How Much Is an Electric Dog Fence?

Have you been considering installing an underground electric fence for your pet but aren’t sure if it’s for you or how much it might set you back financially? There are some options and considerations to take into account, but the safety of an underground pet fence is available for just about everyone.

how much is a electric dog fence

How Much Does an Underground Electric Dog Fence Cost?

An average underground electric fence made for pets will cost you between $50 and $1500. The enormous range in price results from a number of reasons.

The size of your yard can effect cost, as can the type of terrain and the number of pets you intend to enclose. There are varieties you can install by yourself, or you might opt for having a professional do the job for a bit more money.

Lots of factors affect price, including:

  • Amount and quality of the fence wire
  • Quality of collars
  • Size of the area intended for enclosure
  • Number of pets you’ll need to keep contained

What Is an Electric Dog Fence?

“Invisible” or underground electric dog fences are basically a loop of wire buried just beneath the terrain of your lawn, connecting wirelessly to a collar that your dog will wear. They allow your dogs to play safely in the yard, get exercise, and enjoy the outdoors without the danger of wandering off or getting lost.

This type of fence is also ideal for anyone who wants to maintain the look of their landscaping without constructing a physical fence. The boundary of an underground fence should always be marked with small flags to serve as a visual cue to both you and your pets, however.

How Does an Underground Fence Work?

An electrical wire is buried three to four inches beneath the area your pet needs to stay inside, formed in a connected loop. The wire coordinates with a collar your dog will wear.

Pets that are intended to stay within the fence’s boundary wear collars fitted with a transmitter. These collars provide two deterrents in regards to the fence: a warning sound or vibration when your dog gets near the fence, as well as mild electric stimulus to keep them from crossing the boundary as they get too close.

In the event that your dog crosses the wire boundary, they will receive a very brief, customizable electric shock. This is designed not to harm your pet, but only to surprise them into stopping before they leave the area you’ve designated as safe for them.

How Effective Are Underground Electric Fences?

Anecdotally, underground fences work for over 70% of dogs. There are some common reasons why it doesn’t work for the other 30%.

  • Shock level is set too low
  • Dog becomes overexcited about something outside the boundary
  • Batteries in the collar have stopped working
  • Boundary wire is broken

As long you pay attention to these possible problems, it’s far more likely that the fence will work for you and your dog.

Training Dogs for an Electric Fence

Solely creating a boundary with an electric fence is typically not enough to safely keep a dog inside it. Most dogs require some amount of training specifically for the fence.

You can successfully train your pet on your own, in many cases. However, hiring someone who has experience in training for underground pet fences is often the safer and easier option.

Professional training may be necessary for particularly stubborn pets or dogs who find it hard to retain training. Most companies that offer underground fence installation also offer pet training, though it can be expensive.


How much does it cost to have an underground dog fence installed?

Typically, the price will fall between $50 and $1500. Within this range, there are a large number of options, as well as many factors that can affect the cost, such as the quality of the system as a whole or whether you install the system by yourself.

Can an underground fence kill a person?

No, an underground electric dog fence cannot kill you even if you put on the collar yourself, because they are specifically designed not to cause actual harm. These fences are designed to deliver a shock with high voltage and low amperage, which, while deterring pets, does not cause physical injury.

Will an underground fence harm my dog?

Manufacturers of underground fences don’t ever want to hurt your pet, and they know that you don’t want to hurt your pet, either. This variety of fence is safe for dogs and cats, and they won’t cause physical harm.

how much is an electric dog fence