How Long Do Yorkiepoos Live?

On average, Yorkiepoos will live around 10-15 years. A healthy animal from a good gene pool could live as long as 20 years or potentially even longer.

Veterinarians seem to debate the exact length of life for a Yorkiepoo, but you can be sure that a well-kept one should lead a relatively long and healthy life. They don’t have many known regular health issues, which makes that 15 year limitation seem actually pretty reasonable.

A regular Yorkshire Terrier should live around 13-20 and a toy poodle normally lives from around 12-14 years, so this lifespan is probably about right. Companionship, though, is a really big limiting factor.

Most dogs can end up suffering from some sort of separation anxiety, but this problem is really bad in Yorkiepoos. Anxiety can hurt their overall health, which has encouraged some people to get Yorkiepoos in pairs.

However, the most important thing to do is make yourself available for your dog so he or she knows that they’re in a safe environment. A little reassurance goes a long way toward giving your Yorkiepoo the best and longest life possible.

What Do Yorkiepoos Usually Die From?

Adult Yorkiepoos most commonly die of respiratory diseases or cancer. Well-kept dogs often pass away due to old age at any point over around 15, though some can live healthy lives that approach 20 years old.

Due to their small size, even comparatively large Yorkiepoos can easily die of trauma. Pet owners can limit this by making sure that they don’t allow their dogs to jump out of car windows or get in any situation where they might run into a more aggressive larger animal.

Congenital diseases are a distant third major killer of Yorkiepoos. Due to the fact that they’re not from the small gene pools that many breeds are from, Yorkiepoos don’t often get the horrific congenital diseases that many other dogs do.

However, they can end up with heart and lung problems you won’t know about until later in life.

Yorkiepoo puppies who pass away young are usually done in by trauma, since they’re really small at that age. You’re going to want to make sure that you’re giving your dog the safest environment possible if you’re adopting a Yorkiepoo as a puppy.

While it’s not as common, both puppies and adult Yorkiepoos can die from infections like any other dog. Puppies are normally given a series of shots to prevent viral infections, which is why some dogs are said to have had all of their shots.

As they get older, though, Yorkiepoos can get bacterial infections in any area that’s been cut. You’ll want to keep an eye on any cuts and keep them away from parasites like ticks and fleas.

Infections caused by parasites might actually be the most common killer of stray Yorkiepoos.

How Do I Know if My Yorkie is Dying?

Sick or elderly Yorkiepoos might slowly begin to lose their sense of coordination and then stop drinking water. If your dog has lost his or her appetite, desire to move or sense of enjoyment, then these are all major signs that they could be dying.

Extreme fatigue is another major sign, especially if your dog has a condition like cancer. Your animal may become extremely lethargic and not want to even muster the energy to get up.

Muscle twitches can be another sign, especially if its accompanied by confusion or incontinence. As some diseases progress, your dog may not be able to get comfortable either because tumors or clots can cause a great deal of pain.

According to some veterinarians, many Yorkies and Yorkiepoos will start to drop a ton of weight and get dehydrated around six or eight weeks before they pass. They might also start to have dull eyes or stop grooming themselves around that time.

As they get closer, they may experience discharge from their eyes or nose. They’ll then start to self-isolate and might even avoid you.

Extreme restlessness or stillness seems to be the last stage that many smaller dogs experience right before they pass on.

Any of these signs in an otherwise healthy or younger dog could be a sign that there’s some kind of serious medical problem at work, so you’ll want to get your animal some professional help if that happens.

How Can I Help My Yorkiepoo Live Longer?

Getting ample water for your dog as well as plenty of exercise and time outside are all good ways to make sure your yorkiepoop has a long and full life. Giving your dog good quality natural foods is another way to ensure that your dog lives a long time.

Don’t let your dog get too over or under a healthy target weight, because this can lead to the same kinds of problems that you’d see in a human who ended up too far one way or the other. Any Yorkiepoo that has a weight issue is going to end up with other ones if it’s not taken care of.

Kibble or kibble with moist food diets are usually the best. Don’t give your Yorkiepoo rich table scraps, because they get intestinal problems easily.

Play time might not seem like a whole lot to a human, but it’s vitally important for a dog. Since Yorkiepoos tend to be very social dogs, they need to spend a lot of time with their pet parents to prevent anxiety, which could cut their lives short.

Remember to take your dog to the vet for checkups on a regular basis. You don’t want to do this too often, but you might want to get on an annual or semi-annual schedule depending on your dog’s needs.

Avoidance of accidents is important too! While Yorkiepoos are playful and energetic, you don’t often see them over 10 lbs. or so.

That means they’re really at risk for getting hurt by anything bigger! This is especially true of puppies, who need some extra protection to make sure they don’t get injured.