How Do You Build a Kennel? (Solved & Explained!)

A kennel may be built on a smaller scale, such as one an indoor kennel or on a higher scale with metal fencing. In both cases, guidelines are followed to make the perfect home for your pet, considering where to build it, it length and width compared to your dog’s size and to perfectly align its different parts together.

In this article you will learn whether it is best to have an indoor or outdoor kennel, the factors to take in account before building one, how to best build them, and the general cost of each type of kennel.

What is a kennel? How do you build it?

A dog kennel is a closed off space where you could keep your pet, for a small period of time. When building a kennel, make sure you have a solid plan in mind. To have all the tools and materials ready at hand is vital, if working with wood make sure to write down the measurements of each piece before starting.

Why should you have a kennel?

There are many purposes of keeping a kennel, it can be for training your dogs or as punishments, a place they are sent as a result of their bad behavior and need to relax. It is also a place to keep the dog when there is no one around to watch over them and for some it even helps with potty training.

What things should you consider before building the kennel?

As dogs vary in size, so does the dog kennel, and it is essential to realize that dogs need space for physical and emotional wellbeing. It is important to see the intent behind the kennel, whether is it going to be indoor or outdoor, is it for the dog to play around it, or for transportation purposes.

What are the different types of kennels?

The type of kennel to make depends on your needs, a welded wire kennel, which varies in sizes and keeps dogs where you want them. Chain link kennels are made from thick steel wires that continuously interlock in a pattern, great for outdoor kennels. Wooden kennel is the most versatile as they can be set up anywhere and are easiest to build.

Should you build a kennel indoors or outdoors?

This decision mainly depends on where you live and what breed of dog you have. For the larger dog, they have thick coats on their bodies, hence being active in the warm indoor setting can be uncomfortable. On the other hand, a small dog might not be able to keep themselves warm and need an indoor heating system.

What kind of materials is best for using in kennels?

According to what kind of kennel you are making the materials may vary but some things are a must such as fences and doors, the building material upon which the foundation is going to stand which is most commonly either wood or steel. The roof is an important part as it withholds the outside whether so it needs to be waterproof.

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Does the flooring matter?

If the kennel is indoors, a foam mat is preferred, that is affordable and can be cleaned easily. Other options for floorings are patio outdoor tiles, that prevents slip ups even if the paws and shoes are wet. Some use grovels or sand that make it easier for pets to litter on it, whatever works best with your dog.

What kind of tools should you use?

According to Buildit the most basic tools you could need are listed below:

  • Jigsaw
  • Hammer
  • Measuring tape
  • Panel saw
  • Square tool
  • Paint brush
  • Adhesive cartridge gun
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Wrench

Though this is not all the things you might need, these are the most essential tools that you must have in order to make a reliable and robust kennel.

What kind of safety measures are needed while making a kennel?

Whenever you are constructing something, it is a must to take care of safety, for example gloves are needed whether you are cutting wood pieces or drilling. Eye is also a must to protect you from flyaways. When using a wood cutter, make sure you are skilled enough, if not, it is best to seek help of a professional.

How to build an indoor kennel?

Indoor kennels are usually made to be two-in-one furniture; it can act as a table as well with drawers on top. They are mostly made of wood to blend in with the rest of the furniture, all the pieces are cut, and assembled starting from the bottom up, finished off with adding doors and a paint job.

How to build an outdoor kennel?

Take measuring first and depending on the scale you want it to be build, you might need to imbed in the ground the pillars of the kennel. Once that is done the fencing material can be added, along with a roof to protect your dogs from the whether if needed. Making a bigger kennel means more preparation, tools and planning is needed.

What is the normal cost of building a kennel?

The bigger you make the kennel, the more dogs it can hold, the more it will cost to make. According to Buildingsguide the estimates cost of a dog kennel that is 30’x40’ and can hold up to 16 dogs is 15000 dollars, for 30’x50’ is 18000 dollars and the cost of a 30’x60’ kennel is 22500 dollars.

What are the safety hazards that befall a dog when in the dog kennel?

Dogs should not be kept in kennels for long as socializing is important for their mental growth. It is also often difficult to keep kennels clean and hence provides unsanitary environments and can cause diseases. If dogs are placed in the kennels with their collars on, there are chances that it might get tangled in the fence and cause strangulation.

It is essential to leave a dog with plenty of food and water, especially if you plan to leave it there for long.

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