How Are Grooming Prices Set? (Solved & Explained!)

Pet groomers have a lot to consider when they are setting the prices for their services. It’s important that they charge enough to cover the business expenses, while also making a profit. The location of the pet grooming business also comes into play when setting pet grooming prices.

One of the great things about the pet grooming industry is that it gives you the opportunity to start your own business. However, when making your business plan, it’s very important to set the prices for the services you offer. On this page, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about setting pet grooming prices?

How Should Pet Grooming Prices Be Set?

If you plan on starting a pet grooming business, there are many things you need to consider. First, you should figure out how much you are going to spend in one year to operate the business.

Next, determine how many dogs you will be able to groom in one day and how many days per week you plan on working. Determining an estimate of how many dogs you will serve in a year, and divide that by the yearly expenses to figure out how much to charge per dog to break even. Pet Business online recommends doubling (or more) this number to earn a profit.

Should a New Pet Grooming Business Start Off With Lower Prices?

When you set your initial prices for a pet grooming business, it’s important to be consistent. Always set the prices based on what you plan to earn when your customer book is full.

Some groomers make the mistake of setting their prices low to get attention, then raising them once they have made an impression on the market. This tactic doesn’t work out in their favor because they turn off their customers with the big price hike.

Why Are Demographics Important For Setting Prices?

Before you start out your business plan and pricing, it’s important to check the demographics in your area. This is because you need to ensure that there is a demand for grooming where you plan to locate the business.

If the majority of dogs where you plan to locate are short-haired, it may not be the right place to start. It’s also important to know the average price people are paying for this service in your area so you don’t enter the market with prices that are too low or too high.

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How Much Should I Charge To Groom a Dog?

According to Daily Paws, the average rate to charge for grooming a dog will be between $30 and $90, with some important factors determining which end of the scale you should charge. While demographics do play a role here, you will also need to consider what services you will offer while grooming.

If you have any specialty or add-on services to offer, you may charge more for those than the basic grooming services. We recommend doing some research to find out what groomers in your area are charging for similar services.

When Can You Raise Your Pet Grooming Prices?

Experience and education pay off, so when you advance your skills as a groomer, you expect the prices to advance as well. However, customers don’t respond to price hikes well, so you will need to have a good business model to highlight why there are changes to the price.

Ryans Pet recommends offering more add-on services for groomers who want to earn more money without having to increase prices. This gives customers more options when booking your services without turning off those who aren’t ready to pay more.

How Much Does it Cost To Start a Dog Grooming Business?

Small Business Chronicles suggests that it costs at least $50,000 to cover the expenses of starting a dog grooming business. However, if you plan on hiring employees, you will need to factor in more money for wages and training.

Some of the costs you will need to cover include rent for the business space, a business license, grooming supplies, electricity, and more.

How Much Can You Earn From Owning a Pet Grooming Business?

If you own your own pet grooming business, you have the potential to grow your customer list and earn a high income. When new groomers first start out, it may not seem like they are earning as much money.

However, once the business is more established and has a steady customer base, your profits can rise. According to How To Start An LLC, people can earn $75,000 to $100,000 a year with a pet grooming business.

Can You Run a Dog Grooming Business From Your Home?

Running a dog grooming business from your home is entirely possible, however, you will need to make sure the space works for the business and the clients. Many people like to start the business out of their homes because it’s a more cost-effective location, especially if they have enough space.

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Running a dog grooming business from home has pros and cons. While you may save money, it does present limits when it comes to business expansions.

What Supplies Do You Need To Invest in When Starting A Pet Grooming Business?

There are several supplies and equipment that you will need to factor into your expenses when you start a pet grooming business. It’s very important to have a good quality bathing station and grooming table when you begin.

You will also need to buy a good set of brushes, combs, grooming shears, and a stripping knife. Don’t forget about the grooming products either, such as shampoos, conditioners, dental supplies, nail clippers, as well as eye and ear cleaning kits.

Do Dog Groomers Earn Tips?

A gratuity isn’t required for dog groomers, but many customers will leave one. If a customer is paying in cash, they may leave some extra as a reward for great service.

Customers that use a debit or credit card to pay may offer an additional 15 % tip. However, it’s important for groomers not to expect this from every customer.