How Much Does A Dog Tracker Cost?

The average cost of a dog tracker will depend on a number of factors. These will include how durable the unit is, whether it is reliably waterproof and shock proof, and whether or not you will need to buy it on a subscription base. The price therefore varies between a low of between $25 and $35 all the way up to $250.

The cost of a monthly subscription is where the price of a dog tracker can run into a lot of money. The subscription fee may be anywhere from $2 to $10 a month. Although the fees are not high in themselves, this could lead to a lot of extra charges. There may be fees associated with the service plan itself if any maintenance is required.

As a result, it’s probably best for you to buy a unit that comes without the added “benefit” of a monthly subscription plan. In this case, you may well spend less money up front. However, it’s important at this point to make sure that the unit that you settle on is backed with a full warranty that comes direct from the manufacturer.

The above costs and fees are representative for a unit that is fitted on to the collar of your dog and contains a GPS tracking device. In many cases, you may find yourself tempted to buy a microchip unit that can be implanted directly into your dog. These will cost more and, as will be shown below, are actually a good deal less useful.

Dog Microchip Tracker vs GPS Tracker – When To Use Each

A microchip tracker is basically useful after your dog has been found. The person who finds your dog needs to be able to tell that a tracking chip has been implanted in the first place. They will also need to possess the means available to read the chip. Once they do, they know who the dog belongs to and how to notify the owner.

However, one thing that a microchip does not have – at least, at the moment – is a GPS tracking device. This means that a chip will not tell you where your dog is at any given moment. They will unfortunately remain in the wild until someone finds the dog and reads the chip. Even then, there is no guarantee they will do the right thing.

A GPS tracker is one that fits on to the collar of your dog. The device is designed to be as small, light, and portable as possible so that your dog can wear it with comfort. However, it is not yet able to sized down to fit inside of a chip. This means that it will still be a bit bulky and easy to spot, even if it is the smallest model.

But the actual job that it does is well worth noting. A GPS tracking device is one that will let you know exactly where your dog is at any given moment. You can use the device to find your dog if they run away. It’s the most useful tool that has yet been developed for this purpose, at least until modern chip tech catches up with it.

How Much Does A Dog Microchip Cost?

The cost of a dog microchip will vary depending on the style of chip and where you get it implanted. In most cases, you can get your dog chipped for a fee of between $40 and $50. If you’re lucky, you can get the chip implanted in your furry friend during the course of a regular check up at your vet. In this case, the cost may well be lower.

In some cases, you may need to sign on to a year subscription fee. The cost of this annual subscription may range anywhere from $10 to $20, although some companies may charge an even higher price to use their products. This yearly fee is a factor that you need to keep in mind before you agree to sign on the dotted line.

In general, it’s probably a much better idea to buy a collar that can be fitted with a GPS tracker. There are a number of reasons why this is so. Chief among them is the fact that a chip can not, at this time, be fitted with GPS tracking. The chip in your dog only works if your pet is found by someone who will be able to read the chip.

As a result, you’ll be spending your money in a much more practical manner by buying a GPS tracking device that can be fitted on the collar of your dog. This way, you will have the ability to know exactly where they are. Such a device will be a great deal more useful since it will be able to track the location of your dog in real time.

Do You Need A Microchip Subscription And How Much Does It Cost?

As noted above, the price of a microchip for a dog will usually run from about $40 up to a level of roughly $50. However, in some cases, you may need to buy a subscription in order to use the chip. This will normally be an annual fee of anywhere from $10 to $20. It doesn’t sound like much but it’s a cost that could add up in the long run.

It’s up to you if you want to buy a chip that can only prove useful if your dog is found by someone who is able to access and read it. Otherwise, you are probably much better off buying a collar with a GPS tracking device.

In the end, it’s up to you as to which device you feel will best suit the needs of your dog. At the moment, a collar with a GPS tracking device is the better bet. In the future, chips may evolve to change this.