Is There A Market For Pet Photography?

Pet Photography Demand

According to CBC News, the demand for pet photography has increased 30% from 2018 to 2019 (source). They based their data on Google Keyword research.

We wanted to confirm this information so we did our own analysis using Google Trends. Google trend shows you relative search volume for a keyword over time. You can check a keyword’s interest from 2004 to the present.

Here’s the results of our analysis.

Keyword Results – Pet Photography

“Pet Photography” search traffic has been declining since 2004. Data source: Google Trends

As you can see from the graph above the interest in “Pet Photography” has been decreasing over time since 2004.

We also checked the search volume, or the number of searches per month, using a tool call WMS Everywhere. According to that source “Pet Photography” gets searched 4,400 times per month.

Is this good or bad? No way to tell yet so let’s dive deeper and see what we find.

Keyword Results – Pet Portrait

“Pet Portrait” search traffic has been increasing since 2018. Data source: Google Trends

Pet portraits do seem to be increasing recently. This is what CBC was reporting on – Pet Portrait Photography. Our research agrees with their point.

Also, according to WMS Everywhere, “Pet Portrait” is searched 14,800 times per month. This is a much more popular way for people to find photography studios. It again agrees with CBC that demand for pet photography is increasing.

Still, let’s check a few others just to confirm. This time we’ll use Uber Suggest, another keyword tool, to find related searches.

So Ubersuggest suggests we try “Pet Photography Santa” at 1,600 searches a month and “Pet Photography Near Me” at 720 searches a month. That was based off an initial search for the root phrase “pet photography.”

We also ran “Pet Portrait” through Ubersuggest. It agreed with WMS Everywhere that it gets 14,800 searches per month. They use similar data sources.

Based off “Pet Portrait” it recommend we also try “Pet Portrait Painting” at 1,300 a month, “Pet Portrait Etsy” at 880 a month, and “Pet Portrait Watercolor” at 590 searches a month. Clearly the searcher intent behind portraits is to get a painting completed.

Sadly, that won’t tell us much about the demand for pet photography. Let’s keep that in the back of our minds though as it could be a very lucrative side business as well – painting your pet.

That’s giving me crazy ideas just thinking about it. I did a quick search on and found several artists that will paint a picture of your pet for less than $20. If you could get local people in your area to pay you more you could pocket the difference.

Here’s the search I did in case you want to find your own artist for this on

Sample job listings for “Pet Portraits.” Source:

But back to the Pet Photography market. Let’s check the two suggestions from before – “Pet Photography Santa” and “Pet Photography Near Me.”

Keyword Results – Pet Photography Santa

Looks like there isn’t enough data on “Pet Photography Santa” to say anything concrete. Not looking good. Let’s dive deeper though.

Keyword Results – Pet Photography Near Me

“Pet Photography Near Me” search traffic has been increasing since 2013. Data source: Google Trends

Excellent. We clearly have an upward moving trend for “Pet Photography Near Me.” This shows that demand is going up plus the search volume is relatively recent since 2013.

That gives some evidence that pet photography as a generic online search may have gone down but trying to find a local photographer for your pet is going up. Perhaps the intent behind “pet photography” was for DIY and people would rather pay a professional to do it rather than do it themselves.

Still, let’s do one more check. According to Ubersuggest the next most popular phrase is “Pet Photography Pricing” at a small 140 searches per month.

Keyword Results – Pet Photography Pricing

Again, looks like there isn’t enough data in Google Trends to tell us anything about this small search term.

Is There A Market For Pet Photography?

Based on our research the market demand for “pet photography near me” (local photographers) has increased over 25% since 2013. Sadly the overall demand for “pet photography” has declined 50% since 2004. This is based off Google Trend data.

Our study found something surprising though. Pet Portraits, or painting your pets, has over 3 times the demand as pet photography. Plus the trend has been going up since 2018.

When comparing pet portraits to pet photography it appears that pet portraits has been out ranking photography since the end of 2019.

“Pet Photography” compared to “Pet Portrait”. As of the last two years “Pet Portrait” has pulled ahead and appears to be increasing. Data source: Google Trends