How Much Are Parti Yorkie Puppies? (Solved & Explained!)

Parti Yorkies puppies cost between $2500-4000 on average. The decrease or increase in the price varies according to the quality of the breeder, whether the necessary health screenings of the dog are carried out, and the pedigree status.

If you wish, you can get a Parti Yorkie at lower prices. However, since there is no guarantee of breeding, nor any health information. Adults are cheaper to buy than puppies.

Why Are Parti Yorkies Expensive?

Parti Yorkies can be pricey when compared to other breeds of dogs. The main reason for the high price is demand, the cost of caring for the mother, and health checks through pregnancy and after birth. Breeding healthy and lively Parti puppies requires meticulous and intense effort. 

Parti Yorkies are also very sought after, particularly especially by families, as they are very harmonious in character and a very affectionate dog that easily adapts to family life.

Demand also can cause the price to fluctuate and the price may vary from area to area and from country to country. 

Should I Get Parti Yorkie From a Professional Breeder?

Since professional breeders have exceptional experience in dog breeding, they produce Parti Yorkies in accordance with breeding standards.

Professional breeders closely follow these breeding standards, the Parti Yorkies will also have undergone the necessary health tests and scans, and you will receive confirmation of your puppy’s health before purchase.

This will put your mind at rest that you are adopting a healthy pup, and that the breeder is not running a scam or putting any puppies’ health at risk.

In some cases, especially with higher-end breeders, you will receive a registration certificate showing your Parti Yorkie’s ancestry and bloodline. This is essential if you wish for your Parti Yorkie to compete in shows and competitions.

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Professional breeders know their job well and have extensive knowledge. They will also be happy to give you guidance on how best to care for your Parti Yorkie in its first few months.

If you get your Parti Yorkie from professional breeders rather than from unverified sources, you don’t have to worry about the problems your dog may encounter in the future. You will also have the peace of mind that you are not funding fraudulent or illegal breeders.

Do Parti Yorkies Have Health Problems?

Yorkshire Terriers are prone to a number of health issues and diseases, such as hypoglycemia, pancreatitis, and collapsed trachea. These issues are also potentially present in Parti and Toy breeds.

This is not unusual. All breeds carry potential genetic conditions, just as humans have different health risks according to their ancestry and lifestyle.

If you purchase a Parti Yorkie from a reputable breeder and ensure they live a healthy and active life then you should have no health concerns other than those associated with old age.

Are Parti Yorkies Worth it?

Parti Yorkies are definitely worth it. These lovely dogs are wonderfully harmonious and affectionate within the family.

At the same time, they are full of energy and incredibly loyal. While Parti Yorkies can be a little pricey, these dogs are definitely worth owning. They make great companion dogs and are easy to train.

Although some people think that it is not right to pay such a price for dogs and that dogs should be adopted from shelters instead, Parti Yorkie owners state that these dogs are worth every last penny. 

Parti Yorkies are very social and will be lifelong companions. The joy of the family, the playmate of the children, the Parti Yorkies are certainly worth adding to the household.

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What Is The Life Span Of a Parti Yorkie?

The average lifespan of Parti Yorkies ranges from 12 to 15 years. Parti Yorkies that are well cared for may live longer than this. 

To prolong your Parti Yorkie’s lifespan, you must feed him a well-balanced diet. You should make sure that there are enough vitamins, minerals, and protein in the food you have chosen.

Also, very oily and spicy foods are very harmful to Parti Yorkies. Parti Yorkies can’t eat human food and any human food you give them should be restricted to the occasional treat.

Another important factor in prolonging the lifespan of Parti Yorkies is meeting their exercise needs on a regular basis. Parti Yorkies that get regular exercise tend to live longer than those that do not.

Are Parti Yorkies Easy to Train?

Parti Yorkies are very intelligent dogs and they are also very easy to train. But of course, this varies from dog to dog, but in general, they are considered above average when it comes to intelligence.

Some Parti Yorkies can be easily trained in a short time, while others can take months to learn. This also depends on the complexity of the command you are trying to teach them.

How you train your Parti Yorkie is entirely up to you. If you wish, you can send your Parti Yorkie to professional trainers for advanced training.

Professional trainers can easily teach you some of the basics that you might have trouble teaching your Parti Yorkie so you can carry on the training yourself at home.

Some Parti Yorkies can be quite stubborn. It all depends on the dog’s temperament, but even the most stubborn dog can easily learn a lot with the right approach.

Are Parti Yorkies Easy to Potty Train?

Parti Yorkies can easily learn potty training, but it can take 2-3 weeks for them to learn fully. You have to be patient and consistent when potty training your Parti Yorkie. 

Remember, they’re just babies and they don’t know what’s what yet. It will take any dog at least 1 week to learn potty training, and even then some accidents are likely to occur.

It’s up to you to determine whether your Parti Yorkie will poop or pee somewhere inside the house or outside on a regular basis. Once you make that choice it is best to stick to it as not to confuse the pup.