How Long Can a Chihuahua Be Crated? (Solved & Explained!)

An adult Chihuahua should not be spending more than 8 hours in a crate at a time and even with those 8, it’s not a good idea to make that a regular thing.

Instead, it’s better to bring them to a doggy daycare, have a friend check in on them, or simply to hire a dog walker to take them for a walk in the middle of the day.

While your Chi is probably antisocial to everyone that is not you, they still need interaction during the day and if left alone for too long, they can get depressed. This may result in aggressive behaviors, resistance to the crate, or eating less and showing signs of fatigue.

So, use the crate only as-needed and not a minute more. While it’s a useful tool, you need to use it sparingly so that your dog’s mental health is not accidentally impacted from their time in the crate.

In today’s article, we’ll address popular questions about Chihuahuas and crates. Should you leave the crate door open at night? Is a crate better than a bed? Find out the answers to these questions and more – details and important tips are waiting for you in the sections below!

Should I crate my Chihuahua?

With Chihuahuas, crating is definitely a good idea. These little dogs are quite territorial and having a place to put them, just in case, is a good idea.

Once they are used to the crate, you can start leaving the door open, and this gives your dog a personal place to go to when they feel like a little alone time or somewhere private to play with a new toy. Until then, however, it’s a convenient safe-spot that you can use for your dog as-needed.

Should I crate my Chihuahua at night?

Yes, having your Chi sleep in a crate at night helps to teach them to be on their own, and it also keeps them from getting into trouble in the middle of the night.

You can also simply use a dog bed and close your bedroom door, if you like, you’ll just need to remember that they are there if you get up in the wee hours for a midnight snack or to go to the bathroom.

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Is it cruel to crate a Chihuahua while at work?

If you have an adult Chihuahua, then crating them for 6 to 8 hours while you are at work is the absolute most that you should do it. That said, it is a much better solution if you can enlist the aid of a friend or hire a dogsitter to take care of your Chi.

Too much alone time in the confines of the crate can depress your dog, so you want to be careful about that, and having a dogsitter break the tedium by taking them for a walk halfway through the day can make an enormous difference in your dog’s overall morale.

When should I stop crating my Chihuahua at night?

Crate training your dog is a long process and the overnight crating portion should last until your dog is around 2 years of age. By this time, they are mature enough to leave on their own, but before this age it is not recommended.

Until they mature, there is no guarantee how your dog is going to behave in your absence.

Normally well-behaved dogs can go on a chewing frenzy, urinate in the house, or create other disruptive behaviors if they see a squirrel outside, if someone keeps knocking at the door, or even from the depression of all of that space with no one else in it.

Wait until they are 2 years of age to minimize the chances of this – they should be ready by this age.

Should I leave water in my Chihuahua’s crate at night?

No, there is no need to put a water bowl in the crate, as your dog will simply drink it and they will need to go out much sooner than usual. Place toys in the crate and soft bedding, so that your dog is encouraged to sleep and has something to do if they can’t.

They will be hydrated enough from the water they’ve had during the day, so the extra bowl in the crate won’t even be necessary.

What is the best size crate for a Chihuahua?

For a Chihuahua, a crate of 18 to 22 inches is an ideal size, although you can get a slightly larger one if you like and add a bit of extra bedding. The more comfortable you make that crate, the better, but don’t go overboard on the size.

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Dogs are den animals quite naturally, and if the crate is too big then your Chi might feel a little uneasy.

Do Chihuahuas like sleeping in crates?

At first, your Chihuahua probably won’t like it, but once they see that the crate is safe and that you aren’t always going to close the door when they get into it, then many Chihuahuas will be much fonder of their crates.

Properly done, crate training can bring positive associations to the crate, making it more of an ‘indoor doghouse’ than a ‘doggy prison’ and this is definitely what you want!

When should you put a Chihuahua in a crate?

Ideally, you want to be a little more strict about putting your Chi in the crate during the time that they are chewing things and while you are socializing them. This can help to avoid incidents and as your dog becomes better behaved, then you can give them a little more freedom without all the worry.

Is a crate better than a bed for a Chihuahua?

With a Chihuahua, the crate is often the better option, as long as you make it nice and comfortable inside. When your Chi learns to sleep there, then you have less worry of accidentally stepping on a paw than you would if they were simply sleeping in the bedroom, instead of their crate.

It also gives you somewhere to put them when you absolutely need them out of the way, such as when moving in furniture or hosting a gathering when your dog is still a bit on the nervous side (although a baby barrier is a better option, as it gives them an entire room to play in).

Should I leave my Chihuahua’s crate open at night?

Yes, it’s a good idea to leave the crate door open at night and your bedroom door closed.

Your Chihuahua might wander around the room a bit, but eventually they will want the plush interior of the crate bedding to sleep on and this helps to reinforce good memories of that crate – since your dog chose to go there on their own.