How to Tell if Your Dog has a UTI

Does your dog seem to be acting strangely? Check out these symptoms to find out whether or not your dog might be suffering from a UTI.

Canine UTIs

While it may seem as though UTIs are only a human problem, that isn’t the case. Any living creature with a bladder could receive an infection.

When you have a problem, you simply have to go to the doctor and receive some antibiotics. The antibiotics will destroy the bacteria living in your bladder, and your infection will clear up.

For dogs, it isn’t always as easy to receive treatment. This is largely because pet owners may not realize that their dog is suffering from a UTI.

To help you understand your pet’s health better, here are a few symptoms to watch out for that might indicate that your dog has a UTI.

1. Frequent Urination

While dogs may enjoy going outside to play and sniff around, those that need to constantly use the bathroom should raise a few flags. Perhaps you notice that your dog has started to pee inside, too, because they were unable to go outside as frequently as it needed.

Instead of becoming angry, you should understand that their increase in the need to urinate is due to a possible infection of their bladder. When a bladder becomes infected, it feels full a lot quicker.

If you’ve ever suffered from a UTI, then you likely felt the urge to urinate a lot more often, too. The same goes for your dog.

For pet owners who notice that their dog needs to go outside to urinate more often, then they may be suffering from a UTI.

2. Urinating Indoors

You put a lot of time and effort into training your dog in going outside to use the bathroom. Yet all of a sudden, they seem to keep going inside of the house.

They’re not willingly disobeying you. They may be suffering from a UTI.

Dogs are unable to hold their bladder for longer periods of time when they have a bladder infection. Because of that, they’ll end up going wherever they can.

3. Bloody Urine

One obvious symptom of a UTI is if there is blood in the urine. This may not be the easiest thing to see if you’re not closely inspecting your dog’s urine.

However, if you can manage to get close enough to watch the stream, you may notice strands of blood within the urine.

This is a sign that the infection has reached your dog’s kidneys. It’s vital that your pet is taken to the vet at this point.

If the infection is allowed to continue to grow, then it could severely damage your dog’s kidneys.

You might also be able to notice blood in your dog’s urine if you examine the area that they urinated. In this case, the dog urinating indoors may allow you to easily see if there is blood or not due to the stain on the carpet.

4. Dribbling Urine

Another indicator that your dog might be suffering from a UTI is during the urinating process. Normally, a dog releases in a steady stream of urine.

Yet if they’re suffering from a bladder infection, the urine will only dribble out. This could be due to a few factors.

The first is that they don’t actually need to urinate. They simply believe that they do, so they’re only able to get out a few drops.

The second is because the infection is blocking the tube that’s required to release the urine. The bacteria involved in a UTI tends to cake itself on the inner walls of the bladder.

That can build up over time and block passages within the bladder. This can result in dribbling urine instead of a steady stream.

5. Whimpering During Urination

If you’ve suffered from a UTI, then you understand that it isn’t the most comfortable of situations. For one, you feel a constant ache in your bladder area.

Dogs also feel this discomfort. You’ve likely also experienced a sense of burning when you urinate.

This is because the area is inflamed due to the infection. When you urinate, the urine passes over the inflamed area, causing a burning sensation.

Dogs don’t particularly enjoy that feeling either. If you notice that your dog is whimpering or crying out when they urinate, then it could be due to the inflammation.

6. Obsessively Licking Genital Area

While it isn’t uncommon for dogs to lick themselves to clean up now and then, it could indicate a problem if your dog is constantly licking themselves.

Because of the discomfort in the area, dogs will likely try to lick it clean to provide relief. However, that can only cause more problems.

If you notice your dog licking their genital area a lot, then they might be suffering from a UTI.

The following video goes into more detail about UTIs and dogs:


What can I give to my dog to help its urinary tract infection?

While you should take your dog to the vet in order to receive treatment, there are a few home cures that you can try. One of those treatments is to add one teaspoon (for small dogs) or one to two teaspoons (for bigger dogs) of apple cider vinegar to their water bowl.

Vinegar can help fight off the bacteria. They may not enjoy the taste, but vinegar can sometimes clear out infection if caught early.

Is a UTI in a dog an emergency?

When a human receives a UTI, it can sometimes become severely dangerous if it travels to the kidneys. In dogs, it’s rare for the infection to spread to their kidneys.

However, it can happen. Regardless of its ability to travel, the infection can cause your dog a lot of discomfort and even pain.

If you discover that your dog is suffering from a UTI, then you should take it to the vet as soon as possible. They’ll be able to help cure them quickly.