How Much Does an Underground Dog Fence Cost? (Solved!)

The starter kits that you need can be less than $200 depending on how much wire comes with them. At this price, you’d probably get a couple of collars and a charger as well.

Real money starts to come into play when you consider how much cord has to be laid out in a big square or other shape to make the fenced off area. Those who get all of their supplies from a pet supply company would still save money, however, over someone who had to have the entire project managed professionally.

As the linear footage of a project increases, the cost does as well, so this becomes a serious consideration for bigger lots.

How Much Does an Underground Dog Fence Cost for 1 Acre?

You can normally expect to pay slightly more than maybe $2,000 for a full acre’s invisible electric fence, though this is assuming that you hire a full crew to come out and do the installation for you. Much more reasonable costs, say around $300-500 up to maybe $1,000, could be incurred by avid DIYers who don’t mind getting their hands dirty.

Theoretically, you could save quite a bit of money simply by forgoing a professional installation, but you can save even more by using commercially-available construction grade housing wire instead of buying extra kits with additional fencing wire in them.

How Much Does an Underground Dog Fence Cost for 5 Acres?

A professionally installed underground dog fence can cost upwards of $4,500, though this is again rendered more manageable simply by doing the work yourself. Since wire costs around $1,200 for a 500 linear foot roll if you buy it from dog fencing kits, you can normally save a lot simply by going with standard spools of wire from a hardware or home improvement store.

How Much Does an Underground Dog Fence Cost for 10 Acres?

At 10 acres, you’re looking at costs that are somewhat more contained compared to the others. Due in part to economics of scale, professionals will install a 10 acre fence for a little more than $6,300.

You could do it for considerably less yourself as well, especially if you buy 2,000 linear foot rolls of wire and run everything by hand. This sounds like a lot of work, but it could be worth it if you manage your own farm.

How Much Does it Cost to Pay Someone to Install an Underground Dog Fence?

Installation costs largely depend on how much area is being covered. As the following shows, these numbers are calculated in terms of linear as opposed to square feet but charged based on area:

  • $2.25 per linear foot
  • $2,005 for an acre
  • $4,480 for 5 acres
  • $6,340 for 10 acres

How Much Do the Tools Cost?

Chances are that you have all of the tools already, so this shouldn’t be an additional cost. You’ll need shovels, screwdrivers and either scissors or tin snips.

How Much Do Replacement Collars Cost?

Depending on the brand, they can cost quite a bit or be relatively affordable. Some brands sell little replacement pieces that can fit to other collars for around $12-13.

More upscale brands sell $100-150 replacement collars, which may exceed the initial cost of the kit that they were designed to work with. However, these are also known to be quite durable, so they should last for quite some time.

This makes the expense more manageable.

How Much Does Replacement Wire Cost or Wire to Extend Your Current Fence?

Kits from pet supply places are often sold in lengths priced at $75-300, depending on the brand associated with it. You can buy 16 or 20 gauge wire from hardware stores in 1,000 foot lengths for around $50, making this a surprisingly affordable option by comparison.

How Much Are Underground Wire Splicing Kits?

Underground wire splicing kits are usually priced like any other part of the underground fence system. However, you can get the same kind of wire for far less.

A 50 foot length of 18 gauge wire is around $13 while 100 feet of 14 gauge wire is little more than this. You can get $50 packs of 1,000 foot 16 gauge wire as well.

Shop around once you know the size of the wire that you’re looking for.

How Much Do Training Flags Cost?

Invisible fence flags from these pet supply brands are, again, going to be priced fairly high. You can, however, get 4×5″ flags in packs of 100 for around $15-20 from a variety of vendors.

Once again, you’ll want to look at hardware stores as well as online to save a little money.

How Much Does it Cost to Pay Someone to Train My Dog on My Underground Fence?

Few professional trainers provide this service, which makes it somewhat hard to price. Considering that private trainers already charge anywhere from $50 an hour up to several hundred, it could be surmised that this isn’t a very affordable option if you even could find someone willing to do so.

How Do I Reduce Underground Fence Costs?

Try splicing in more affordable commercial-grade wire and make sure to be careful with the equipment so you don’t have to replace any of it due to damage. If you can, then do the entire installation by yourself.

Use a high quality starter kit as well. While it might cost you more upfront, you have less of a chance of ending up with parts that turn out to be fakes or lemons this way.

How Do I Reduce Training Costs?

First off, you want to use affordably priced sets of flags instead of the ones that are sold by pet supply companies. Do the training yourself, if at all possible, and use this as an opportunity to get closer to your dog.

Chances are that if you do so, you won’t need to invest in any other outside training aids or rely on someone who has a professional background.