gene possibly softens this instinct meaning that they can get along with children of all ages.

As they are a mix of companion and hunting dogs, they perhaps will not suffer as much separation anxiety as a full-blooded King Charles, but it is advised that you adopt this breed only if you can give it the love and attention it needs.