Are Girl or Boy Yorkies Better? (Solved & Explained!)

Male and female Yorkshire Terriers are nearly identical in temperament and behavioral tendencies. Despite common misconceptions, both genders of Yorkies are affectionate and easy to train. Therefore, whether you purchase a male or female Yorkie will probably be based on your personal preference, your intention, and your budget.

This article will dispel some false beliefs regarding the differences between male and female Yorkies. It will also provide a few basic facts that may help you determine which gender of Yorkie is best for your household?

What are the physical differences between the two genders?

There is only a 1 inch difference in length and a 2 pound difference in weight between the average male and female Yorkshire Terrier. The coloring, the softness (and sleekness) of their coats, and every other physical characteristic (besides the obvious difference in sex) is identical in the two genders.

Are female Yorkies more affectionate than males?

Female Yorkies are just as affectionate and loving as males. Both genders enjoy cuddling and become easily attached to their owners.

Are male Yorkies more aggressive than females

Both male and female Yorkies will try to assert their dominance as the pack leader. While pet owners have observed that males are more likely to attack when provoked, females (especially if they are in heat or pregnant) may also act aggressively if threatened.

Are Male Yorkies easier to train?

Female Yorkies may be easier to train because they aim to please their owners and are less playful than their male counterpart. However, multiple Yorkie owners argue that males, while at times being more playful and difficult to control, yield readily to (and learn fast from) an assertive trainer. Thus, the ease and success of the training process depends largely on the individual Yorkie and the skill of the trainer (and not the sex of the dog).

Which gender of Yorkie is more obedient?

Whether a Yorkie will obey the owner is not determined by the sex of the dog but by the way they’ve been trained and raised. If the owner doesn’t establish their dominance (as master) early on in the life of the puppy, then the adult Yorkie will be more disobedient and difficult to manage.

Are male or female Yorkies better with children?

There is no discernable difference between the way male and female Yorkies interact with children. Yorkies are more affectionate than most dogs, and both genders love to cuddle and be pet. The small size of the Yorkie and their fluffy coat make them ideal pets for small children.

Do both genders of Yorkies get along well with other household pets?

Regardless of gender, Yorkies get along well with other household pets. They tend to get along especially well with cats. Although there may be some initial jealously between two dogs of the same gender, this rivalry can be avoided and lessened through training and in time.

How often does a Yorkie go into heat?

An adult female Yorkie will have a heat cycle two times a year, occurring every five to six months. These cycles will last between two to four weeks. During this time, you can expect your Yorkie to be slightly more aggressive or withdrawn than normal.

Which gender of Yorkie sheds more?

Yorkies grow hair and not fur. While most dogs grow fur in quick bursts, and then shed this hair just as fast, Yorkies (like humans) are growing hair all the time. In addition, their hair is thinner than that of other dogs; for this reason, when they shed this hair (and they do shed), it’s less noticeable. This is true for both sexes. 

Which gender of Yorkie requires more exercise?

Both male and female Yorkies require between thirty and forty minutes of exercise daily. They love to take walks. A twenty minute walk is ideal for a Yorkie.

Do female Yorkies live longer?

Yorkies live to be between thirteen and sixteen years old. Female Yorkshire Terriers live, on average, 1.5 years longer than males.

Do male Yorkies sleep longer?

Both male and female Yorkie puppies will require between sixteen to twenty-two hours of sleep a day. As they mature, they will require less sleep. Yet full grown adult Yorkies will still sleep between thirteen and eighteen hours per day.

Do both male and female Yorkies mark their territory?

Yes, like most dogs, Yorkies urinate in specific spots to mark their territory. While both sexes perform this ritual, males do it more often. However, you can train your Yorkie to stop this practice.

Which gender of Yorkie is more protective?

Male Yorkies tend to be slightly more protective of their owner than females.

Are male Yorkies more loyal than females?

Both male and female Yorkies make lasting bonds with their owners. The level of the bond, and the amount of loyalty each individual dog will display, depends upon their training and the disposition of the owner. If an owner shows affection to a Yorkie, the dog will reciprocate fourfold.

Is it your aim to breed Yorkies?

If it’s your aim to breed Yorkies, then a female Yorkie is the obvious choice (as it is more profitable). However, you should be aware that during pregnancy and after giving birth, the mother Yorkie will be less affectionate and more concerned about protecting her pups.

Do male and female Yorkies cost the same to buy?

Female Yorkies are, on average, three to five hundred dollars more expensive than males. Females are in higher demand – and thus, more expensive – because they are able to be breed.

Which gender of Yorkie costs more to raise?

Both male and female Yorkies cost the same to raise. Of course, if the female becomes pregnant, then more money will be required to take care of the puppies. Yet this cost will be offset (and the money recouped), if you choose to sell the puppies. On average though, both dogs will cost the same to feed, and medical bills will be roughly the same as well.