How Can a Dog Bark for Hours? (Solved & Explained!)

If your dog is barking, you have nothing to worry about. Barking is a normal way for dogs to express happiness, excitement, and to great their owners.

However, if your dog is barking for hours on end, this is a bad sign. Excessive barking is a sign of fear, anger, territorialism, loneliness, boredom, anxiety, and even health problems. If allowed to bark for hours, your dog can even injury itself.

Why Would a Dog Bark for Hours?

Dogs bark when they are excited or under stress. If your dog is barking for hours at a time, it is likely under an excessive amount of stress and is trying to signal that there is danger, it is hurt, or afraid, or anxious.

Some dogs even bark out of boredom when they’re left alone for too long. Assume that there is a major problem if your dog will not stop barking hour after hour.

Is It Normal for a Dog to Bark All Day?

It is not normal for a dog to bark all day long. If your or your neighbor’s dog will not stop barking through the day or night, something is probably wrong. The dog is likely under a lot of stress because it has been left alone or a stranger imposing on its territory.

With some training, though, your dog will learn to relax and stop barking within a normal amount of time.

Why Do Dogs Bark When Every Time a Cars Drives By the House?

Although they make wonderful and cuddly pets, dogs are instinctively territorial pack animals. They view your home as a personal sanctuary that they must protect. Yet, a car represents a large and noisy threat that is trespassing on their territory.

If your dog is barking every time a car goes by the house, it likely does not feel confident in its territory and is barking out of fear and stress that something is trespassing on its terrain.

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Does It Hurt a Dog to Bark All Day?

Although we can’t understand a dog’s subjective experience, it’s safe to say that prolonged barking can damage your dog’s throat. After several hours of barking, your dog’s vocal cords can become inflamed with laryngitis, which must certainly be painful.

You’ll be able to hear a difference in your dog’s bark. It will become hoarse and raspy, just like your voice when you suffer from a sore throat. Your dog may also develop a dry cough due to inflammation, which should be treated by a veterinarian.

Why Do Dogs Keep Barking if it Hurts?

Although you would think that your dog would stop barking once its throat begins to hurt, your dog is likely under so much distress that it can’t think clearly enough to be quiet. Just like people struggle to think clearly when they’re in a fit of rage, your dog is also too stressed to realize the damage it’s doing to its throat.

In fact, the pain from prolonged barking can create a positive feedback loop where your pet continues to bark because they are trying to signal that their throat hurts. This, in turn, worsens their pain.

Can a Dog Bark Itself to Death?

99% of the time, dogs cannot bark themselves to death. As for the remaining 1% of cases, it’s not necessarily that dogs can bark themselves to death but that the inflammation caused by barking can cause their throats to close up, leading to suffocation.

If you suspect that your neighbor’s dog may be damaging its throat from barking all day long, speak with your neighbors and explain that it could lead to permanent results.

Can You Call the Cops if Your Neighbor’s Dog Won’t Stop Barking?

Yes, you can call the cops or animal control if your neighbor’s dog is barking uncontrollably. However, before doing so, understand that 9-1-1 should only be used as an emergency helpline.

Do not call the cops on a barking dog unless you suspect that the animal is being abused, neglected, or an intruder prompting the canine to bark uncontrollably.

How Can You Stop Your Dog from Barking at Night?

If your dog is barking at night, it’s probably doing so because it feels lonely. You can calm your pet by letting sleep in your room with you. If you don’t want it on the furniture, you can lay a dog bed by the foot of your bed.

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You can also train your dog to stay quiet through the night with high-value rewards such as small chunks of chicken or other treats. When your dog is barking, wait for them to stop then reward them and tell them “Thank you!”

Do bark collars work?

Bark collars will stop your canine from barking but they are not an effective training tool and are often cruel forms of punishment. Bark collars work by sending out a high-pitch frequency that startles your pet and keeps them from barking.

Other collars work by giving a sharp vibration or a small shock to your pet’s voice box. This only serves to startle your pet and will not teach them how to behave. If anything, bark collars will only cause your pet more stress and make the situation worse.

How can you calm a barking dog?

If your dog will not stop barking, it is likely still in a high state of stress. Find whatever is causing their discomfort and remove the stimulus. If you cannot remove the stimulus, maintain a calm attitude, and show your dog that they are not in danger.

You are the leader of your dog’s pack, so if you remain dignified and calm, your pup will also calm down!

Can You Train a Dog to Not Bark?

Yes, you can train a dog to not bark. You can do so by habituating them to stressful stimuli or use positive reinforcement to train them to stay quiet. When your dog barks, use the command “Quiet” in a calm but forceful tone.

When they stop barking, reward them with a treat. If they start barking again, repeat the command and wait for them to stop. Only reward your pet when it stops barking.