Is a Halti Aversive? (Solved & Explained!)

A Halti is an aversive training device. While it does have benefits, there are also some pitfalls. Even though a Halti won’t hurt the dog by wearing it, it will provide incredible discomfort to the dog. The device wraps around the dog’s muzzle while also around the upper end of the neck, just below the skull.

Although similar to a muzzle, it’s not a muzzle. It is a type of collar intended for brief periods of use to control excessive pulling behaviors in the dog. So, there is a right and wrong way to use it.

What Is a Halti?

A Halti is a head collar that looks similar to the ones worn by horses. They go by other names such as head halter, gentle leader, or head collar. These have two loops that go over the dog’s head: one around the neck and the other around the muzzle.

While it isn’t a muzzle, there are some models of Haltis that give a feature to tighten the loop around the muzzle. This will be beneficial for dogs that tend to nip, bite and get overly aggressive.

What Is the Purpose for a Halti?

Haltis are there to help a dog owner get better control and prevent the dog from pulling on their leash. This collar controls the dog’s head for purposes of training and ideal for owners that have an extra large dog. Super big canines tend to walk their owners rather than the other way around.

This type of head collar gives an owner the ultimate control over the dog to help steer and direct it from the front end. These put a little pressure on the back of the dog’s neck but away from the front of the neck and nose.

Haltis encourage the dog to pull back against the restraint, which helps them avoid the increased pressure that yanking and pulling with cause them. This means when they want to run, pull or shift their weight away, they’ll associate it with an uncomfortable feeling. Such a thing teaches the dog not to do it.

How Long Have People Used a Halti on Their Dogs?

Dr. Roger Mugford created the Halti in 1979. He is a notorious dog trainer and animal behavior therapist from the United Kingdom. Ever since, they’ve gain worldwide acclaim and you can find Haltis in just about any pet supply store.

How Do You Put a Halti on a Dog?

To put a Halti on a dog, you will loosen the buckles on both loops and gently place it over the dog’s face, ensure the small loop goes over the muzzle while securing the larger loop around the neck. There should be enough wiggle room between their cheek strap with your finger. It should slide into this area with ease.

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What Should You Consider Before Getting a Halti for a Dog?

Because Haltis take some getting used to, it’s best to first consult with a qualified dog behaviorist or trainer before opting for one of these. This is due to the fact that Haltis aren’t necessary for every dog. Some dogs sustain serious mental and physical afflictions after wearing an aversive like a Halti.

For instance, if you have a cuddly couch potato or a rescue that’s Kennel Crazy, a Halti will be counterproductive. But, if you have a large, muscular and exuberant dog, a Halti might be ideal.

Is It Cruel to Put a Halti on Dogs?

Because of the design and discomfort Haltis offer, people tend to think of them as a cruel device. Indeed, they could very well be cruel. However, it depends on how the owner chooses to use the Halti. That said, they aren’t cruel in and of themselves.

This means that it could be cruel if the owner chooses to leave the Halti on for far too long. The Halti can cause injury to the dog, including hair loss. Only use a Halti for the purposes of training to prevent the dog from pulling. As such, owners must use a Halti in tandem with heel training techniques.

Do Dogs Like Wearing a Halti?

There are plenty of dog owners who report how unhappy their dogs are when they wear it. This comes complete with droopy tails and ears along with some whimpering. So, not many dogs will like wearing a Halti. Yet, there are others who seem rather unaffected when they have it on.

Therefore, it will really depend on the individual pooch. In the event you try a Halti on your dog, be sure to read your dog’s reaction to wearing it. If it starts pawing and clawing at its own face and rolls around to get the collar off, don’t make your dog wear it.

What Are the Benefits to Using a Halti on Dogs?

Aside from using it as a training aid to prevent a dog from pulling on its leash, a Halti has a few benefits to consider. First, they’re a humane alternative to choke, prong and shock collars. It gives owners the option of “power steering” their dogs.

What Are the Down Sides to Using a Halti on Dogs?

There are several pitfalls to using a Halti on dogs. The main one is how it takes a dog quite some time to get used to wearing it. Some dogs have anxiety, panic attacks and all-around freak out when it’s on. This can lead to the dog appearing unnecessarily subdued, which can be a bad thing if you’re also training your dog for guardianship detail.

Another problem with Haltis is the increased risk of danger and injury to the dog. This is particularly true of the spine and neck. When the dog lunges ahead, and you yank the leash, it causes the dog’s head to turn to the side in a forceful way.

Because of the pain, fear and discomfort a Halti offers a dog, your canine companion may develop an unhealthy distrust toward you when you put it on.

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