How Do You Keep Raccoons Out of Cat Feeders? (Solved!)

The best strategy for keeping raccoons out of a cat or dog feeder is to put up a good barrier. A small doghouse is an easy way to do this. You can install the feeder inside and block it off so that only one animal may come in at a time. Use a microchip feeder as well, and the bowl will stay closed when your pet is not eating.

In this way, the roof will obscure the feeder from view, the automatic aspect will protect the food, and since only one animal can come in at a time, raccoons will feel vulnerable when they want to investigate the feeder setup. You can even install an automatic pet door, sealing it off completely until your pet is close!

Today we’re going to discuss microchip and automatic feeders, their features, how they can help to make sure that all of your pets are eating, and we’ll also touch briefly on gravity feeders. Read on to see what people have been asking the most about these wonderful and useful feeding options!

How do I stop the dog from eating the cats food?

The easiest way to keep your dog out of your kitty’s food is to simply put it out of reach. Cats can easily access a food bowl that’s up on a counter where your dog cannot get to it.

If you don’t want your cat on the counters, however, you could also simply use a separate room for feeding with a ‘baby gate’ to keep out your dog or you could get a microchip feeder.

These feeders open and close, based on a chip in your cat’s collar, so if the cat gets pushed away then the food is immediately protected until your cat comes back to the feeder for it.

How do you pet proof a cat feeding station?

If you have multiple pets, it’s a good idea to either put the food bowls in a separate room or enclose them in a barrier such as a crate so that only one animal can feed from each at a time. Microchip feeders are also good, as they can be ‘keyed’ to each individual animal and will close when that animal is away.

Double-sided tape underneath the base of feeders can help to keep them upright if there is a rush and placing them in strategically in nooks or corners also helps with this.

Do microchip cat feeders work?

Microchip feeders are designed to feed one specific cat or small dog and they really do work quite well at this. By opening as-needed and closing up when the animal is away, you can ensure that none of your animals are going hungry because of food-bullying from the other pets.

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Are microchip feeders worth it?

If you have multiple animals and they are bullying the weakest ones for their food, then microchip feeders can be a godsend. Without them, it’s hard to tell if every animal is getting to eat, and an animal that is being bullied for their food can quickly become ill.

Microchip feeders solve this problem perfectly, giving the pet owner peace of mind with the knowledge that none of their beloved pets will be going hungry anymore.

What is the best microchip cat feeder?

There are a number of quality models out where when it comes to microchip feeders. Among the best are the Cat Mate C500, the Sure Petcare Microchip feeder, and just about any SureFeed model. These microchip feeders have been lauded for durability, reliability, and ease of use.

Setup takes minutes and these feeders often include ‘training modes’ to help your kitty or small dog to get used to the feeder and once that is done, all you need to do is hang the microchip from their collar and they can access the dispensed food whenever they like.

How do microchip feeders work?

Microchip feeders work by the means of internal sensors that can tell when an RFID chip housed in your cat or dog’s collar is nearby. When it is, then the food door will open, and when the cat or dog moves away it will then close.

In bullying scenarios, this is just about perfect, as when another animal pushes your cat or dog away then the food door immediately closes off safely.

Some people even simply like the practicality and aesthetics of a food bowl that is closed off when not in use, leaving the food unexposed to view and less likely to build up outside contaminants when it’s not being eaten.

Are automatic feeders good for cats and dogs?

Aside from microchip feeders, automatic feeders are another popular option that is great for cats and for dogs. These feeders are designed so that you may program a feeding schedule and when the set times occur, food will be dispensed in the amounts that you have programmed.

This is great for animals that are on a diet, as it’s hard for owners to say no to their pets when dispensing out those meals, and the automatic feeder can do this for you to keep them on their diets. It also saves time for owners, as the food bowl is automatically filled like clockwork.

How long can you leave a cat or dog with an automatic feeder?

While the feeder can technically ensure that your dog or cat is eating for longer, it is not recommended that you leave them alone with it for more than 24 hours. Your pets have social requirements and if you are gone for longer, they may become depressed or despondent.

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Also, there is always a chance of a jam or even a feeder getting knocked over – and you wouldn’t know until you got home! For these reasons, you should not leave them unattended without at least someone checking in on a regular basis for interaction and to verify that your pets are eating.

Can you put wet food in an automatic feeder?

Some feeders will support wet food, but you need to make sure that the model you select is specifically designed for this. Wet food feeders include an ice pack or another internal cooling mechanism that helps to keep food fresh and if you simply put wet food in a dry feeder, it can go bad or even break the device.

As long as the model you select supports it, then you can certainly use wet food with an automatic feeder.

Can two small dogs share an automatic feeder?

That all depends on your dogs. Some dogs, especially when raised together as pups, will have no trouble sharing a single bowl. With others, that may be a recipe for disaster. If your dogs growl or snap at each other when eating from the same bowl then you’re going to need 2 separate feeders.

Will my dog overeat with a gravity feeder?

Some dogs regulate their eating, but we all know a dog owner with a story about a dog that got into the food bag, ate the whole thing, and was later found moaning and groaning at home. If your dog has self-control and only eats until they are full, then a gravity feeder is fine.

Otherwise an automatic feeder is your best bet.