How To Build A Dog Fence Cheap

Most dog lovers know that one of the most important ways we can care for the animals in our lives is to make sure that they’re safe. A dog fence keeps your best friend near you at all times and prevents him or her from getting into serious accidents. 

Professional pet fences can cost an arm and a leg, but you can build an effective dog fence cheaply.

how to build a dog fence cheap

7 Steps On How To Build A Dog Fence Cheap

First things first; you need to determine what kind of fence you’ll need. This will vary mainly depending on what type of dog you have, where you live, and how much of an escape artist, your best friend is.

One: Know Your Budget

Although DIY dog fences are often far less expensive than professionally installed ones, they still vary in cost. Do you need a pallet fence, or will a wire fence do the job nicely?

Two: Know Your Dog

Think about whether or not your dog likes to dig, how large your dog is, and how aggressive to strangers he or she is. 

There’s a good chance that if your dog is not people-friendly that he or she could break the fence if they sense an intruder nearby.

Three: Price Out Materials Intelligently

Don’t go with the first quote that you get. Do your due diligence and price out different materials from at least three locations before you settle on a purchase. 

In the best-case scenario, you’ll have a lot of bargaining power if you know what materials cost at other sites.

Four: Understand Your Skill Set

You might want to build a state-of-the-art dog fence from scratch, but if you don’t have the technical skills to do it, you won’t be able to follow through properly. S

ave yourself the heartache and extra step of having to hire a professional after the fact by being honest with yourself about where your skills lie.

Five: Understand Your Options

There are plenty of choices when it comes to dog fencing. Know what you have at your disposal to make the most informed decision.

Pallet Fence

Pallet fences are great for larger breeds of dogs because they are very strong. They also don’t require much assembly, so they’re great for those who aren’t so handy. 

All you need to do is hammer the pallets together, and you have a fence in no time. 

On the downside, pallet fences tend to be a little more expensive. For more information on how to build an inexpensive pallet fence, check out this video.

Wire Fences

Wire fences require wooden frames, so you need to have a few carpentry skills to put this one together yourself, but once you have the framework up the wire is easy enough to set up. 

Wire fencing is inexpensive but best used for smaller or more docile dogs. Many larger dogs can break through the fencing.

Mesh Fences

Similar to wire fences, mesh fences need wooden posts to stay up and are best used for smaller dogs. 

Mesh is inexpensive, and you can get it at just about any hardware store. Remember to price out your options accordingly before making a purchase.

Six: Think Outside The Box

Depending on the size of your dog, you can use other options instead of traditional fencing.


Playpens don’t need to be just for children. You can use a playpen to keep small dogs contained, although this should be seen as a temporary option rather than one that will last over the long run. 

You can use a playpen to keep your dog fenced in while you work on building your long-term fence.

Crates Or Cages

While they are not the most ideal solutions, crates and cages are great options to keep dogs contained while you are working on a more sustainable fence. Many dogs think of their crates like home, so they will feel comfortable being crated in an area safe from the elements. 

Always make sure that your dog has enough water and access to shade or protection from the elements if you opt for this choice.

Seven: Consider The Weather

Do not begin your fence project in the middle of winter. Summer or spring months are best for building your dog fence

Check the forecast and make sure that it’s not going to rain before getting started. Building a dog fence will take at least a few days.


Will my DIY dog fence stand up to the elements?

Your dog fence will undoubtedly stand up to rain and snow if you build it properly. Remember to assess your skill level before embarking on any sort of project and give yourself ample enough time to do the job.

What if my dog escapes?

Not all dog fences are designed for all breeds of dogs. If your dog is too big or powerful for a certain type of fence, he or she might slip out. If this happens, it’s important to think about your breed of dog and construct a sturdier fence next time.

Where can I find materials for my dog fence?

Most materials, like mesh, wire, and pallets, can be found at virtually any local hardware store. Remember to shop around before committing to any big purchase.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Dog Fence?

It depends on what type of material you use. Dog fences can cost upwards of several hundred dollars if you’re using pallets and your yard is large, or less than one hundred if you have a small yard and you’re using wire or mesh.

What Is The Cheapest Kind Of Fence?

Mesh fences are the cheapest kind of fence, but they might not be appropriate for all breeds of dogs, especially larger or more powerful ones.

Can Deer Fencing Be Used For Dogs?

Absolutely! Deer fencing is great for certain types of dogs and will do double-duty in keeping your dogs safe and wild animals out of your yard.

Almost anyone can build their own dog fence. It only takes moderate skills and an understanding of what your dog needs!

How To Build A Dog Fence Cheap