Should I Get a Leather Collar for My Dog? (Solved & Explained!)

If you want to get a leather collar for your puppy or dog, it’s just fine – as long as they are at least 10 weeks of age and the collar isn’t TOO adorned and heavy. The biggest problem with leather collars is the weight of the collar and the buckle, but if your dog is old enough then this will be fine.

Just remember that you will need to clean this collar from time to time and condition it. If you don’t, the most time that you will get out of it is likely 3 to 4 years, but if you do take care of it then a leather collar can last a very long time.

We recommend buying the leather collars in pairs – this way your dog always has one to wear while you are cleaning the other and if you do this, you won’t need to replace either collar anytime soon!

In this article, we’ve collected questions trending on the web about leather collars and what you need to know before you purchase one for your dog. Read on for important tips such as proper cleaning, conditioning, and more – the details are waiting below!

How long does a leather dog collar last?

On average, you can expect a leather collar to last approximately 3 to 4 years, although with regular care you might be able to the same collar for your dog for up to a decade. Leather takes a certain amount of care if you want it to last, which includes regular cleaning as well as oiling to keep the leather flexible.

Without regular care, it can eventually start soaking up water, drying, and cracking. For best results, purchase leather collars in pairs, so that you’ve got a spare when you are cleaning the other and you’ll get a whole lot more mileage out of your leather collars.

Can a leather dog collar get wet?

Much like a leather jacket, a leather collar can handle a certain amount of moisture and rain, but it should be cleaned later and rubbing a little saddle soap or oil into it can help to keep the waterproofing current.

Like most things, leather needs a certain amount of care and preventative maintenance, but it can certainly handle a little water – especially if you take care of it.

Do leather dog collars smell?

Any kind of collar can get a little stinky. That said, usually a leather collar just smells like leather, but if your dog’s collar is getting a little on the stinky side, you might try cleaning it with a little saddle soap.

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If that doesn’t help, clean it with 1 part apple cider vinegar to 2 parts water, let it dry, and clean again if needed.

How do you clean a leather dog collar?

Washing a leather dog collar isn’t difficult – it just takes a little elbow grease. Get yourself a cloth and a small bowl, with a little shampoo and water, and give the collar a good scrub with the cloth.

Remove the dirt thoroughly and once you have, then you should let it dry and then treat the leather with conditioner or leather oil. You can also just skip a step by simply cleaning the collar with saddle soap.

Saddle soap will both clean and condition the leather, although doing these tasks separately will make the collar last longer – saddle soap conditioners, but not as well as a separate conditioner or oiling would.

How do you clean a stinky leather dog collar?

Cleaning a smelly collar requires 1 part apple cider vinegar mixed with two parts water. Mix these together in one bowl and some saddle soap and water in the next. Use the saddle soap and a cloth to clean the collar thoroughly and then let it dry for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Once dried, soak the collar in the apple cider vinegar and water mix for 2 to 3 minutes and then allow it to dry as well. After this, condition or oil your leather and the smelly scents should be gone!

Can you wash a leather dog collar in the washing machine?

Yes, you can certainly wash a leather collar in the washing machine, but you need to be sure that you use a gentle setting and cold water only, plus you’ll want to set yourself an alarm for when it is finished. You don’t want it sitting around wet inside your washer any longer than necessary.

Remove the collar from the washer and let it dry, then apply leather conditioner or leather oil to it and let it dry thoroughly before putting the collar back on your dog.

Can I use saddle soap on a leather dog collar?

Yes, you can use saddle soap safely on a collar and it’s a great way to condition and clean at the same time, without risk of staining the leather. Take a damp cloth and put a little saddle soap on it, then rub the collar down with the cloth until it is clean.

Wipe off all of the lather with another clean, damp cloth and let it dry.

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How do you condition a dog’s leather collar?

To condition a collar properly, you’ll want to clean it first with regular or saddle soap. If you choose the latter, then no extra step is required, but for an extra-thorough conditioning you can still apply conditioner.

Use a lanolin-based leather conditioner by simply applying some to a cloth and rubbing it into the surface area of the collar. Let it sit for about 5 minutes to let the conditioner soak in and wipe down any remaining conditioner with a clean, dry cloth.

How do you waterproof a leather dog collar?

Get some leather cream from your local department store, a specialty leather company, or simply by ordering it online. After cleaning the collar, apply this cream thoroughly per the listed instructions.

This will typically involve simply wiping it into the clean collar, letting it sit for 5 to 10 minutes, and then wiping it with a dry cloth. Leather cream is good stuff, and it will condition and waterproof your dog’s collar in one go!

How do you oil a leather collar?

Oiling a collar is a piece of cake! Just put a small amount of oil in a saucer and dip one end of a clean, soft cloth into the oil and start rubbing it into the collar in small, circular motions.

Do this to the entire surface of the collar – both inside and out – and then let the collar sit out for 10 to 15 minutes to achieve maximum absorption. Your dog’s collar is officially oiled and ready-to-wear!