How Do You Keep a Cat from Leaving Your Yard? (Solved!)

Two methods to keep your cat in your yard include installing an overhead netting to your already existing fence or a fully netted fenced-off area for your cat to roam. Other fence potentials include wireless fencing with a companion electronic collar for your feline, an old-fashioned cat fence that is equipped with wire mesh on the top to discourage cats from jumping on top or over the fence, spiky strips on top of your existing fence, or metal fencing (better for smaller cats that can’t jump as high). 

What Are Cat Fence Spikes and How Do You Use Them?

Cat fence spikes are an accessory to affix to the top of your existing fence to deter your cat from jumping on top of the fence to make her grand escape. 

According to Insight Security, they are made from polypropylene and don’t harm the cat but make it very uncomfortable for the cat to put pressure on her paws so she’ll jump back into the yard to avoid the unwalkable terrain atop the fence. 

What Is a Cat Fence Topper and How Is It Used?

A cat fence topper is a length of plastic or wire mesh attached to struts the overhang the top of your existing yard fence. Since cats do not like to walk on surfaces that are unstable or give them little purchase, the mesh is perfect for discouraging them from jumping on top of the fence to escape. 

Cats also do not like to walk upside down or enjoy clinging to vertical surfaces so the likelihood of your cat choosing to scramble ninja-style up your cat fence topper is not great.

What Are Cat Fence Rollers (Coyote Rollers) and Do They Work?

A cat fence roller consists of three or four rotating metal blades (not sharpened) on an axle that is affixed to the top of your fence. These are great deterrents for wayward cats in that cats trying to jump along the top of the fence to escape need to use a technique that involves grabbing the top of the fence. 

According to Oscillot, the rotating blades of the cat fence roller block the cat’s ability for purchase on the top of the fence thus preventing a cat from gaining access to go over the fence and out of the yard. These rollers are very effective and a safe way to prevent your cat from escaping. 

Can You Train a Cat to Stay in Your Yard?

It is possible to train your cat to stay in the yard. If you put a harness on her and walk the property line until she becomes used to where you go together, then she will become familiar with her boundaries. When you take the harness off, supervise her and let her know she’s crossing the line so she knows where she is and isn’t supposed to go. 

Will My Cat Come Back If I Let Her Outside?

According to Blue Cross for Pets, cats will return when let outside. As long as you care for and feed your cat, they know where their food comes from and where to get good shelter so they will return. 

How Long Do Cats Stay Out for the First Time?

How long a cat stays outside the first time depends on the temperament of the cat, but usually it’s not too long – a few minutes or at most a few hours. 

They enjoy their newfound freedom but also don’t care to stray too far from home so they’ll likely roam around for a little while and then be back, staying out for longer and longer each subsequent time. 

Do Cats Know to Stay Away from Cars?

Cats are very intuitive and if you train them to stay away from cars, they will. When you are outside with your cat and a car drives by, make sure your cat is paying attention to you and purposefully watch the car while speaking in a frightened manner. 

Use a shaking voice and show them that you are afraid and they will pick up on the cues to avoid cars. Cats are also not fond of loud noises and unpleasant scents so cars are not naturally attractive to a cat anyway.

Where Do Cats Sleep at Night When in the Yard?

Cats are actually nocturnally active so they do not usually sleep at night but instead take the opportunity to hunt and explore. According to Animal Path, when cats do sleep, they prefer places that are warm, safe, and secluded. Most likely if your cat is snoozing in the yard, it’s in a remote corner that gets lots of afternoon sun. 

How Far Will a Cat Roam from Home?

According to the Pet FBI Organization, cats don’t usually wander too far for home. Most cats stay within a five house radius and aren’t outside for more than 24 hours before returning to the safety of their own abode. 

How Do Cats Know Where They Live?

Cats can pick up on the scent of their owners as well as their own territorial scent in order to find their way home and avoid shacking up in another kitty’s space. According to an article in Time Magazine, cats may also use a sixth sense that detects magnetic fields which help to guide them home. 

Will My Cat Be Okay Outside All Night?

Cats are natural nocturnal hunters and would prefer to be outside all night, however there are more dangers present after dark. Car accidents and run-ins with other nocturnal predators such as coyotes are more likely to occur so it’s recommended to keep your cat inside at night. As long as your feline has its claws, it can still put up a formidable defense.