How to Connect a Dog Kennel Air Conditioner

Worrying about your dog during hot summer days is a common issue. It’s more serious if your dog spends most of the time outdoors in its kennel.

Dogs can’t stand the heat as humans do and are way more prone to heat strokes. Of course, dogs with thick fur are more in danger than ones with thin or no fur. Yet, dogs’ lack of enough sweat glands all over their bodies makes it hard for them to maintain their body temperature.

Installing an air conditioner in your pet’s kennel is one of the best solutions to face this problem. In this article, we will help you know how to connect a dog kennel air conditioner through five simple steps.

How to Connect a Dog Kennel Air Conditioner: 5 Simple Steps

Here is what you need to do when getting your dog an air conditioner. These steps are applicable to all kennels’ sizes.

Step 1: Look for a Suitable Air Conditioner

When getting an air conditioner there are multiple options you can choose from. The type of air conditioner to choose depends on your kennel’s size and your preferences. You’re able to find them in the pet stores, appliances stores, or online.

An Air Conditioner Designed for a Dog House

Naturally, the most convenient option is an air conditioner designed to be used in a dog’s house. They’re designed to be safely placed outside of your dog’s house.

The air conditioners come in different sizes to fit different kennels. The size option assures you that your dog’s place will be cooled thoroughly to keep your dog safe.

Some of these specially designed appliances function as a heater as well. Therefore, give you the option of keeping your dog at a cool temperature all year long.

A Small Air Conditioning Unit

As it’s sometimes hard to find an appliance specially made for dogs, a normal small air conditioning unit is a better alternative.

The unit can easily be placed inside the kennel just like we place it in our own homes. However, your dog’s kennel needs to be big enough to comfortably fit both your dog and the air conditioner.

You also need to consider that installing such a unit will need you to do some special adjustments to the kennel. To buy one, you can head to the nearest appliances store and search among the smallest air conditioning units.

A Portable Air Conditioning Unit

Portable air conditioning units are another convenient solution. They’re less of a hassle when installing the air conditioner.

Still, portable air conditioners are known to have less cooling abilities than other types. They also cover less space. Therefore, choosing them depends on the size of your dog’s place.

Step 2: Check the Air Conditioner Features

It’s essential to carefully consider the air conditioner’s features before purchasing it. It’s also crucial to read the catalog and any available instructions.


BTU determines your air conditioner cooling capacity. You need a device with at least 2,000 BTU to thoroughly cool your dog’s house. The higher the BTU the quicker the cooling process.


Before buying a conditioner you have to check its voltage. It can have the standard voltage connection and in this case, you will plug it directly to the outlet. If not, you will need an adaptor for your device to work.

Noise Level

Though noise level shouldn’t be an issue with small appliances, it’s still important to be aware of it. If accidentally you get a unit with a high noise level, your dog may be disturbed by the new addition.

Step 3: Install the Air Conditioner

Both the specially designed air conditioners and the portable ones are easy to install. The designed air conditioner will mostly require making 2 holes in your kennel for the airflow. Yet, installing a small unit can take some work.

It’s better to get a professional to install it if you aren’t sure how to do it. Still, the steps are relatively easy:

  1. Measure the air conditioner accurately.
  2. Using a saw, cut part of your dog’s house the exact size of the air conditioner.
  3. Insert the front of the unit without pushing it too far in.
  4. Hammer the unit’s securing brackets to firmly hold the air conditioner.
  5. Plug your appliance to the nearest outlet.

Step 4: Take Safety Measures

When adding an electrical device to your dogs’ place there are main safety measures you need to take to keep your dog safe.

  • All electrical parts shouldn’t be exposed.
  • The air conditioner and the wires shouldn’t be near any water source.
  • The electrical outlet has to be near the kennel.
  • There shouldn’t be any wet areas in the surrounding area.
  • Apply insulation strippings to avoid air leaks.

Insulating the whole kennel can be a protective step before you install your air conditioner. Insulating also can solve the problem of cold-air leaking with small air conditioner units that are not designed for dog kennels. Applying some rubber weather stripping can solve such issues.

Step 5: Test the Air Conditioner First

After all the steps are done make sure you test your new air conditioner. Keep it open for a while to make sure it works properly before your dog gets in its kennel.

It’s important to double-check that the appliance is installed securely. Also, check that all the wires are covered or safely distant from your dog’s reach.

Other Additions

To keep your dog safe all the way during the summer, there are some other things you can do:

  • Keep a consistent source of water for your dog
  • Provide the dog some shade outdoors
  • Add a cooling mat to the kennel

Final Thoughts

Learning how to connect a dog kennel air conditioner is easy once you decide your preferred type, the nearest outlet, and where to install it. Generally, an air conditioner for your dog kennel functions the same as any other air conditioner.

Getting an air conditioner for your dog isn’t a luxurious addition. It can save your dog’s life during extremely hot days. It’s a step that saves you from worrying about your pet’s health all summer.