How Do You Deliver Dog Treats? (Solved & Explained!)

For delivering your goods you will need to set up your computer to allow you to print postage, typically by signing up and prepaying the post office and using their recommended software. From here, you’ll need some attractive packaging, so go out and buy some bulk brown-paper bags in at least 3 different sizes.

Have a stamp made with your company name, logo, address, and email, which you may use to stamp the front of the bags with, and print up stickers with the ingredients and nutritional information from your products.

You can buy special printer paper that is basically one big sticker so that you can print these and cut them out, and some are even simply covered with individual blank stickers so that your home software can do the rest.

Put these stickers on the backs of the bags, load in your vacuum-sealed treats, fold the bags closed, and staple them before boxing your treats and sending them off and your treats will soon be safely delivered!

In today’s article we’re going to answer some popular questions about packaging and preserving your dog treats. Read on to find out what people just like you have been asking about this subject – the answers you’re looking for are waiting in the sections below!

How do you package frozen dog treats?

When packaging dog treats have been frozen, the easiest thing to do is to vacuum seal them before storage in the first place. If you’ve stored them in containers, that’s okay, you can just take the treats out and arrange, vacuum seal them, pack them and send them off.

The vacuum seal should keep the treats nice and fresh so that they arrive to your customer in excellent shape. Sealing them beforehand is best, of course, and will make your packaging and storage much more efficient. Just be sure to box the treats and mark the date first so you can rotate your stock.

How do you make a dog treat container?

An easy way to make a container that your customer can reuse is to print up a bunch of stickers with your company logo, as well as some with ‘dog treats’ or a similar message, and simply send your treats vacuum-packed in mason jars or standard jars that you’ve purchased in advance.

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Glass jars are cheap and with the stickers, it’s a cute way to surprise your customers on the holidays or simply to set a quality packing standard for your brand.

Can you make money selling dog treats?

Yes, you can definitely make money selling dog treats. Most American own pets, you see, with statistics putting the percentage at a whopping 68 to 70%. If your markup is 30% profit or even the standard 40 – 45%, you can make a bundle once the word gets around and you’ve customers with dogs who absolutely love your treats,

It’s one of the rare markets that only goes up every year… so advertise on social media, send out free samples, and vend in your local venues on the weekends. Once you build a solid clientele, there’s a lot of profit to be had selling dog treats!

What should be in dog treat packaging?

There are some basics that you will want to include in your packaging. To simplify things, let’s take a look at a breakdown of what you absolutely need, as well as what you should consider putting in as well:

  • Company and product name
  • Intended use; ie ‘dog treats’ or ‘product meant for canine consumption only’
  • A list of your ingredients
  • Nutritional information containing vitamins, minerals, and calories per specific serving size (optional, but a good idea, as most customers expect this!)
  • Any special directions or recommendations when feeding

How do you keep homemade dog treats from molding?

Vacuum sealing your dog treats will keep the mold at bay, but you also have other options. Dehydrating the product first, for instance, will keep it fresh and even add a little crunch, for periods of up to 2 – 3 weeks. Vacuum seal it after that, and it will stay fresh until unpacked and then will be good for 2 to 3 weeks.

The biggest problem with mold is that is develops from moisture, so drying and sealing your treats in advance should ensure that this won’t be a problem at all.

Are there any natural preservatives for dog treats?

Yes, there are natural preservatives that you can use, such as dried egg whites and rosemary. With the egg whites, you get a little extra protein, while rosemary has a lot of antioxidants and is even considered a natural flea repellent.

Whichever you choose, just be sure to list these items on the label, and then add these natural preservatives with confidence – customers love it when you avoid chemicals in their little one’s special treats!

Should I vacuum seal dog treats?

Yes, you should invest in a vacuum sealer, as this is the easiest and one the most inexpensive ways to get the most shelf life out of your food. Commercial foods rely heavily on chemicals, and while you could go that route, it’s a good way to alienate a large part of your customer base that insists on natural ingredients.

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Vacuum sealing gets you around that nicely, so that all your customer’s dog will be getting is a delicious treat, made with wholesome, natural ingredients, instead of some chemical-heavy product designed to approximate a certain taste and last 20 years in storage!

Is a dehydrator good for preserving dog treats?

A dehydrator is a good thing to have. You can make beef jerky, for instance, expanding your dog-treat offerings, and you can also use it to dry out existing treats so that they have extra crunch that lasts for a good 2 to 3 weeks.

Combined with a vacuum sealer, you’ll be able to make extra treats when you whip up a batch, so that you can store them in a date-marked box in your freezer and save yourself a little preparation time when it comes to keeping up with demand for your treats!

Do I need to include nutritional information for my dog treats?

While you don’t have to include this, you’ll lose a lot of customers if you don’t have an accurate assessment of the daily nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and calories contained in your brand of dog treats.

You can assess the components separately by ingredients and amounts and calculate a good approximation, so that you may include this in your labelling for your customer. That way, they’ll feel more confident feeding those delicious treats to their beloved pets and you won’t lose any sales!

How do you send dog treats inexpensively with decent packaging?

The easiest option is to print stickers with your ingredients and nutrition information, as well as some with your company name, address, and email, and then just purchase some bulk brown paper bags of varying sizes.

Your company sticker goes on front, with your ingredients and nutrition on the back, and then the vacuum sealed treats go into the bags which you can neatly fold-shut, staple, and send! It looks professional and won’t cost you very much at all!