How Often Should a Yorkie Poop? (Solved!)

A Yorkie’s toilet habits are no different to any other small dog. Research shows that the average dog should poop between one and five times per day. However, several factors can affect the rate of poop, such as the age and health of the dog, what it eats and how often it eats. 

The rest of this article goes into detail about what toilet habits are classed as healthy/unhealthy, is dry or wet food better, what amount of poop is the right amount, are big or small meals better, which ingredients have good and bad effects and what other conditions can affect your Yorkie’s pooping habits. 

What is a healthy amount of poop for a Yorkie?

In general, research tells us that small dogs and toy breeds such as Yorkies should poop on average between one and five times per day. Of course, several factors can affect this and you need to consider those factors before panicking over poop. Remember, always ensure your pup can go and poop whenever and wherever it needs.

So, what is an unhealthy amount of poop?

As a dog owner myself, I understand that you might be a little concerned when you notice your Yorkie’s toilet habits changing. Dogs are like our children; we know them inside out, literally…If you haven’t changed anything for your dog and suddenly it hasn’t pooped for two to three days, it’s time to take a trip to the vets.

How does dry food affect poop?

Let’s talk about food, this can affect a Yorkie’s pooping routine. All toy breeds, like Yorkie’s, should only be fed dry food to help with dental issues which are extremely common in small breeds. However, it absorbs the liquid in the stomach and therefore spends longer in the bowel which tends to reduce how often your Yorkie poops.

Should wet foods be avoided?

Wet food should be completely avoided or only given on VERY special occasions as your Yorkie’s stomach isn’t designed for this type of meal. It’s important to remember, if for any reason you give your little pup wet food, it’s likely to want to visit the bathroom more often for the next few days! Make sure your little one always had the ability to do this!

Do smaller meals affect the rate of poop?

The amount of food and the rate of pooping naturally correlate. Yorkies are a small breed and therefore their little stomachs can handle small meals very efficiently. Along with being better for their health, smaller meals equate to a more regular pooping regime, once again, healthier for your pup.

Would a larger meal make pooping more frequent?

Big meals are not suitable for Yorkies, their stomachs just aren’t built to process a large amount of food at one time. However, if for some reason you need to give your pup a larger meal, maybe they skipped a previous meal, expect that they will need to pop outside a few more times in the following hours.

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Does the amount of food affect the rate of pooping?

It’s natural that the more food you give your Yorkie, the more it will want to poop, it is a bodily function after all. The amount should be calculated from the age of the dog, the rate of activity and the food’s calorie count. An active dog should eat much more than a lazier pup, which in turn, results in more poop.

Which ingredients have a good influence on pooping habits?

Yorkies need protein to help muscle formation, however, unused proteins turn into poop, so only feed your Yorkie protein if they are active enough to use it. Carbohydrates sustain energy levels but reduce the rate of poop and fats keep that coat super shiny but can speed up pop rate. Keep a balance between these and your Yorkie’s bowels will function nicely! 

What foods should I avoid giving my Yorkie?

Soy and corn should be avoided, these are culprits for hyposensitivity reactions in Yorkies. Also, you should steer clear of brown rice as it contains arsenic which is extremely harmful to a little Yorkie’s belly. Both hyposensitivity and foods containing arsenic would increase the rate of poop, while also making it smellier and more of a … let’s say… fluid…

How often should I feed my Yorkie?

As Yorkies are a toy breed they react better to small and more frequent meals and these should be given early in the morning, mid-afternoon and 2 hours before bedtime. On average, Yorkies should be fed around two or three times per day as this routine helps influence little poops which are healthier for the stomach and bowel. Yorkies, alike most small breeds, tend to be grazers so it’s not a bad idea to ensure there’s always a few biscuits in their bowl. 

Does the age of my dog make a difference to poop? 

It’s not normally the age of the dog that affects their pooping habits but the amount it’s fed, due to its age. Yorkie puppies need around 200 calories per day, whereas adult dogs only need 150 and senior dogs only need 120. So, more calories mean more food and more food means more poop!

What other conditions can affect how often my Yorkie poops?

If you are concerned about your Yorkie’s pooping habits, before you rush off to the vets, think about any other conditions that might have caused this change. These pups are very sensitive and small changes in their daily routine can affect them. Stress is the main issue and this can cause a reduced amount of poop being produced.

Can exercise affect how much my Yorkie poops?

As stated on Pathway Pooch, walking your dog has many benefits including the promotion of healthy blood flow. This flow of blood encourages movement in the digestive tract that allows for food to move more easily through a dog’s digestive system. So, if you’re concerned about your pooch lack of poop, take them for a walk!