How Many Master Groomers Are There? (Solved & Explained!)

That is hard to say, as there are no publicly posted records on the subject, but we can say with authority that there is not a large number of Master Groomers out there. Likely 3 to 4 in a given state.

The reason for is that is the fact that the training for becoming a National Certified Master Groomer requires a lot of coursework, as well as passing difficult written exams before final approval from the board of the National Dog Groomers Association of America is given.

They have a specific curriculum which must be completed within a 5 year period and should you take the time to do this, you will become an official member of the NDGAA and also have networking access to other members, as well as ongoing training options, and access to members-only conferences.

It’s a lot of work, so not many are willing to put in the extra effort, but if you are looking to build a salon business with the best of the best – then the National Certified Master Groomer course might just give you the expertise that you’ve been looking for.

In today’s article, we’ll take a look at how one can build up their dog grooming experience. While there is no ‘official’ path, your expertise is what is going to make or break your business. Let’s take a look at the questions trending the most on the subject this very week!

What is a master dog groomer?

A master dog groomer is someone who has completed the training provided by the National Dog Groomers Association of America. They provide a National Certified Master Groomer training program that allows you to sharpen up your skills and written exams are also required.

Final approval from their board will decide if you are officially considered a National Certified Master Groomer.

How do you become a master groomer?

In order to become a master groomer, you will need to take dog grooming training or get an apprenticeship at a place where you can start building up experience.

Once you have built up enough to become a grooming professional, further training is required through the NDGAA or ‘National Dog Groomers Association of America’ and upon completion of this and passing a written exam, then their board may determine if you have been approved as a National Certified Master Groomer.

Can master groomers charge more?

Yes, you can really grow your business if you take the time to become a master groomer. Once a National Certified Master Groomer status has been attained, you are a member of the NDGAA and this gives you access to conferences, ongoing training, and networking opportunities that others do not have.

People want the best for their dogs, so having approval from a standards entity such as the NDGAA / National Dog Groomers Association of America can definitely help your career and improve the rate that you can command for your services.

Can I get experience as an apprentice groomer?

Yes, there are a number of ways to build up experience, and instead of simply taking an online course many will opt for the more hands-on approach of an apprenticeship. Businesses such as Petco and PetSmart are one way to do this.

Both of these companies have apprentice groomer programs where you get numerous hours of hands-on experience while assisting a professional groomer. This kind of experience is invaluable and if you show a knack for grooming, they will even pay for your professional grooming training.

It’s an excellent way to start off your career right if you are looking to get into the grooming market but do not yet have the expertise that you’re going to need.

How much hands-on experience do you get as a PetSmart apprentice groomer?

While the actual professional training consists of a 4 week, 160 hour course on grooming, when you factor in your apprentice hours then by the time you are a professional groomer with safety certification you will have over 800 hours of experience with 200+ breeds of dog.

That’s quite a lot of experience, making PetSmart a popular place for many groomers to get started before they go solo.

How much experience do you get as a Petco apprentice groomer?

Professional Petco groomers have quite an enormous amount of experience. Aside from the hours which are earned during an apprenticeship, their professional grooming course is a 20-week and 800-hour affair.

This is quite a lot of training and an excellent way to get your foot in the door in the grooming world.

Are there online courses that also let me get hands-on experience?

Yes, online courses sometimes network with grooming businesses in the United States so that their students can get a little hands-on experience in order to go with their formal online education. A prime example of this is ABC/Animal Behavior College.

They have a network spanning the United States that allows their students to connect with businesses and to build up actual experience training and working at these locations.

Mind you, most online courses don’t offer this sort of thing, but if you do your homework before selecting your course then there are definitely hands-on options available.

How long does it take to become a professional groomer?

It really depends on the coursework and path that you select. While specific licenses or formal education are not required, you’ll get more business if you have actual training.

That said, courses can be anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks if you go with an online option or a light local option and with state approved grooming schools, you are usually looking at anywhere from 2 up to 18 weeks of training.

How much do groomers make in the USA?

A lot will depend on location, as well as whether or not you are safety certified and professionally trained, but the average income for a dog groomer is typically just under 30k per year. At the low end, some groomers report making around 17k, while high earners report 75k up to 100k per year.

How do I improve my grooming skills towards mastery?

Training is the thing that you want to focus on, as well as certification of safety from entities like the American Kennel Association. There are numerous education resources, both local and online, and by consistently taking ‘refresher’ courses you can keep your skills current and get the certificates to prove that you have.

This makes an enormous difference with a lot of clientele.

If online courses aren’t a viable option for now, you can also consider an apprenticeship at a place such as Petco or PetSmart where you can build up skills through accrued hours of actually doing the job. Ultimately, that experience is what is going to make or break you, so while an apprenticeship is time-consuming it’s well worth consideration.