Groom Your Dog At Home: Quick Tips

Well-groomed pets are more peaceful and healthier. Although most pet owners take their dogs to the groomer, grooming your pup at home is an idea worth considering. It reinforces the bond between you and your dog and ensures that the pet stays fresh and energetic. And what’s more? Home pet grooming will save you both money and effort. Luckily, there are many dog grooming techniques to guide on how to groom pets.

Here are useful tips:

1. Brush regularly

Brushing is one of the essential dog grooming techniques. It keeps your dog’s coat sparkling and lustrous, and the dog’s hair length or texture will determine the amount of brushing. For instance, long-haired breeds require frequent brushing, and short-haired breeds can do without it for some time. 

When bathing your dog, brush thoroughly and untangle knots before letting your dog into the water. Invest for the best dog brush, and this will make it easy to loosen hair and dirt. It also ensures even distribution of oils on your pet’s coat.

For short-haired dogs, brush with a glove or a curry brush. If your pet has long hair, use a durable pin brush or an undercoat rake. Moreover, use a trimmer to cut off mattered hair, leaving it unattended, can encourage the growth of bacteria, and this will result in yeast infections.

2. Bathe when necessary

Bathing your dog to prevent odors, but it’s not advisable to do it too often. Excessive bathing will strip the pet’s natural oils from the coat and also result in dry skin. There are also other things to keep in mind as you bathe your dog;

  •         Gather all supplies-Bathing your dog is an exciting endeavor. But don’t rush into it without the right tools. Gather all the required supplies, including scissors, hair trimmers, teeth, mouth, ears, and eye cleaning accessories. Moreover, get a heavy clean towel and quality nail clippers for trimming dirty dog nails.
  •         Trim before bathing your dog.
  •         Use soap-free shampoo specially formulated for dogs.
  •         Wet your dog shampoo and massage thoroughly but avoid eyes and ears. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and dry gently with a towel.

3. Examine the skin

Dogs are susceptible to allergic skin infections, and these cause itching, scratching, and licking the skin. Internal parasites such as lice, ticks, and mites can as well transfer diseases. For this reason, check your dog’s skin every time by running your fingers through the coat. This way, you’ll feel any unusual bumps or lumps. To examine further, part the fur and check for sores, redness, and bald spots.

4. Check the ears regularly.

Have a close look at the ears now and then. Ear infections are generally painful, so be on the lookout for dangers and behaviors like;

  •         Inflamed or moist ears
  •         Discharge or odd smell from the ears
  •         Shaking the head and scratching the ears
  •         Whining when being examined

5. Train your pet to enjoy grooming

Helping your pet to appreciate grooming is one of the dog grooming tips that most pet lovers overlook. Encourage your dog to get used to grooming while introducing them to the habit. Dogs, mostly puppies, may at first dislike grooming activities like bathing or nail clipping, but with positive reinforcement, they begin to love the whole idea. Do it gently, give treats, and praise your dog. Such acts will encourage them to look forward to subsequent grooming sessions.

Take home

Pet grooming is an act that both you and your dog should look forward to it, and this is achievable when you know how to handle your pet. Consider the above dog grooming techniques to help you in grooming your dog at home, and this will make your pet clean and healthier. Also, choose the right grooming products for your dog to make the procedure easy 

Author Name: Heman Thuranira 

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