Hiking Snacks For Dogs

Do Dogs Need Snacks On Hikes?

Snacks can benefit dogs on a hike. If you’ve been hiking before, then you know how hungry you can become after walking for several hours. You’re burning a lot of calories during your hike. Your body needs to replenish those calories in order to continue to function optimally.

The same goes for dogs. You may find that dogs burn even more calories because they may run around you, too. Dogs love chasing after things, running ahead, and exploring. In order to keep their energy levels up and keep them healthy, a snack can be a perfect method.

What Can I Feed My Dog While Hiking?

There a few hunting snacks and other treats that you can feed your dog on a hike. The most important thing is that the snack, treat, or food gives them plenty of calories to burn off during the hike.

One common kind of food that hikers bring with them is their regular kibble. If you feed your dog kibble, then you may want to consider bringing it along. You already know that they’ll eat it. This can remove any difficulties you may have in trying to feed your dog during the hike. It’s especially important if you have a picky eater.

Kibble is also beneficial because it can be easily packed in containers. On a hike, you want to carry as little weight as possible. Kibble is relatively lightweight depending on how much you bring. It’s also not messy. You may get a few crumbs in your containers, but you don’t have to worry about it spilling into the rest of your equipment.

Kibble is also known to be healthy for dogs. It contains all of the nutrition they need. Hikers will often add a little bit of puppy kibble into their dog’s regular kibble in order to keep up with the calorie loss during the hike.

Dog food rolls are another type of food that hikers will feed to their dogs on a hike. Rolls are ideal for dogs that are used to eating wet or raw food. To make a dog roll, you simply take their wet food, then cut it into cubes. These cubes can be easily packed into a container for later.

You’ll also want to consider whether or not the food needs to be cold. If so, then you may want to carry it in a cooler. Dog food rolls are ideal for hikes because they’re often meat-based. This gives the dogs plenty of nutrition.

Finally, you may want to consider training treats. These are smaller treats that are usually pea-sized. You can carry a lot of them with you on a hike without feeling weighed down by them. These treats are also soft and easy for dogs to digest while on the go.

If you want to train your dog while hiking, then these treats can be a great way to reward your dog in the process.

How Can I Get My Dog To Eat Backpacking?

If your dog isn’t showing an interest in eating after a hike, then there are a few things you can do. The first is to let them relax for a bit. Give them plenty of fresh and cool water. You probably don’t like the idea of eating after exercising either. Dogs may need to let their bodies settle before their appetite returns.

Another method is to bring along their kibble. They’re already familiar with the food and may be less shy eating it. When on the trail, it isn’t the time to introduce new foods to your dog. You should introduce them to the food before you start the hike to see if they like it.

You should also consider bringing along some food that is smelly. Dogs will be attracted to the smell and may be more inclined to eat it. Just be aware that the scent may attract other animals, too.

Is Dehydrated Dog Food Good?

Dehydrated dog food is often considered a step up from kibble. That’s because it goes through a gentler cooking process. It’s less processed but still retains the nutrition a dog needs to be healthy. Pet owners often choose dehydrated dog food if they’re concerned about processing.

Dehydrated dog food is also beneficial for hikes. It keeps well on the trail and is easy to carry. It’s also easier for dogs to digest which is vital for keeping them healthy on a long hike.

It doesn’t always have as much protein as other types of dog food, however, so you may want to consider either feeding them more of the food or having a supplement.

Best Dog Energy Bars For Hiking

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The hiking bars from Dogswell Energy are a great choice for hiking treats because they feature rich ingredients with great calories. They have chicken, pumpkin, and coconut oil in them to give your dog a boost of energy. With plenty of calories, you can be sure that your dog feels great during the hike.

Dogswell Energy Wet Endurance Treats to Boost Performance in Active Dogs, 20 Tubes
  • LONG LASTING ENERGY - Provide your dog with the boost they need to keep up with their active lifestyle in the form of an easy-to-serve tube
  • HIGH CALORIE & HIGH MOISTURE - A wet treat packed with nutrients from real chicken, coconut oil and pumpkin to provide essential vitamins, minerals & amino acids
  • FAST ENERGY THAT IS GREAT FOR EXERCISE & ENDURANCE ACTIVITES - The pick-me-up your dog needs to keep them at their highest level of performance during long, active sessions
  • RUN HARDER, WEAVE FASTER, JUMP HIGHER - Give your dog the fast-acting agility fuel they need to compete at their very best
  • PERFORMANCE ENHANCING MOUSSE - Smooth texture treat to sustain your dog's energy levels to keep them at peak performace


  • 100% Non-GMO ingredients
  • High moisture to help support hydration
  • No preservatives


  • Lots of bars may be difficult to pack for a long hike

Best For Short Hikes

The Blue Buffalo trail treats are great for short hikes because they’re made with natural ingredients and little grain. Most of the treat is made up of turkey. It has Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in them to keep your dog’s health up.

There is also very little grain in the treat which is ideal. Most of the calories come from meat. The size of these trail snacks is also beneficial. They’re small and square-shaped. You can easily fill a container with plenty of these snacks to give your dog throughout your hike.

They’re also ideal for short hikes because they don’t need to be kept in cool containers. You can carry them on your person without worrying about them spoiling.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats High Protein Grain Free Crunchy Dog Treats Biscuits, Turkey Recipe 24-oz Bag
  • PACKED WITH REAL TURKEY: BLUE Wilderness Trail Treats start with real turkey as the first ingredient, making them a truly irresistible dog treat
  • CRUNCHY DOG TREATS: These dog biscuits are made with an irresistible crunch to satisfy their wild side and help clean teeth
  • WHOLESOME INGREDIENTS: Made with omega 3 & 6 fatty acids plus antioxidants, these grain free dog treats are more than just tasty, they’re healthy too!
  • NATURAL DOG TREATS: Featuring only wholesome ingredients you’ll love feeding, Wilderness dog treats are grain free and contain no chicken (or poultry) by-product meals, and no corn, wheat or soy
  • Contains one (1) 24-oz bag of BLUE Wilderness Trail Treats High Protein Grain Free Crunchy Dog Treats Biscuits, Turkey Recipe


  • Oven-baked for satisfying crunch
  • Real meat is used
  • Doesn’t contain by-products


  • Large size may make it difficult to pack a lot