How To Train and Keep Your Dog In Your Yard Without A Fence

Having trouble keeping your dog in your yard? Need to train them to stay there without putting up a fence? Follow the steps below to train and keep your dog in the yard without a fence.

How To Train Your Dog to Stay in Your Yard (Without a Fence)

This method is also called boundary training. You need a visual cue of where the edge of the yard is so your dog understands it. This is easiest to do with small boundary flags that you can pickup from the hardware store. These are the small flags used to mark utilities or areas where pesticides were sprayed.

  1. Equipment needed
    1. Boundary flags or some kind of visual cue of the boundary (e.g. the woods or shrubs at the edge of your property).
    2. Long leash – This gives your dog a sense of freedom that they can run far but still gives you control of the situation and helps with training. This is very similar to training your dog on a wireless fence.
    3. Treats
    4. Praise (free and provided by you!)
  2. Setup boundary flags  – Use these for unclear boundaries (e.g. where your grass leads into the grass of your neighbor). You don’t need to use these if you have shrubs or woods at the boundary. Put the boundary flags 1 foot apart from each other.
  3. Use Praise and Treats – Take your dog to the edge and use treats and praise when your dog does the following
    1. Inspects the boundary but doesn’t cross it
    2. Recall training – When they cross the boundary call them back. When they come back give them a treat.
  4. Repeat for all boundary areas
  5. Practice 15 minutes a session, 2-3 sessions a day – The goal is to train not to stress. Limit training sessions to 15 minutes at a time for 2-3 times a day. Expect this to take a few weeks to get them to learn the boundary.


11 Options For Keeping Your Dog In Your Yard

  1. Wireless Dog Fence
  2. Underground Dog Fence
  3. Long leash and anchor
  4. Use a portable pet pen  or dog fence like you would for RV camping
  5. Don’t leave your dog alone for long periods in the yard
  6. Make sure they have food and water close to the house
  7. Use a GPS tracking collar and train them to use it
  8. Use training to keep them in the yard (see video and steps above)
  9. Use a dog run. This is similar to a leash and anchor. The “anchor” is a closeline-like elevated cable. The leash is attached to the cable. This gives them much more room to run around.
  10. Take your dog on long walks daily. This cuts the desire for them to escape the yard.
  11. Take your dog to a dog park so they get more exercise and more socialization