How Big Do Yorkiepoos Get? [Size and Character]

If you’re looking for a perfect four-legged furry friend and can’t get enough of new and trendy designer dog breeds, you’ve probably heard about the yorkiepoo. This playful, people-loving dog can easily find his place in different types of homes, as well as be a perfect companion for the elderly.

In this article, we have prepared for you a set of the most essential information about this breed. Keep on reading if you want to learn how big yorkiepoos can get, and what are their characteristic features. For more detailed information about puppy care, health, and training needs, make sure you visit MySweetPuppy!

How Big Do Yorkiepoos Get?

Yorkiepoos range from 7 to 15 inches in height and 3 to 14 pounds in weight. This means they are smaller than an average domestic cat or a watermelon. Individual pets can slightly vary in size.

Overall, the biggest factor that influences the mature adult size is the size of a poodle used for crossbreeding. Their tiny size makes yorkiepoos perfect for people living in apartments, or those who want a sweet lap dog. 


Yorkiepoos may be small but their personality and the amount of love they’re willing to give you is huge. They are friendly, playful, love to be around people.

Plus Yorkiepoos love to cuddle. You won’t be getting a guard dog, but an insatiable cuddle bug.

Easy-going and affectionate, yorkiepoos are loved by families and the elderly. They are gentle and sociable, which makes them perfect therapy dogs as well. If you decide on a yorkiepoo, your days will be brighter and no longer dull.


Yorkiepoos respond very well to positive training. They are very intelligent and quickly learn new tricks. However, to help your yorkiepoo become a well-rounded dog, you need to start socializing him as early as possible. Yorkiepoos, who are exposed to many different sounds, sights, people, and even some domestic animals, tend to develop a friendly, approachable personality.

Puppies with nice temperaments are curious and playful, happily allowing people to approach and hold them. Also, keep in mind that this breed tends to be barky. Try obedience training to curb excessive barking, but don’t be too overbearing.

Yorkiepoos can get a little stubborn, but when approached correctly, they are a joy to train. Keep your lessons upbeat and try new commands and rewards to keep your puppy alert and interested. Avoid hard-handed training. Instead, reinforce good behavior by staying gentle, positive, and patient.

Children and other household pets

Yorkiepoos, being friendly and sociable, usually get on well with children. Although they are not really recommended for families with very young children (when handled improperly, puppies can get injured easily), they are perfect companions for older, more considerate kids.

Don’t get discouraged, though – you should always teach your children how to approach, treat, and touch dogs, regardless of the breed. Also, remember never to leave your children and dogs unsupervised to ensure their safety.

When it comes to pets, yorkiepoos tend to do well with other furry residents. If they are socialized from an early age, they won’t exhibit much problematic behavior. Sometimes, yorkiepoos chase smaller pets and cats, taking after their Yorkie parents. However, it’s usually in good fun and they respond well to corrective behavior.

Remember that getting a dog is a responsible decision. Always make sure you understand what it takes to own one. Even if your puppy is small and adorable – and will remain like this for the rest of his life – he still requires lots of care and attention.

However, yorkiepoos make your job easier. You’ll get a faithful companion your family and friends alike will love. 

History of Yorkiepoos

Yorkiepoos are a relatively new breed, having been popular for just about a decade. They are a cross between a Yorkshire terrier and either a Miniature or Toy poodle. This hybrid breed was developed to concentrate on the desired traits of the parent breeds and free of their genetic disorders.

Breeders wanted to create a toy-sized dog with a hypoallergenic coat. Even though crossing the Yorkshire terrier with the poodle sometimes produced results with varying degrees of success, the adorable yorkiepoo managed to steal the hearts of many avid dog lovers.

Nowadays, most yorkiepoo litters come from first-generation breeding. However, to confirm the desired traits more consistently, some breeders focus on multigenerational crosses. One thing’s certain though – yorkiepoos are here to stay.