How To Keep A Dog Door Open

You can keep a dog door open by placing a coin or some other obstacle to keep the flap ajar. For electronic dog doors, you may find a setting that keeps the door open.

In terms of manual flap doors, you can keep the flap ajar by placing or an item where the hinge is. By blocking the door from being able to fully swing on the hinge, it will remain open. A coin, or object, can be taped to the area to ensure it doesn’t fall off.

There’s also the option of removing the flap door entirely. Some manual trap doors allow you to clasp the flap door into place. You can remove the flap and keep the door open entirely.

Finally, you can also choose to tape the flap door up into place. With duct tape, you can apply a small amount of tape to the middle of the flap and press it against the top of the human door. This should hold the dog door in place until you want it lowered.

For electronic dog doors, you should look into the settings to determine if it has a “stay open” mode. Simply choosing that mode will keep the door open. Otherwise, you may be able to turn the door off and pry the door open manually. Like with the flap door, you can use a coin or some other object to keep the door from closing.

Why Keep a Dog Door Open?

There are a few reasons why you might want to keep the dog door open. Here are some of them.

1. Easier Potty Training

When you have a puppy and you want to potty train it with the dog door, you may need to keep the door open. Puppies aren’t always strong and the strength needed to push through a flap door may be too much for it. Electronic doors may be too complex for a puppy initially.

Keeping the door open makes them comfortable passing through the small hole to get outside. It also teaches them that’s where they need to go when they need to use the bathroom.

You can encourage their potty training by having another dog use the doggy door to show them.

You can also use treats. By tossing the treats through the doggy door, they’re more likely to rush through it and realize that it’s easy to pass to and from the dog door.

2. Alleviate Anxiety in Skittish Dogs

Electronic dog doors may scare some dogs. They may not like that it closes when they go away from it. Flap doors can sometimes scare dogs, too, if they hit them when coming down to close the door.

Keeping the door open allows your dog to calmly pass through the door without worrying about the door.

3. Cool the House Down

During those few pleasant months where it’s neither too hot nor too cold, having the dog door open can also help keep the inside of your home at a comfortable temperature. Cool air can pass through the dog door with ease. It’s essentially like having another opened window.

4. Keep Dogs From Chewing on the Door

Sometimes your dog may mistake the material of the flap door for a chew toy. You may come home to find that they’ve chewed a hole right through it. Removing the door can help you distract them from chewing on the door. By giving them another chew toy, they can focus on chewing on that instead.

When Can You Leave a Dog Door Open?

The safest time to keep your dog door open is when you’re at home during the day. You should be able to keep an eye on the dog door. This will prevent any wildlife or bugs from coming into your home. You’re able to quickly respond otherwise.

It’s also the best time to ensure burglars stay away from the dog door. They likely won’t try anything when it’s broad daylight out nor when you’re at home.

It can also be useful when you’re expecting a delivery. If you’re home, you can have the package deliverer simply place your boxes or mail through the dog door. This is especially handy if it’s raining outside.

In order to give your dog its best chance at learning how to use to potty quickly, you may also want to keep it open while you’re home and training them.

When Should You Leave a Dog Door Closed?

At night, however, you’ll want to close the dog door. Certain animals like raccoons will jump at the chance of being able to access your home through the dog door. As will mice.

It’s also when you’re more likely to have a burglar attempt to use it to gain access to your home.

Besides at night, you’ll also want to keep it closed during the winter and when it’s raining. During the winter, if you have a doggie door open, you’re going to allow your home to embrace the cold temperature. Your furnace will have to work harder to heat your home. It wouldn’t be surprising if your energy bill goes up as a result.

Keeping the door closed during the winter can keep your home better insulated.

The rain can also offer problems. When it starts to rain, certain critters and bugs seek shelter. Your home may be an ideal shelter for them. They may attempt to pass through your dog door for safety.

Rain can also get inside of your home if the wind is strong enough. You may walk out to the door to find a large puddle gathering there. This could cause you some water damage. Closing the door up ensures that the rain and any bugs or critters stay outside.

Electronic dog doors make keeping your doors closed easier. Some have a schedule that can be programmed. This allows you to keep the doors closed when you’re out of the house or at work.