How Do You Punish a Yorkie Puppy? (Solved & Explained!)

Do NOT punish your puppy. Your Yorkie won’t understand why you are upset and they will simply think that you are being mean. This erodes the trust that you are building with your dog, so punishment needs to be taken off the table. Instead, reward your dog with treats for good behavior and this will slowly replace the bad.

Today we’ve collected questions being asked on the web about Yorkie pups and their behavior. Read on in this Yorkie Puppy FAQ to get the answers that you need for training your furry little friend the RIGHT way.

Why is my Yorkie puppy so mean?

If your puppy has gone from sweet to mean fairly quickly, they may be feeling unwell. A sick puppy or one that has injured themselves may lash out if you try to pick them up. If injured or ill, it might actually hurt when you pick them up and the nipping is their way of telling you ‘stop it’.

A trip to the vet is a good idea to rule out any injury or other health issues at this point.

How do I get my Yorkie puppy to calm down?

Yorkie pups generally sleep anywhere from 18 to 22 hours in a day, but those hours that they are awake can be absolutely crazy. You can temper your dog’s enthusiasm a little by gibing them somewhere to put all of that energy. Long walks are good and new toys can also help – just give that energy a healthy focus.

How do you calm an aggressive Yorkie?

Something may be stressing your dog, so try to make sure that the house is calm and quiet whenever possible. Extra walks can help your dog to destress and to deal with some of that ‘puppy power’ and if you have been punishing your dog then stop.

Try rewarding good behavior with treats, instead, and you’ll get much better results. Typically, punishment doesn’t work because by the time the dog has pottied in the house or gotten into some mischief they’ve forgotten it – your dog just thinks that you are being mean to them!

How do you stop a Yorkie from biting?

When your dog nips, hold your hand and say ‘oww’ and make a sad-dog whimper. Sometimes pups that have been weaned to early have not been socialized enough, and time with other puppies teaches them how to get along with others – including how hard they can bite without hurting.

By showing your dog that they are hurting you, you can teach them what kind of nipping is acceptable and what crosses the line and this should help.

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How do I stop my Yorkie from barking?

Fill up a coffee can halfway-up with some pennies, pop the lid on the top, and keep this can handy.  When your dog barks, shake the can to get their attention and say ‘quiet’. When your dog quiets down, give them a treat, and repeat this process every time that they bark.

Be patient with the process but if you are consistent with it, your dog will learn the ‘quiet’ command and you can stop that barking whenever you like!

When should a Yorkie puppy be neutered?

The best time to get your dog neutered is going to be around 4 to 6 months of age. This way you are neutering them before more adult territorial marking behaviors start manifesting. While your dog might still ‘mark their territory’ from time to time, it will be minimal if you neuter them before they are 6 months old.

How do I stop my Yorkie from jumping?

The easiest way to do this is to teach your Yorkie the ‘sit’ command and start carrying a pocketful of treats. When you come home form work and your dog comes bouncing up, ignore this and tell them to sit – showing the treat.

When your dog calms down and sits, tell them ‘good dog’ and give them the treat. Repeat this process for the next 2 weeks and your dog should learn to stop jumping and to simply run up and sit to greet you when you get home.

Are Yorkies biters?

Yorkies aren’t naturally inclined to this anymore than other dogs. If you have a nippy Yorkie, then they may have been weaned too early and not socialized enough. When your Yorkie bites you, draw back your hand and whimper like a dog or say ‘oww’ and refuse to play.

Over time, your dog will understand that they are biting too hard and that if they want to play, they need to be more careful. If not, a vet visit may be a good idea as Yorkies sometimes get nippy when they are ill or injured – your vet can help you to quickly rule this out and determine the next steps.

Are Yorkies Moody?

Usually Yorkies are quite happy-go-lucky, so a moody Yorkie may be suffering from health issues or you may be leaving them alone for too long. Too much time on their own can depress these dogs, who are very social by nature.

Make sure if you have an adult that you aren’t leaving them alone for more than 4 to 6 hours and for puppies, no more than 2. If you need to be away for longer for work or errands, consider coming home during lunch or having a friend or pet sitter help out.

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Are Yorkies jealous?

If they aren’t socialized (and sometimes even if they are), Yorkies can be a little on the jealous side. While it’s not a trait that inherent in the breed, Yorkies can and sometimes do become jealous of their owners and this can cause them to act out when you are paying attention to someone else besides them.

Try spending a little more time in dog parks and introducing your dog to your friends, as this will help to broaden their social horizons so that they are a little less codependent on you.