How to Install an Invisible Wireless Fence (For Beginners)

You really don’t install an invisible wireless fence, per se, but rather you just sort of set it up. Think of the following steps sort of as configuring any other appliance or dog-training aid that you’ve invested in:

  1. Put the base unit down in the right spot
  2. Set the control to either the high or low position depending on the size of your yard
  3. Make sure that the base control is at least three feet from any metal objects
  4. Connect the power adapter
  5. Turn the unit on
  6. Test the batteries in the included collar
  7. Turn on the collar and make sure it actuates when you bring it outside of the designated area
  8. Walk back from the boundary and flag the area out
  9. Fit the collar properly around your dog’s neck
  10. Make sure that the collar is secure but not too tight around your dog

Quick Video Instructions (Petsafe Example)

Full Setup and Training Instructions

Invisible Wireless Fence Layouts and Designs

Unlike an in-ground wireless fence, you really only ever have one layout when you put in an invisible wireless fence. All wireless fences designs sort of generate a sphere radiating out from the base unit in the middle.

That means you get one circular-shaped boundary option. All you can really decide is whether you want it to be a big area or a somewhat smaller one.

You can flip through these two “designs” usually by flipping a switch on the unit.

If you have a yard that doesn’t fit neatly into a sphere then consider a wired underground fence. The wire lets you place the boundary exactly where you want it which is great for long rectangular yards or odd-shaped yards (L-shape). See our article on underground fence layouts to give you an idea of how this works.

Tools Needed

Assuming that your base unit came assembled, all you’ll need is a small electronics screwdriver to open and shut the battery chamber on the collar. Other than this, you can usually just do everything by hand.

Attaching the power adapter to your base unit is usually every bit as easy as plugging in the charger for any mobile device.

How Hard Is it to Setup a Wireless Fence?

While it isn’t difficult to set your wireless fence up, it can be a challenge to deal with the problem of interference. Some base units will interfere with one another, so you might run into problems if your neighbor has one as well.

There’s also a chance that a variety of other wireless devices, such as garage door openers, could temporarily interrupt your wireless fence. Setting it up, however, is usually as easy as plugging in a couple of cords.

Does a Wireless Fence Work for Long or Rectangular Yards

No, they normally don’t work with long yards, rectangular ones or even those that have a slightly irregular shape. In all three of these cases, you’d be better off investing in an underground fence because a wireless fence is simply going to make this spherical globe shape over the entire yard.

That also doesn’t work with yards that are even slightly largely than the maximum distance provided for by the manufacturer of the wireless fence transmitter.

What’s the Smallest Size Wireless Fence?

Dial settings on most base units will usually let you go down to maybe 20-22 feet and no less than this. A wireless fence that’s this small usually wouldn’t have enough space for most dogs to move around in.

What’s the Largest Size Wireless Fence?

Few wireless invisible fences can ever exceed maybe 110 feet or so. They would require a radio transmitter that’s too strong for safe use, so it would be hard to make one without running into design complications.

Can You Install Invisible Fence Yourself?

You more or less have to install a wireless invisible fence yourself. These come as small kits that the manufacturer would normally assume that you would put together yourself.

Some people temporarily deploy them and then put them away after they’re done playing with their pets outside for some time. They’re easy enough to put up and take down that this is relatively common.

How Do I Test a Wireless Invisible Fence?

Put the battery inside of the collar and set it to whatever setting causes it to beep and then take it outside of the designated area. The collar should actuate, but if it doesn’t you’ll want to check the base unit as well as the battery in the collar.

There’s also a possibility that the switches on the base unit aren’t configured correctly. Test it again until you’re absolutely certain that it’s safe to use for your dog.

What Is the Safest Wireless Dog Fence Setup?

Relatively safe configurations will provide plenty of space for your dog to run around without letting him or her run out into the street. Check the tightness of the collar and don’t use more corrective strength than necessary.

Keep the base unit from metal objects and watch your dog to ensure that they don’t get stuck somewhere that gives them a constant dose of correction.

It can take a while to train your dog to use a fence like this, but you need to make sure that they are in order to utilize it safely.

Will My Neighbors Invisible Fence Interfere With Mine?

While this is unlikely, it can happen. Usually, wireless fence base units won’t be close enough to actually cause any interference, but it can if the invisible sphere they draw get close enough to one another.

If this case, then your only recourse is to reposition one or both of the base units until they’re far enough away from one another to stop interfering.

How Do Wireless Invisible Fences Work Across Driveway?

Unlike in-ground buried fences, wireless invisible fences don’t really care about what the underlying terrain is like since you don’t have to bury any wire to use them. Therefore, it simply goes over driveways and any other obstructions.

If the base unit is positioned right, then you should be able to prevent your dog from leaving the driveway without having to cut into any bit of concrete at all.