How Much Does Microchipping a Cat Cost? (Solved!)

Implanting a microchip seldom costs more than $80, and it’s usually much less than this. Average prices are around $45-50 with some being significantly lower than this.

Cats usually cost less to microchip than dogs, perhaps because it’s easier to perform the surgery on them as a result of their thinner tissue. Those who adopt cats from a shelter may be able to get them chipped for free or for the cost of a nominal donation.

Do You Have to Go to a Vet or Can You Get it Done Elsewhere?

Animal shelters and veterinarians offices are normally the only places that do this procedure, but some charities and local groups have gotten together to chip large numbers of animals. They usually pick a sanitary location and generally charge far less than a vet would, if they even charge at all.

For reasons related to health and public safety, however, this isn’t allowed everywhere. Check your local laws to see if you have to visit a vet or if a local group could theoretically get the job done for you.

How Much Does the Actual Microchip Cost?

Pet supply companies sell the microchips in very large numbers, so they come out to only a few dollars a chip in many cases. At most, a microchip would cost around half of the price that the vet’s office is charging, though they normally get huge discounts as a result of how many of these that they purchase all at once.

Individual pet owners can order chipping kits for less than $20, which they can then have vets implant for them. In some cases, you can get them for less than even $10 online when there are sales.

Can You Save Money if You Do it Yourself?

No, you can’t chip your cat yourself, but you can save some money by buying the kit and doing the registration yourself. You can order a microchip kit for around $15-20 and take it to a vet, who will then do the implant for you.

It’s up to you to then register your serial number with several different databases, which could potentially be free. Some databases even allow you to update the ownership information yourself, which can save on administrative fees and headaches later on.

Is it Illegal to Do Yourself?

It can be illegal to chip your cat, and all home microchip kits online are generally sold with the intent that they be used by a medical professional. Some areas might go so far as to consider it animal cruelty.

That being said, the procedure is relatively simple and it could technically be legal to do it yourself in counties that have no explicit law spelling out who does microchipping. In that case, it’s more of a legal gray area than anything.

How Much Does Registering the Cat Microchip Number Cost?

Registering a cat’s microchip number is usually included in the price of having the procedure done. This is generally somewhere around $45-50 and will associate your name with the serial number registered to the specific chip that the vet implants in your cat.

Pet owners who buy their own kit might be able to register it with several databases for free, though they will have to prove ownership of their animal to do this. That can save money and it might also help by getting your name in more locations.

Is There a Monthly Fee for Microchip?

There is no monthly fee for the use of microchips. You pay a one-time cost to have the surgery performed and the vet will normally add your name and number to a pet recovery database.

These databases don’t update their information very often, which help to keep them at least semi-permanent. As a result, there’s really no way they charge pet owners a monthly fee.

How Can You Save Money on Microchipping Your Cat?

Purchase a kit and get a vet to agree to use it instead of the chips that they have in-house. This can save around half of the cost of the procedure, especially if your local vet tends to charge more than the average national cost.

Consider looking for a free county-supported microchipping program, which are sometimes offered by animal control districts. Adoption centers and animal shelters will sometimes offer free or low-cost chipping services to those who adopt a cat from them.

Are There Free Places to Get it Done?

Animal shelters in many jurisdictions will chip any cat that you adopt. In some areas, it’s mandatory to have this done while it’s simply an optional free service in others.

You’ll want to call ahead or check out the site of any animal shelter you’re interested in before you go to make sure that they provide this service.

Is it Worth Microchipping Your Cat?

It’s worth microchipping your cat if there’s any possibility that your cat could be lost at some point in the future. Those who put their cats out will take some extra peace of mind in knowing that their cat could easily be identified if someone else picked him or her up.

Chipping a cat also proves that you’re the sole owner of said animal. If someone tried to steal your cat and claim they owned it, then you’d be able to prove you were the rightful pet parent.

How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Microchip?

Microchip removal is a rare procedure that’s usually only done in cases of inflammation where a cat’s body rejects the chip they were implanted with. Therefore, veterinarians don’t give hard prices on how much it would cost to have it done.

Call your local vet directly and ask how much they’d remove a chip for. Explain any complications you’re aware of, such as inflammations or infections, since these can dramatically impact the cost of removal surgery.