How To Measure Your Dog For A Harness In 5 Steps

1. Measure Your Dog’s Neck

First, measure the neck size of your dog. Just place a tape measure around the neck of your dog. You can put it in the exact place where you would normally put their collar. Take the measurement and you’re all set.

2. Measure Your Dog Around The Deepest Part Of the Chest

Second, take your dog’s girth measurement. In order to do this, you need to put the tape measure around the deepest part of your dog’s chest. This is because this will be the place where the strap on your dog’s harness will be secured around them.

3. Measure Shoulders and Lower Chest

Third, measure their shoulders and chest. This can be done at the same time that you measure the girth of your dog. Start at the chest, wind the tape around their shoulders, and then come back to where you began. This will give you the girth, shoulder, and chest measurements that you need to fit them for a harness.

4. Compare Measurements to Harness Size Charts

Fourth, use these measurements to size up the perfect dog harness. Make sure that the harness model you are looking at has a size chart. This will help you find the perfect harness for the needs of your dog. It will also minimize the chances of having to go through the trouble of having to return an improperly sized dog harness.

5. Confirm Size Charts Are Accurate Via Reviews

Fifth, make sure the measurements you have taken are right for the kind of dog harness that you want to buy. It helps to know in advance whether you will require a tactical harness, LED harness, or no pull harness.

Where Do You Measure A Dog For A Harness?

There are several places on the body of a dog that you will need to get precise measurements of. These will be the neck, shoulders, and chest. Start by winding a tape measure around the area where you would normally place a collar. This will be the best way for you to get an accurate measurement of their neck.

Next, you will need to get their girth measurement. You can do this by running the tape measure around the widest and thickest part of your dog’s chest. This will be the area where the strap of the harness will be placed.

You will then need to get a measurement of their shoulders and chest. You can do this by putting the tape around their chest, running the tape up to their shoulders, and then bringing the tape all the way back to where you started.

All of these measurements taken together will give you the precise calculations you need to fit your dog for a harness. But you will also need to know what type of harness you want to buy.

The Different Body Parts On A Dog Measured For Harnesses And Clothes

The parts of a dog that you need to measure for clothing and harnesses are the same in most cases. You will need to measure their neck, girth, shoulders, and chest. In the case of measuring a dog for clothes, you will also need to measure their back. This will help you to find the right length and width of the clothing you want to buy.

Remember that, in the case of a male dog, you don’t want the clothing to run for too far down their body. You definitely don’t want it to come too far down to where it interferes with their leg movement. This could cause your dog to trip or stumble when they try to move. Don’t make the clothing so tight that it cuts off circulation.

Another important thing to remember is that your dog needs to pee. Don’t choose an outfit that is so tight that it restricts this natural function. You also don’t want to let your coverall or sweater hang down too far near their back. If it gets too close to a certain area, it could wind up covered in pee that has to be cleaned up.

At What Age Should You Measure A Dog For A Harness?

You can start measuring a puppy for a harness at the very early age of eight weeks. Of course, you can’t expect a baby that small to pull much of anything. However, the idea is to begin training them for the task that they will someday perform as they get older and stronger. It’s best to get started training them as early as possible.

It isn’t a good idea to put an adult dog-sized harness on a small puppy. But you can get them a puppy training harness that is geared to their needs. You can take their chest, girth, neck, and shoulder measurements to find a harness that is sized right for them. As they grow larger, you’ll need to ease them into a standard dog harness.

Do You Measure Differently For Different Types Of Harnesses?

It isn’t really a question of taking different types of measurements to fit dogs for the different types of harnesses. What it really comes down to is knowing what kind of harness will best fit the specific needs of your dog. This may be a standard harness, LED harness, or no pull harness.

In each case, you will take the standard measurements of your dog’s neck size, girth, and shoulder and chest sizes. Together, these will give you the exact measurements that you will need to fit your dog for a harness. All you will then need to do is make sure that you get the right type of harness to let them do what you need them to.

Remember that a no pull harness will normally be your best bet for most kinds of dogs. This is true even for small dogs that you don’t want to have actually pull you. If you are fitting them out to pull smaller loads, you will still need to ensure their comfort and safety. This will be the test for you to pass as a responsible dog owner.