How Much Does A Yorkie Collie Mix Cost? (Solved!)

Both Yorkshire Terriers and Border Collies are known for being incredibly smart, loving and loyal dog breeds. A yorkie collie mix can bring together the energy and enthusiasm of a collie with the self-assured nature of a yorkie to create an awesome companion in the home.

But how much does a yorkie collie mix cost?

How Much Does A Yorkie Collie Mix Cost?

The cost of a yorkie collie mix is between $100 to $1000. This price can differ depending on where you purchase this cross from.

From a shelter, a yorkie collie will cost between $100-$200 in adoption fees. Adoption fees will usually cover initial vet bills of vaccinations, microchips and sometimes de-sexing (depending on the shelter).

From a breeder, a yorkie collie mix can cost between $300-$800. In addition to this initial buying cost, the new owner will also need to cover initial health costs, which we will outline in this article.

What Influences The Cost Of A Yorkie Collie Mix?

There is a large difference between the lowest and highest cost of a yorkie collie mix. Papers, breeder and appearance will influence the price of available yorkie collie mixes. These are worth noting as they may influence your choice in choosing a new puppy or dog.


While only pure breed dogs can be registered with the American Kennel Club and receive papers to prove their bloodlines, if both the sire (father) and dam (mother) have purebred papers then this may influence the price of their offspring.

If a litter has two purebred papered parents, one yorkie and one collie then it may increase the price of the puppies. This is because papers can confirm bloodlines and guarantee good breeding and health.

If you purchase a puppy from unpapered parents then you have to rely on good faith that the breeder is being honest about the genetics.

Breeder or Shelter

Where you purchase your yorkie collie mix will greatly influence the price. Shelters are not-for-profit businesses so do not aim to make a profit on their animals, the price will cover the cost of preparing them for their new homes.

Breeders tend to mark up their prices to make a profit off the puppies. Prices are also higher with breeders as there are a lot more costs associated with raising puppies from birth and ensuring they are happy and healthy.

Different breeders will also have differing prices. Often breeders who are well-known and popular will have higher prices, this reflects on the care they provide for their animals.

A lesser-known breeder may not cost as much but be sure to ask lots of questions and view the home to ensure your puppy will be healthy and cared for.


The varying cost of a yorkie collie mix is also reflected in whether or not they possess favourable traits. For example, yorkies who have silky coats will fetch far more than those with rough coats. 

It is also common for smaller puppies to be favoured as they tend to be “cuter” and easier and cheaper to care for. There is a variance in size between a collie and a yorkie so if a litter tend to be smaller like a yorkie the price may be higher.

How Much Does It Cost To Care For A Yorkie Collie Mix?

The initial purchase of your yorkie collie puppy is just the start. There are ongoing costs to care for any puppy and annually your yorkie collie can cost around $1300, this includes food, grooming and health costs.

 In addition, there are some one-off costs to a new member of the family. One-off costs for a yorkie collie mix cost up to $1250 including the initial vet visit, microchipping, gear needed and training.


Annual food costs for a yorkie collie mix sits between $700 – $900.

The amount of food your yorkie collie mix eat will depend on its size and level of activity. Larger, more active dogs will need to eat more to fuel themselves, while smaller dogs don’t need as much to fill themselves up.

This price will differ based on the type and quality of food provided also.


Grooming costs for a yorkie collie mix are approximately $50-$200.

This will vary based on if you chose to get your dog professionally groomed or opt to care for it yourself.

In the latter case, you should still bathe your dog every 2 to 4 weeks to keep their skin healthy and thus you will accumulate costs to cleanse them such as shampoos and combs.

Their coat texture will also have differing needs, whether it is light like a yorkies or heavier like a collie. Heavier fur will shed more and need to be brushed regularly.


All dogs should have at the very least annual vet visits to check on general health and administer any annual vaccinations. This annual vet visit can cost between $150-$200.

In addition, dogs need to be wormed every 3 months, so 4 times a year. This can add up to around $100.

The unexpected can happen at any time and you may need to take an unplanned visit to the vet, especially as your dog ages.

Yorkie collie mixes are more likely to get joint dysplasia, retinal atrophy, collie eye anomaly or seizures. Don’t be put off, all breeds have a collection of health problems they are prone to.


There are a collection of “one-off” costs that can accumulate over the first few months of owning a new puppy or dog, a yorkie collie mix is no exception! Some the total of these costs will vary greatly depending on what is needed or what is an indulgence. One-off costs can add up to around $1250.

These costs include but are not limited to:

  • Care items e.g bowls, beds, toys, transport – $150-$300
  • Obedience training – $150 – $300
  • Microchipping – $50
  • Initial vet visit – vaccinations and desexing – $200 – $600