How to Build a Fenced Dog Pen?

A dog pen could be a budget-friendly way to ensure your dog’s safety. The best thing about a dog pen is that building one is by no means a great feat.

Building your own pen also means you hold all the keys. It allows you to tailor it to your precise qualifications, be it size or appearance. It also isn’t exactly difficult, but knowing where to begin can sometimes be challenging.

This is where we come in. Wondering how to build a fenced dog pen? It’s no rocket science.

Read on to find out more!

Why Build a Fenced Dog Pen?

Your furry companion is likely to have high levels of energy. That can often lead them to get into trouble.

No matter how endearing they are, no one wants their possessions destroyed by their dogs. At the same time, you want them to be completely safe. This is where a dog pen is useful.

The playpen will give them the freedom and space. Above all, it’ll allow them a certain degree of safety. It also provides a way to keep your dog occupied and allow them to burn their energy safely.

Most importantly, they’re not going to run around the house or lawn breaking everything, either.

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Overall, the pen is an excellent place to exercise for your dog. There are different types of playpens available for dogs. The most readily available one is the one you can build: not only you’ll enjoy the building process, but you won’t break the bank either.

Building a Dog Pen: What You’ll Need

For this DIY project, you’ll need proper materials. Of course, you can replace any of the following with appropriate substitutes.

Here are some supplies that you might need:

  • Tape measure
  • Screws
  • Screw gun
  • Chain link fencing
  • Gate
  • Gate assembly
  • Chicken wire
  • 6 wooden posts (pre-cut or homemade)
  • Hinge assembly
  • Door hinges
  • Stakes

How to Build A Fenced Dog Pen

As a dog owner, it doesn’t matter whether you’re building your pen from scratch or reconstructing an old purchase.

You can still produce an excellent result in the end. All you have to do is follow some mandatory trips and consider some recommendations.

1. Size Up Your Pen

Before you decide on your pen’s size, you should take into account how big your dog is. It would help if you also considered the duration of which it’s going to be in the pen every day.

If your dog is going to spend a long time in it, you need to make sure it’s spacious. However, if it’s for sleeping hours only, then you could cut down on size.

The first step would be to measure. Mark your area: pinpoint the spots designated for the corners. You could use stakes for this task, but any suitable substitute would do.

If you want, you could connect the stakes with twine. This way, you’ll get a clearer image of your pen’s perimeter.

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Tip: an active medium-sized dog requires 120-130 square feet of space. Tailor your pen’s size according to your dog’s size.

2. Dig Holes for the Gates’ Post

It’s time to dig! When digging holes at the corners, make sure you dig about 2 feet deep.  These holes should also be about 3 x 3 inches in diameter.

Next, you should dig two holes at the gate’s sides. You should dig 6 holes in total.

3. Cement the Posts

After you combine concrete and water, center a post in one of the holes. Then, use a wheelbarrow (or any other suitable medium) to dump the concrete mixture into the opening.

Make sure to fill the holes all the way up till the concrete is at ground-level. Repeat for all posts.

4. Install the Posts

Before the cement dries down, you need to install the posts in place. To do that, you can look for pre-cut wood posts in wood supply stores.

You could also use plywood for the posts. However, pre-cut posts can be found in an array of hardware stores at inexpensive rates.

They’re also more practical and more comfortable to work with. However, before purchasing them, make sure that their height matches that of the pen.

Tip: If you don’t have a big dog, it would be best if your pen wasn’t too tall. Comparatively, a sizable furry ball who likes to bounce around would require a longer pen. You need to tailor the height to your dog’s needs.

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5. Add the Fencing

Chain link dog fencing can be found in your local hardware store. Expect your fencing to include a gate, posts, top rails, and accessories required to put the fence up.

Before you install the fencing, you must lay the chicken wire. After doing so, cut the chain link fencing. Continue by running the chain-link fencing from one post to another.

Using fence ties and pliers, tie the chain link to the post. To do this, you must twist together the ends of the fence.

Most importantly, you must remember to leave space for the gate.

Tip: Remember to leave a minimum of 8 inches to spare when cutting. This way, you’ll always have extra fencing if you get the measurements wrong.

6. Fix in the Hinges

Screw the two hinge assemblies into one of the dog pen gate posts. Start by measuring the place where the hinges will hang. Continue by matching them to the hinge locations on the pen’s gate.

Once you’ve appropriately matched the hinge assemblies, you should then attach them precisely to their locations. Use a screw gun while doing this task.

You may also use screwdrivers to keep the hinge assembly in its proper place.

7. Attach the Gates

To hang the gate on the hinges at the post, you must slide the hinges at the top of the hinge assembly (the ones resting at the gatepost).

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It would be more suitable if you used a full-length gate. It’s the most appropriate choice, as it’ll keep the dog from creeping under it.

After all, you don’t want to put your dog in a pen only for it to escape hours later.

8. Secure the Latch

For this step, you must fasten a latch to the gate. To do that, you must now use a matching latch attachment on the gatepost.

Finally, lay a tarp for shade on one of the kennel’s rear end corners. Always make sure that your dog is getting a supply of safe drinking water. And don’t forget about toys and other luxuries!

So, there you have it! All you need is a little guidance to build a fenced dog pen.

Good luck!