How Many Words Can a Yorkie Learn? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkies are a breed of above-average intelligence, so it can be tempting to try and teach them a lot of words and tricks. But how many words can a Yorkie Learn? Well, it’s not a perfect science, but some of the smartest dogs can learn up to 250 words, and average dogs can learn around 165. For Yorkies, who have above-average intelligence, 200 words is a safe bet. 

But there’s a lot to know about teaching your dog this many words! Read on to find out everything you need to know bout a Yorkie’s vocabulary and find out the answer to the question: How many words can a Yorkie learn?

How many words can a Yorkie learn?

Because every dog is different, it’s impossible to pin down exactly how many words your particular Yorkie will be able to learn. However, you can get a pretty good idea of the kind of vocabulary your dog is capable of understanding. 

The most intelligent breeds of dogs have been studied to be able to understand up to 250 words! On the other hand, the average amount of words that a trained dog is able to understand is around d 165. Because Yorkies are of above-average intelligence, you can assume that about 200 words are a possibility for your furry friend. 

However, actually teaching your Yorkie 200 words will take a long time and will be a task that takes patience and practice. Don’t expect your dog to know 200 words right away. 

Do dogs actually understand words?

One of the major questions that comes with teaching your dog command words and other terms is if they actually understand the word you’re teaching them. While it’s unclear how much understanding of particular words, any dog owner knows that they can certainly hear a word and associate it with a command! 

We can see this with commands like sit, stay, and come. However, we often need gestures and certain tones associated with these words to get the desired reaction out of our furry friends, so it’s tough to understand how much they actually understand the word itself. Still, it’s worth teaching them, as they are how we usually train dogs to be obedient. 

Are Yorkies a smart breed?

Yorkies are considered a breed of above-average intelligence. While they aren’t as smart as some of the smartest breeds, they are definitely capable of understanding a lot, and can be trained to perform a lot of tricks and obey many commands as well. 

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Are Yorkies a trainable breed?

Yorkies aren’t too bad to train due to being quick learners and forming a quick bond with humans. However, there are a couple of things to watch out for when it comes to training a Yorkie. 

Just like with any breed, treats are the quickest way to a dog’s heart, and therefore, a dog’s brain. That being said, Yorkies are picky eaters, so finding the right healthy treat to motivate them during training can be quite difficult. 

Also, a bit of stubbornness can come with a Yorkie’s intelligence. This behavioral trait can make things a bit more difficult, but with patience and repetition, you’ll still be able to train a young Yorkie to learn a ton of different tricks and commands. 

Can Yorkies do tricks?

Yorkies are certainly capable of learning tricks. They are not only intelligent, giving them the ability to learn tricks, but they are also playful, meaning they will be excited to perform and receive a reward, provided it’s enticing enough to catch their intention. 

Sometimes, it will only take a couple of tries to teach your Yorkie a new word or trick. In other cases, it can even take up to a few days. Every dog is different, and each will learn each individual trick at different speeds. Just make sure you’re patient and willing to repeat training regularly over time. 

How to teach your dog new words

When teaching your dog a new word, it’s helpful to give them a visual cue or gesture to associate with the word. This will allow them to learn the word more quickly. Also, saying your dog’s name first will allow them to know they are about to be issued a command! For instance, instead of “fetch,” say “Spot, fetch!” 

These tips will improve the speed with which your Yorkie learns new words, tricks, and commands. 

What are the smartest breeds?

Some of the smartest breeds of dog are Border Collies, Golden Retrievers, Australian Cattle dogs, and other dogs that were bred to control livestock. These breeds have been bred to not only follow and understand commands but to become independent and control other animals as well. 

Where are Yorkies ranked in intelligence?

According to Stanley Coren, a canine psychologist, Yorkies are the 34th most intelligent dog breed. Among many dog breeds, this puts them well-above-average as far as breed rankings go. 

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What are the lower IQ breeds?

Some of the breeds that are a bit slower are Afghan Hounds, Beagles, Bulldogs, Chow chows, Bassett Hounds, and Mastiffs. This isn’t to say these dogs aren’t worth getting, it just might be a bit harder and take a bit more patience and repetition to train them. They will also not be able to learn as many words as some other dogs.  

Add gestures to your words

Adding gestures to your words will speed up your Yorkie’s ability to learn new terms. This is because a visual cue along with the vocal cue will give your Yorkie’s mind two stimuli to respond too, increasing the chance that they remember what the task you want them to do along with that command is. 

This is more valuable with some of the core commands such as sit, stay, and come. Obviously, it’s hard to come up with visual gestures you can pair with 200 words, so make sure to save them for some of the more important words you really want your Yorkie to remember.